Torchwood Headquarters, London, Parallel Earth

Gold light was swirling inside Rose Tyler's irises, and all that Jake could do was stare.

"What the hell?" asked Jackie, looking between Rose and the Doctor in shock as she clung to Pete's arm.

"Doctor, did you do something to my daughter?" he husband asked, his protectiveness of Rose just as strong as if he'd always known his daughter. "I'm warning you, if she's not safe..." He trailed off as he realised that the Time Lord looked as terrified as Pete felt.

"Rose, can you hear me?" asked the Doctor, cautiously placing his hand on her shoulder. She spun around, her golden eyes staring into his as though they could see every moment of his life, every thought and feeling and possibility and lack thereof, and read it all in the one glance.

"Doctor. My Doctor," she said, the unearthly timbre of her godly voice echoing over the usual London accent, yet oddly enough, Rose's usual voice was the predominant sound. The Doctor swore that when this last happened her normal voice was much more distorted.

"What happened...? What...? Rose, what's going on...?" For once the Time Lord was at a loss for words.

"I am the Rose Wolf. The Bad Tyler. The Pink Human and the Golden God combined. I can see time and space, in this realm and the next and in the neighbours of universes trillions of realities distant. Yet I can control it, all of it, as Rose Tyler, as the little shop girl with human emotions and feelings and knowledge and intuition. It will not harm me this time, not unless I let it, and Doctor," she placed her hands on the sides of his face and looked him squarely in the eyes, "my Doctor, I will never leave you again."

"I..." the Doctor choked up, the look in his eyes left to convey the sentence that he could not continue. Rose just smiled, her grin somehow further illuminating her already glowing eyes.

Their moment, however, was broken as the bleep of an alarm filled the white control room. "Boss, we've got a situation!" called an officer in a crisp black patrol combat outfit.

"Star loss rate escalating," shouted a technician. "Radars report that we are losing major stellar bodies at a rate of fifteen per second!"

"But... Martha should have stopped this! We should be safe! What...?" the Doctor was frantic. "Rose, can you see what's going on? Anything?"

Rose closed her eyes, and tried to focus amongst the chaos. The seconds ticked by agonisingly slowly, and the Doctor estimated that a few hundred stars must have been lost in the time they waited. Finally Rose's eyes flung open, tears suddenly spilling down her cheeks. "She was stopped."

"Can't you go back, fix things?" asked Jake desperately.

"Not now. The void is clogged, more dangerous than ever. We can't get through without a guide, the energy is too strong," replied Rose.

The Doctor raked his hands over his face, suddenly looking his age as the fate of yet another friend weighed on his shoulders, made extra heavy by the loss of hope that it meant for so many people.

"There is one thing I can do for her," said Rose, her expression softening so that she looked almost normal, with only a faint haze of gold floating around her eyes. "She's fading fast, but I can send someone to her so that she isn't alone."

"That would be nice, thank you," the Doctor replied with a sad smile. "She needs someone by her side. Nobody should be alone when they... Well, she should have someone there at any rate."

Suddenly there were shrieks of panic. Jackie pointed to the floor-to-ceiling windows, covering her mouth in horror. The Doctor and Rose turned, their jaws dropping simultaneously in horror. The clock on the wall said 3:14pm, still day time in this England.

Yet outside was dark like the night, with only the faint lights of office buildings and blimp cabins illuminating the city.

The sun was gone.

Author's note: Sorry for the short chapter, I haven't had much time to write recently, but I really needed to do something about the situation on Pete's world. Thanks for reading and reviewing as always, I really appreciate it :D