In which Alyssa Milano and Phoebe Haliwell switch dimensions. Confusion abrupts. (This is set at the time Alyssa was pregnant with Milo.)

Phoebe woke up that morning with her large, pregnant belly in front of her. She smiled, her eyes still closed, and leaned over to the left side of her to embrace her husband, Coop, in her arms. Her smile turned into a frown and she opened her eyes to see he wasn't there in bed next to her. She smiled again, figuring he was just off doing his cupid duties. She frowned again, realizing she wasn't in her normal bed. She also noticed that her pajamas weren't the same as the ones she wore to bed last night. They were pajama pants and a tank top from some Hollywood looking shop. She wore shorts and a bra to bed. She looked up, also to see she wasn't in her and Coop's bedroom. This was a much more modernized bedroom. The sheets and bed were coated in white, and the room walls were blue as could be. She looked down at the floor and saw a white carpet. Her and Coop's bedroom was hard wood flooring, and their sheets were blue and their bedpost was brown. She screamed.

Piper came running into the room. She looked as if she had grown a year younger, and her hair was browner than it usually was. She looked at Phoebe with a worried expression.

"What's wrong honey?" Piper asked. "Are you having contractions?"

"Where are we, Piper?" Phoebe asked in a small voice.

"Piper?" The girl replied.

"Yes, Piper," Phoebe replied sarcastically. "And I'm not having contractions. I'm not due for another month."

"Are you alright, Alyssa?" Piper asked in return.

"Alyssa? Who the hell is Alyssa?" Phoebe yelled.

"Rose! Get in here!" Piper yelled, moving her head back towards the door.

"Who the hell is Rose?" Phoebe yelled.

"Honey, are you feeling alright?" Piper moved to check Phoebe's head to see if she had a fever.

"Get your hands off of me, Piper! This is serious. This is demonically strange," Phoebe replied.

"What is it?" Paige asked, walking in the door.

"Rose, she thinks she's Phoebe," Piper replied.

"Paige, please. Knock some sense into Piper," Phoebe replied. Paige looked at her in shock.

"Honey, I'm Rose. This is Holly," She said pointing to herself and then to Holly. "And you're Alyssa."

"No, my name is Phoebe!" Phoebe yelled.

"I better call David. You get some sense back into her head," Holly said before leaving the room.

"Ok, honey. Tell me what's wrong. Why are you pretending to be Phoebe? Charmed ended six years ago," The girl who was apparently named Rose said.

"What the hell is Charmed?" Phoebe yelled. "I need to find Coop. Where's Coop?"

"Honey, you're married to David, remember?" Rose asked.

"No. My husband's name is Coop!" Phoebe yelled.

"Ok, ok. Tell me everything about you, Phoebe," Rose said.

"You already know, Paige!" Phoebe yelled.

"Just tell me," Rose said.

"Fine. If it'll make you snap out of it, fine. My name is Phoebe Haliwell. You're my younger sister, Paige Matthews. That stubborn woman in the hallway is our older sister, Piper Haliwell. We're all married. You're husband's name is Henry, and Piper is married to Leo. My husband's name is Coop. We all have kids. Piper has Wyatt, Chris, and baby Melinda. You are expecting twin girls, and I'm expecting one baby girl. Wait, where's your bump?" Phoebe ranted.

"I'm not pregnant," Rose said. "This just proves that you're making it all up."

"But I'm not!" Phoebe yelled.

"I think we have a problem." Holly said, running back into the room.

"You think?" Rose sarcastically remarked.

"Alyssa left a note. It says see you in two weeks," Holly replied.

"Oh great! She's going to pretend to be Phoebe for two weeks?" Rose threw her hands up in the air and said.

"No, look at her," Holly said. "Her bump is smaller than Alyssa's. She's got browner hair than Alyssa too. She's also a little bit shorter. This isn't Alyssa. This is Phoebe."

"Are you taking drugs?" Rose exclaimed.

"No, the note gives all the details. Alyssa apparently found some Swedish scientist who could teleport her to another dimension. This isn't Alyssa. This is really Phoebe. They must've switched dimensions when Alyssa went into the charmed dimension." Holly said.

"We're fucked." Rose yelled.