Months had come and gone since that summer, and L worked away on case after case. He was still in England, and the today's case was a series of brutal murders in a certain village. It was a pleasant distraction, and L spent countless hours hunched over his computer, fingers flying over the keyboard as he worked.

Watari walked in one evening to find L pouring over his work, "Master L?"

"Yes? What is it?" L mumbled distractedly.

"It is seven o'clock."

"Oh? Oh. Yes, coming." L saved his work and shut off his computer, standing and stretching. Watari had wanted to take him to some place this evening for a little break, and L wasn't going to complain—everyone needed a break now and then.

The thought sent a pang through his chest as he remembered his last break. His chest still ached like an open wound that refused to heal every time his mind wandered back to that moonlit beach. He shook himself, not wanting to go back.

Watari smiled and led L to the car, getting in and beginning to drive, "Master L, you recall that time at the beach?" He asked after a bit of silence.

L's head snapped up. He wondered for a brief second if this was some form of punishment, "Yes."

"And you recall all those nights you snuck out?"

"Ye—what?" But L had slipped up.

Watari chuckled, "Master L, I have been with you since you were a child. You really think you can slip past me like that?"

"My apologies, Watari." L said, a grudging smile on his lips. He'd have to be more careful.

Watari smiled around his mustache and continued driving in silence. He pulled up to a garden park and let the car idle, "There is a friend of mine waiting in the park to talk to you about something important."

"About the case?" L asked, but was out of the car before Watari could respond. This was good, L thought as he walked through the park, another witness could help prove that his suspect was actually the murderer. Now he just needed a motive…

Something caught his eye and L turned, distracted.

Sitting on a bench, dressed in slacks and a button down white shirt with a red tie, was…was…

L stared. No. It couldn't be him. He was hallucinating obviously. Too much chocolate cake and not enough rest. His mind wandered to éclairs and L shoved the thought away. He hadn't been able to eat éclairs since. L looked again at the young man sitting alone. Could it be…?

Slowly, not daring to trust himself, L began walking towards him. It was only when the man looked up and his face lit up with joy and did L break into a run. Ignoring the startled looks of pedestrians, he threw himself into the lifeguard's waiting arms, burying his face in the crook of his shoulder and murmuring, "Light, Light, Light," over and over again.

Light held L tightly, his face buried in his sweet smelling black hair. When L pulled back and opened his mouth, to no doubt ask what he was doing here, Light kissed him passionately.

With a soft moan L responded eagerly, tasting that sweet and salty flavor that was uniquely Light's. He tangled his fingers in the lifeguard's smooth hair and held him there, kissing him fiercely. When they finally broke for air, L's face was flushed, "Light, how did you…?" He was completely speechless.

"Watari." Light smiled, "He sent me a plane ticket and told me I needed to come back to you."

Watari. L felt his heart swell up with affection towards the man he considered to be his father. "Light, I missed you so much."

"I missed you too, L." Light purred, and then grinned when L paused.

"Did you…?" L looked bewildered.

"Watari." Light explained again, and they both laughed.

"He didn't tell you my real name, did he?"

"No, that he wouldn't."

"Good. That's something I wanted to tell you myself." L smiled cheekily and drew Light back, kissing him longingly, and the pressing his lips to his ear, "Because I want to hear you screaming my real name when you come."

Light shivered pleasantly, "We have all the time in the world for that." He teased, kissing the detective again.

L smiled into their kisses, tightening his embrace around the younger man, "I love you, Light."

"I love you too, L."

The End.