"The Mystery of the Crystal Bull"

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Chapter 1

1948 New York.

You would be surprised to imagine an atmosphere quite like this...

You can hear the fans of Yankee Stadium going crazy at a baseball game miles away.

You can see the rise of crime going up thanks to those bloodthirsty mafia gangs.

Heck, you can even go into Radio City Music Hall and hear some of the finest dames that can ever sing their hearts out.

And me, well... let's just say I'm a good-looking detective just looking for a thrill to hunt, a thrill to search, and a thrill for the fine things in life. Of course, it didn't bother me that I felt all alone in a crummy office. But it didn't matter to me. That was my life, by the way.

My name you ask? I go by the name of Justin Blackthorn. I was busy with a bottle of whiskey in my hand and a cigarette in my mouth. They said that it was hazardous to my health, but I really didn't give a damn why. They say too much drinking and too much smoking can even effect my good looks. Boy, were they wrong. I still looked good. My hair still looked good. Well, it was a little messed up, but I didn't give one damn. No, not at all. I still looked built as a horse in the Kentucky Derby. The finest stallion there was of all. Weird for a 23 year old like me.

But let's just say that I wasn't alone for very long. This day was so much weird to me. I don't know why. The whole thing and the whole picture looked very wrong to me at first. Maybe I can try to fix it.

"Hey, guys, can you change this scenery into black and white? That's what the 1940's was like! Besides, if we had color back in the 1940's, it wouldn't look so much like a movie!" I said to an unknown source off-screen.

"Oh, sorry." The unknown man said off-screen as he changed the whole entire scenery of a movie from the 1940's. It was now black and white. That's the way I wanted it. "Is that better?"

"It's better, just like my abs are portrayed in this little fic that somebody's writing!" I spoke to the unknown source again as I now approached my own office, where I saw two men sitting on seats right near my desk.

The two men had detective hats like me and not to mention were dressed in yellow trenchcoats. Yeah, it looked a little cliche, but then again, I'm not much of a detective person on the inside. But since this was the outside, I guess I'll let it pass. Their names were Owen Stadinski and Noah Lewis. One looked a little fat and one had such a big head and looked very scrawny. Heck, he was very scrawny, he made my whole entire physique looked plain toothpicky. I had to make them welcome anyway I can.

"So, you must be Owen Stadinski and Noah Lewis, huh? Glad to see your credentials. Although I think it's very weird that I was cut off by that unattractive hot dog smell that's making me a little weary as a matter of fact." I said as I gestured right to Owen.

"Sorry, the hot dog cart did a number on me and I was trying to fight back." Owen said with a burp. Okay, his burp was just way too uncomfortable for me, I felt like I needed a barf bag or something.

"You gotta apologize, his bile is making me weary as it is." Noah replied to me as I nodded with his statement about Owen disrespect of his own bile.

"I'll make aware of that..." I spoke on before I decided to offer both Noah and Owen a bottle of whiskey, "Jack Daniel's?"

"No, I'm good. I don't really drink as a matter of fact." Noah replied, just declining the booze.

"What the hell, lay it on me!" Owen exclaimed as I gave him a glass and I poured him some. "Thanks!"

"No problem, it's what a detective like me does in his spare time." I nodded to him, "So any clue why you showed up in my door?"

"Well, older detectives like us need your help, Detective Blackthorn. And you're one of the best detectives around. You see, there's a hit being made-" Noah said before he got cut off by a burp, mainly from Owen.

"BUUUUUUUUURP!" Owen belched accidentally, before Noah turned to him annoyed, "Sorry, continue."

"Okay..." Noah replied to Owen before he focused right on me, "So, right from where I was rudely interrupted, there's a hit being made-"

Noah was cut off by the burping sound that was Owen once again.

"Owen?" Noah replied back to Owen, looking very irritated that his fat friend was cutting him off.

"Sorry, that was the whiskey talking. This is pretty good stuff!" Owen exclaimed happily and yet a bit drunkly as he let out a final burp.

"Yeah, I see..." Noah spoke back to Owen as he once again turned to me, "So from where I was saying. This case is really important, and we need you to take it. Without any further interruptions whatsoever, there's a hit being made-"

This time, Noah got cut off by a knock on the door. I could feel the rosemary smell coming from outside of my door. I just had to see who it was.

"Come on in." I shouted to the outside.

"Life, why do you really hate me so?" Noah shouted a bit to the sky, knowing that he got really sick of being cut off everytime he was about to speak.

But when the door opened, there was a seductive figure just standing in the doorway with her hand on her hip and the other hand on the doorrail. I couldn't believe what I saw. She was just so delectable, just so foxy, and just drop dead beautiful. Heck, I could feel my beautiful insides just malfunctioning on impact by the sight of her. She looked like a beautiful dish with captivating grey eyes with a shiny, sparkly red dress, long black hair that reached to her hip, and just the finest type of cleavage a detective like me would enjoy. Did I mention those silk legs of hers? Man, those legs were just so feisty like a Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Geez, now I'm hungry. Maybe I should take my focus on the dame herself.

"So, what's a breathless dame like you doing at my office at a time like this?" I spoke to her with an intrigued tone as I kept on sipping on my whiskey.

"You must be Justin Blackthorn, aren't you? One of the finest detectives of all in New York?" The hot seductive dame said right to me.

"The one and only." I spoke to her, just trying to keep my good-looking self steady, "And who must you be, angel lips?"

"The name's Heather Violet..." Heather spoke in her brilliant damsel seductress tone, "I came to you for help. It's very important and I need someone with... skill and... experience to come help you."

"Excuse me, miss. But we're in the middle of something here, so I would appreciate it if you-" Noah said right to Heather before I grabbed him by the arm and sent him back to his seat.

"Sit back down, big-head." I spoke out to him as I focused back on Heather, "So, tell me your little tale, angel lips."

"Gladly..." Heather spoke as she grabbed a chair and gently sat down with her legs crossed. Man, seeing those sent my detective heart pumping to the sky, "But before I speak, will you promise to take this case... for me?"

Now, I knew that outside that Heather was a queen bee who would get what she wants with looks and money all-in-between, but she was so much of a fancy seductress when it comes to men. I really dig that in a dame as her.

"Go on..." I replied as I grabbed another shot of whiskey, still looking very intrigued.

"My husband, Alejandro Burromuerto, one of the finest youngest millionaires of his family is about to decree the finest diamond of the great Crystal Bull to a member of his family. But I know in his heart that he'll give his possession to me, and so of all my other relatives." Heather said with her eyes fluttering seductively at me, "But there's somebody out there who's willing to take out a hit on him and steal it for himself. Nothing but death threats. So, I need you to be at Alejandro's dinner party that he's attending. I'm willing you to not only to protect the artifact and him, but to protect me. Will you take the case?"

But then, Heather was soon cut off by Noah.

"Hey, I was about to say that!" Noah exclaimed feeling a bit angry that Heather beat him to it. Maybe that was the 'hit' part that Noah was trying to talk to me about. I guess I really got to get my perfect ears to listen.

"Sorry, you could've came to me earlier than that." I said right to Noah before I took my refocus on Heather, "So, where we're we?"

"The case, Mr. Blackthorn. Will you take it?" Heather replied as he strutted a bit sexually over to me, and just like a purring kitten trying to keep warm on a cold winter, she sat on my lap and whispered to me where I had a hint of sweet vanilla go through my nose, "I need your help. Desperately..."

Crap, the way she was talking to me, I swear I could feel something twinging right inside my pants. She had the pure Asian sexuality of a cheetah just moving slowly like a ocean going in slow-motion. Weird how ocean and motion almost sounds alike. Just the way she was sitting on my lap and just purring made me lose the ability to speak. I took a huge deep breath inside of me and finally spoke.

"I'll... I'll take the case." I spoke to her while being lost in her eyes. So precious and just so seductive. She was the sweetest devil I could ever witness. "So where do you want me to be there?"

"Be there at seven. Don't be late..." Heather whispered a bit sexually to me before she got off me and started to strut away from me. But not without turning to me for the last time before she went out by the door, "Me and Alejandro will be expecting you. Bye..."

But before Heather could leave again, she turned right to Owen, who was just sitting there with a cup of whiskey still in hand.

"And you..." Heather replied to Owen but not with a seductive tone, but with a disgusted tone, "Lose the whiskey. I swear I could smell your nasty burps from here..."

With that, Heather just strutted right away while some weird cliched slow saxophone music was playing right on the background. I wanted to know where it's coming from, but occasionally, it maybe must've been over my head.

"What the hell did I do?" Owen replied as he tried to smell his own burps in the process. Okay, the smell was starting to make me cringe from the inside. It makes me wish that I missed Heather's rosemary smell right now.

"Basically making me uneasy at this point." I cringed deep down at this matter. But knowing that Heather gave me the case, I found out another idea. "Change of plans boys, you're going with me to Alejandro's dinner party to make sure we protect the priceless jewel and both of them."

"That's what I tried to frickin' tell you before your mind got in the gutter." Noah replied to me as he rolled his eyes.

"I really like your smug attitude, Noah. Keep it like that for when we get to the dinner party." I said before I finally got out of my seat and started to leave, but not without turning to both Owen and Noah, "Make sure you dress casual, smell nice, and Owen..."

"Yeah?" Owen said to me as he was standing right up on his seat.

"Make sure you don't burp, okay?" I said to him as I reminded him, "I don't want the others to be offended by your burps. One hint of that smell is enough to puke someone's perfect abs, just like mine."

"Oh..." Owen said in a hint of disappointment.

"Yeah, meet me back here in 8 hours. Until then, get fully dressed and groomed. I'll see ya back then." I said to both of them before I finally made my way out of the door, which left Owen and Noah just high and dry.

"Wow, he was nice. I kinda dig his butt too when he walks. It must be bulging like a balloon!" Owen exclaimed in amazement as Noah looked at him feeling a bit disgusted by his comments.

"Did you get dropped on your head when you were a little baby? Because that was a little gay..." Noah said as he was about to cringe from the inside.

"What? At least gay meant 'happy' back in the 40's!" Owen exclaimed in defense before Noah decided he had enough and left my office, "What? At least it was a happy butt, come on...!"

For me, Owen and Noah... this was gonna be one interesting case I wasn't gonna forget one bit...

Heh, a nice detective story. This is gonna be interesting. Now, I'm not gonna tell you who's in the story besides Justin, Heather, Owen and Noah but you'll have to find out in the later chapters to come! Until then, read and review... OR ELSE!

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