The storm clouds were rolling, thunder was crackling and in the corner of a desolate hospital room Nymphadora Tonks was sitting vigil beside the Hospital bed of Remus Lupin. Visiting hours were long over, but nobody seemed to know, or care, that she was still there. As the minutes trickled by his breathing seemed to grow fainter as his life slowly slipped away.

With a sudden breath his eyes fluttered open and they met hers. "Tonks." He croaked. "Hush, try and preserve your strength." she murmured. "I have very little time left." He gasped for breath. "No! Moony, don't talk like that." She cried softly. "Nymphadora, remember, blood is thicker than water." He gave a small sigh and closed his eyes. At 3:39 Am on December the 24th Remus Lupin was dead.

A/n Sorry for the short chapter. I do believe that the next one will be longer.