Percy POV:

In my dream I was in the big house. I few times I had tried to talk to some people but, they acted like I was invisible so I ignored them too. It was all very nice, just sitting there all relaxed no fighting for my life. Like I said, relaxing. I noticed that there was stairs, well, in the short time I was at camp I saw just the basics.

Four flights up, the stairs ended at a green trap door.

The air up above smelled like mildew and rotten wood and something else. I remember that smell! It was from biology reptiles or more specifically, snakes. The smell of mildew, rotten wood and snakes. Way to make a person feel at home.

I held my breath and went up the ladder.

It was some sort of attic filled with junk. Amour stand covered in cobwebs, once shiny shields rusted dull and old leather trunks plastered with stickers that said: ITHAKA and CIRCLE'S ISLE and LAND OF THE AMAZONS. One long table with stuff in jars and pickled things severed hairy claws, huge yellow eyes and other parts of various monsters that I hoped I would never see alive. A dusty trophy mantled on the wall looked like a giant snake's head, but with horns and a full set of shark's teeth. The plaque read 'Hydra Head #I Woodstock, NY. 1969.

Sitting on a tripod wooden stool was the most gruesome memento of all: a mummy. Not the wrapped in cloth kind, the human female with skin shriveled to the core. She wore a tye-dye dress with lots of beads and a head band in her hair. A little too hippy for my taste but, I'm not a girly girl either. The skin on her face was thin and leathery all over her skull with only patches of black hair remaining. Her eyes where white and glassy, as if some one had replaced her eyes with white marbles. I realized she had been dead for a very long time.

Looking at her scent chills up my back. It made it even worse when she moved and sat on the stool. A green mist came out of her mouth in think tendrils hissing like twenty thousand snakes. I stumbled over myself trying to get to the trap door and was shocked to see it was shut. In my head I head a voice coiling inside one ear and slithering out of the ear: I am the spirit of Delphi speaker of the prophecies of Phoebus Apollo. Slayer of the mighty Python. Approach seeker and ask.

No thanks, I wanted to say. just looking for the lou. But, I forced myself to take a deep breath breathing in the toxic smell.

The mummy wasn't alive . She was something else entirely. It was some power that swirled around me in the green mist, caressing me like a lover would. It's presence wasn't evil like my demonic teacher Mr. Dodds or the Minotaur. It felt more ancient, more powerful. Defiantly not human as far as I'm concerned. She was interested in killing me either.

I gathered all my courage to ask. "What will become of me on my quest?"

The green mist started to swirl around me more fast, making me feel nacuious. It gathered around more quickly, in till it covered the picked apart monster part jars. Suddenly, there where four men in front of me. It became clearer and clearer untill I could see that it was smelly Gabe and his buddies. I knew the poker party wasn't real but, I couldn't help but make my fists tense. It was only a illusion made out of mist.

Gabe turned to me starting to speak in the Oracle's raspy voice You shall go west and find the god who has turned,

His buddy looked up and spoke in the same voice. You shall see that it is safely returned,

One guy threw in some chips the started to talk. Be betrayed by the one who calls you his love

Our building manger popped his head up and spoke through the Oracle and gave the worst line of all. In the end fail to save what mattered most in the end.

The figures began to dissolve. At first I was too stunned to say anything but, as the mist retreated back into the mummy I cried. "What do you mean by the end? What will I fail to save?" I was too desperate to do anything more.

The tail of the mist snake dissapered into the mouth of the mummy. She reclined against the wall. Her mouth was closed shut as if it hadn't opened in hundreds of years. All was silent again, abandoned, nothing but a room filled of mementos. I got the feeling that I could stand there in my dream state and watch the time fly by.

My audience with the Oracle was over. For now.

I felt the feeling of spinning then, a stop and I woke up. We where in a ditch and there was a very attractive man standing in the middle of the road holding out a hand as if to say 'stop'. My head was probably on Luke's shoulder but, now he had pulled my body on his but, with my back facing the windshield. He was protecting me yet again. Luke makes it really hard to me a feminist. He pulled me back and looked me dead in the eye.

"You okay?" He asked with a new look in his eyes, almost love with a good mix of adoration and worry. It was a very nice look on him.

"Yeh," I brushed away a lock of hair from his face and put it behind his ear. "how 'bout you?"

"I'm fine." He twisted his head around and looked at Grover who he himself was looking at us odd.

"You okay goat man?" I asked knowing I would get a reaction from the goat comment.

"Some saytr's might actually trample you for saying that." Grover said sounding just peachy. "Yes, Perc, I am fine." I smiled at him.

"Well, let's go see who practically ran us off the road." I said starting to wake up.

Grover kicked his door open then, slid out of the truck then Luke did. We where deep in a ditch so Grover had to jump and then quickly grab his mortal outfit and started to limp to the road. Luke slid out with a grace then, I edged my way out and jumped into Luke's awaiting arms. We walked to where Grover was on the road and saw the good-looking guy standing and staring at me. I felt like I knew him. As if we met before. Well, he probably not the pizza man. I thought to myself.

"So," I said in a cool voice. "run people off the road often?" I asked sarcastically.

"Pardon?" He asked. I sighed.

"Never mind. What's your name." I asked him.

"Triton." Triton said. His voice sounded velvety. I admit I wanted to hear him speak now. Luke wrapped his arm around and whispered 'Meeting'.

"What?" I hissed at him. We where facing each other and standing a little too close for my comfort.

"Triton? Ring a bell?" He asked me."Let me hurry your thoughts. Your father has a symbol of a triton. He probably named his son what Percy?

"Triton." I breathed. "He could be here to help. Poseidon might've sent him." I didn't want to call him 'Dad' or 'Father'. He hadn't earned it. Poseidon would never earn it for all I'm concerned. "Let him come and prove himself." I tried to make my eyes smolder him by using his new-found attraction for me. Luke was practically putty in my hands.

"For a little while and then he jumps back into the ocean." Luke said and I smiled.

"That's my man." I said still whispering.

"Yours?" He asked raising his eyebrows and I turned to face my half-brother.

"So, what did he send you for?" Luke asked. Triton turned his head and answered his question looking me in the eyes.

"Father has sent me to accompany Percy threw out her mission. He has instructed me to do whatever she says when she says." Triton said. Great, I thought. I have a slave.

"So, your along for the ride. Great." I sighed. "How are we going to get the truck out of the ditch?" I asked.

"Well, the tag along should do it." Grover said. I gave him a look and he gave me a look that said. Wait, see what happens. I rolled my eyes.

"Well-" Triton began and Luke cut him off. Great, two raging males fighting for dominance I thought to myself.

"We'll make camp in the woods and see if we can pull it out tomorrow." Luke said and we started to walk.

He decided upon a marshy place where kids had obviously used it as a party area. The ground was littered with squished soda cans and fast food wrapers. Grover had a tent in his back pack and unfolded it and Luke and Triton made the small tent. Grover and I sat on the ground just watching. My thoughts wandered and wandered until before I realized that Luke had picked me up bridal style and set me down inside the tent. I wasn't asleep but, my body wasn't in reality either. I could hear the guys trying to converse and yet I couldn't respond. It was werid. My eyes where shut so they thought I was asleep. I was laying down too, I felt a tender hand stroke my hair softly. I also heard Luke voice murmmer something.

"Sleep pretty girl, your safe now."

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