"The Mystery of the Crystal Bull"

Rated T

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Chapter 5

I swear with my blurry vision, I saw the rest of Alejandro's blood splurt very slowly as the bullet dug straight into his heart, therefore making him a shadow of his now former self. Yep, just dead on impact like a cheating hussy getting it right where it hurts. Or kills, I don't really know at this point, but this was unpreventable. I'm certain my own good looks would think so about this. I was just thankful that my beauty was so much as spared. But Alejandro, not so much. He was as dead as a doornail.

"My god! Alejandro's been shot! Somebody call the police! Get 911!" Heather shouted in pain as she now went over to her now-dead husband.

"It's no use Heather. Right now, the bullet has dug deep enough into his heart. Right now, he's digging his own grave here and there's not a damn sense we can do about this..." I said, just breaking the news carefully to Heather. I was surprised that Heather wasn't so much as a cryer, but her voice sorta broke a bit, in which it sounded more like a little sob. But it was an angry kind of sob.

"What kind of low-life would now do this to my husband?" Heather said with a bit of anger in her voice, "Who would do this to him?"

"Take it easy, Heather. I promise with every precious beautiful bone in my body, we'll find out which piece of sausage crap shot your husband cold." I said as I tried to soothe her. Normally, I think she would act a little sympathetic for me, but the dame wasn't always like that to begin with.

"Like someone like me needs your pity! I don't need anyone's pity as far as I'm concerned!" She said to me with a little bit of a cold heart. A dame like this felt a little harsh, "I need some time alone with my husband."

"I see that..." I spoke just regretting the day I made her a little upset. Geez, I was just trying to comfort her the best that I can and she just throws me away like a used coconut. Geez, now I'm more thirsty than ever. Maybe a flask of whiskey would help drain my spirits. GLUG-GLUG-GLUG-GLUG. Ahhhhhhh, that helped a little. Where was I? Oh, great... now I'm lost to where I was. Right before I was trying to find where my whole brain was, Owen's voice just popped up from out of nowhere.

"Uh, guys... where's the Crystal Bull at?"

"Wha-?" I said as my head wandered right to the dinner table. And then, I noticed something about the Crystal Bull right about now.

It was gone. Nowhere to be found.

"It's sha-gone! Who must've done these things?" Lightning replied in a little state of shock of the missing crystal jeweled head shaped like Alejandro's necklace, but only a bit larger.

This was weird. Right before the lights came out, I swore I heard a window break somewhere alongside the house, like somebody breaking in the Burromuerto family home and murdering Alejandro with no intent whatsoever. I really didn't know if it was a window or the glass encasing the jewel, but I needed to make sure nonetheless.

"Ladies and gentleman, there is no need to panic here." I said to the rest of the guests, including Heather. "I'm on the case, and as detective like me, Noah and Owen here, we're always on the case."

"Panic? I think it's a damn good time to panic in a case like this!" Duncan shouted out in front of me, "Not only Alejandro's dead, but the jewel's been stolen as well. As far as me and my gal Courtney are concerned, we're outta here. Let's get going."

"Indeed, I've seen some weird bizarre things for today..." Courtney replied as she turned to the window, where it was now raining hardly yet violently like pieces of my broken mirror. That's not good for someone like me because I like to be fascinated by my beauty whenever I like to kill time right at my office. "Um, Duncan... are you sure you really wanna go out because it's just raining like cats and dogs here."

"Relax, gal. If I can learn to get past my fat uncle's smelly case of toe jam and somebody farting fire coming from their butts, I can try to get past through rain here. Hang on, princess." Duncan replied as he held Courtney's hand through this. As soon as they held hands, they made their way through the exit, when all of a sudden...


A sound of thunder shook the home real nicely. Oh, man... why do I sense the feeling that I smelt a bit of burnt skin? Well, it was clear that Courtney came back to the house...

...only to be followed by Duncan, whose suit was burned out a little and his skin was charred which made him suffer a good first degree burn on a half portion of his body. It was really bad outside, which means that the rest of the guests, that of course if you count Noah, Owen, and yours truly were gonna be stuck for a little while. This felt like Alcatraz in a mansion all at once.

"I was wrong. It is as bad as it seems..." Duncan said with a little bit of a shocked stutter.

"Yeah, and for once it's not really happening to me." Noah said as he chuckled a bit, knowing that he wasn't Duncan himself. yeah, I guess he should be very much lucky as it is not to even be Duncan. Noah was now checking up on Heather and a dead Alejandro as the brainiac decided to charm her in a comforting state. Not to mention to try and charm her with that little yellow suit he had to put on thanks to Owen, "Heather, I am so sorry for your loss. I just want you to understand that if you need an shoulder to cry on-"

Noah was then cut of by Heather just sucker-punching him right on his chest. He somehow cried painfully.

"I said I don't need anyone's pity! Can't you see that I'm in grief?" Heather said as he felt a little annoyed by Noah's sympathy. Good thing that wasn't me or my gorgeous chest wouldn't survive a hit like that. I reckon she would hit anyone like Joe Lewis. (Remember, this story takes place in 1948 New York.) Noah then turned to me with anger on his face.

"You lied to me Justin! You said this would help me get chicks, not to get me punched like a bruised banana!" Noah cried out to me angry as he was holding on to his chest in pain.

"Blame Owen, it was his idea to make you look a bit retarded." I said to Owen as Noah now looked right at the fatboy.

"Don't hurt me! Like I said, it was the only tuxedo they had in stock!" Owen said as he cringed a bit at Noah glaring at him.

"When we're done with this case, you're riding on top of the car! I don't even care if you get struck by lightning next!" Noah snapped a bit right at a frightened Owen.

"Lightning will take care of that!" Lightning said as he cracked his knuckles and approached Owen, but Noah seemed to stop him any further.

"I DIDN'T MEAN IT LIKE THAT!" Noah shouted right to Lightning as the athletic overachiever glared right at him.

"Well, this is a huge piece of faux pas..." I said to myself a bit out loud, "First, we have a dead man and now we got a missing jewel in our hands. Two cases in one night it seems. This means only one thing."

"We're not gonna eat? I'm still starvin' like a charred horse..." Anne Maria spoke a bit to me. Geez, I mainly forgot she was still here. Oh well, at least some of the guests should still have screen time a little bit. So I looked right at her far away.

"Oh, were gonna eat all right. But then, we're gonna find out who murdered Alejandro and stole that priceless Crystal Bull!" I exclaimed to everyone, who focused their attention to me. "Now, I may feel a little dumb despite my brain being a little empty most of the time, but that doesn't mean my brilliant detective skills will come into play. Now I happen to realize that somebody... and I do mean 'somebody' in this room... killed Alejandro and stole the crystal."

Hearing me say that sent shockwaves to the rest of the guests, who all gasped thinking it may be one of them who had a sense to murder the richest and yet the youngest member of the Burromuerto family. They all turned the other cheek thinking they didn't want to tell me first hand. But I would be willing to get the answers out in front of them.

"Um, Justin... I know I don't want to be a little tissue-drenched nag about this, but wouldn't be easier to find clues first other than just terrorize people insanely on who did what and who done it?" Noah said to me with a shrug of the shoulders.

"That's baldercrap to me, Noah. I'm the kind of detective that tells it like it is. Don't be ashamed. Let your conscience be your guide." I said to Noah in response.

"That didn't make any sense whatsoever, Justin." Noah said as he also rolled his eyes to my response.

"It does have to make sense. Now my empty brain isn't a bit smart enough to handle such clues in two cases, but I know that everyone of you... are suspects. Heck, even my abdominables know it and they'll tell you what I really tell you. And I'll tell all of you once again. Every last one of you..." I said as I pointed to each guest in the house, "...are suspects."

Everyone, which meant Lightning, Anne Maria, Geoff, Bridgette, Duncan, Courtney, LeShawna, Harold, Heather, the butler whose name wasn't even really mentioned and quite frankly, I don't give a damn, and the parents of Alejandro all gasped and gulped in surprise. Quite frankly, Owen gulped too but it felt a little unnerving to me, knowing that the look on his face said it all.

"Okay, I know it's not the dramatic effect kicking in, but I feel like I soiled myself right now..." Owen said in an embarrassed tone. "Anybody got an extra pair of undies I can borrow."

"Try my dead husband's room." Heather said right to Owen.

"Thanks!" Owen exclaimed as he suddenly rushed upstairs to find the bedroom of Alejandro's. I just tilted my head and hat in shame as I didn't want to feel Owen's embarrassment any longer.

With the interrogating having to wait much longer for Owen to find an extra set of underwear, this night felt like it was just gonna be a long usual night. My precious looks isn't gonna last longer than this, I swear...

All right! Finally, we'll get to the interrogating part! This feels like it's gonna be fun to do! Although it may take a while to see how each of the guest's stories will pan out, but it's gonna be worth it for you to find out who killed Alejandro and stole the priceless crystal artifact known as the Crystal Bull! I won't give away surprises until the last chapter of the story, but all you gotta do is read and review until we get there!