Hey, it's Skylar who was previously Skylar Samuels. I will now be using this account which is a long story. My mom doesn't want me on fanfiction so I'm using my old and still active email account and Internet Explorer. This story is BACK!

Tori's POV

I was putting my books in my locker when Andre approached me. "Hey, Tori." He said leaning against the locker. I open my mouth to respond but before I could, we heard a 'Don't… Touch… ME!' in the distance. We looked to see Jade holding hands with a weird guy. Sinjin was near him trying to touch his hair. Out of fear, Sinjin scampered away with pee running down his leg.

Jade and the guy she was holding hands with went straight to her locker and the guy pecked her on the cheek. "Hey guys, what's going on?" Beck said coming towards us. "Nothing really, we just saw a guy peck Jade on the cheek." I say. We go over to them and start talking when Trina comes over. Oh boy.

"Hi, I'm Trina Vega, I am available and extremely talented." She said and touched his arm. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" He shouted moving away from her which made Jade have to move and Trina run away. I feel so bad for saying this but Trina is a wimp and loser. "Wow Jade, he's just like you. Is he your brother?" I ask.

Jade's POV

"Wow Jade, he's just like you. Is he your brother?" Vega asked me while smiling.
"No. He's my boyfriend. We met a week ago when I was working at a vet. His brother's cat got sick." I explain. "We got together about 5 days ago. How? We kissed."

"I'm Stephen Quire."

"Wait. THE Stephen Quire. The one who acts all mad on camera." Oh Vega, you shouldn't have said that.
Cat came up to us and Stephen hugged her.

"If you don't let people touch you, why did you let Cat just hug you?" Andre asked taking a sip from the water bottle in his hand.

"He's my boyfriend's brother. His brother is Jack Quire…" Cat said poking Stephens stomach.