Hey everyone! So, this is my new story. Don't worry I'm not abandoning the other one. Both of my current works are fills for the gkm. You can find this prompt here: (with the basic start for gkm) 38839. html? thread= 51958711& %20# t51958711 (remove the spaces).

Original Prompt:

Kurt is only 16 years old when he met Blaine and Blaine will be 10 years older than him or more.

Kurt will meet Blaine in a mall, when Kurt is using his dad's credit card to pay the clothes he bought but the payment is getting declined. He's totally frustrated because he traveled far from Lima,had fought with other buyers and got his hair ruined just to get the items. Other buyers will get frustrated because its taking long for Kurt to pay it. Blaine will be curious about the commotion on the cashier and will see Kurt having a conversation with the cashier which is seemingly escalating badly.

He'll be curious. And check then pay the items for Kurt. He'll be interested in Kurt, not romantically just yet but there's spark because of his enthusiasm about clothes then music... those stuff... yeah, and then the spark will turn to flame.

Kurt is a virgin, never kissed. Blaine will be his first.

Kurt will not be pregnant on their first time. They'll found out he's pregnant 1-2 months after being sexually active and he'll be about 2 weeks pregnant by then.

Blaine will be well-off, he works mysteriously... agent, secret mob... its up to the person who will be interested to fill this!

A bit of drama will be nice... like some ND girls seeing an AMEX black card on Kurt's bed with Blaine's name on it...

Yeah, you can mention some bullying for background purposes... and Blaine needs to do something to stop those bullying too.

Age: Kurt's age is not less than 16 and not more than 17 when he gets pregnant.
Blaine is not aged more than 35 years old.

I hope you all like it! Please review!


This is it. The day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday. After it all it only comes once a year. Kurt Hummel waited outside the doors to Macy's at the Kingsdale Center in Columbus, waiting. His coffee had been finished almost an hour ago, and the opening was minutes away.

He traveled all this way, in the middle of the night, he needed to get the things on his list. The list including: a new Kitchen Aid standing mixer (he let Finn touch his once), a Keurig (maybe it would help cut down on the visits to the Lima Bean), the new MICHAEL by Michael Kors skinny jeans in the unique metallic wash (they would go well with his new—well new to him since it was gently used and from a few seasons ago—McQueen scarf), and of course anything else that caught his eye once he found the stuff on his list.

Being there early had its perks. He could grab a shopping bag and walk slightly above average speed to the house wares. There he would get the mixer and coffee machine. Once those two items were secured he would go get the Michael Kors jeans. Sure they are women's jeans, but men's didn't come in the metallic wash. The jeans were also more comfortable to Kurt, and made his legs and ass looks amazing.

Employees were at the doors, unlocking them. As soon as he could squeeze through, Kurt ran to the house wares. He spotted one mixer in stainless steel, the only one left. There was no way any appliance was even touching his counter in any of the other hideous colors. He grasped the box and pulled, to take it off the shelf and into his bag. Except it wouldn't move. Looking over, Kurt saw a woman with her manicured hands grabbing onto the other side.

"Go pick a different color, kid, this one's mine." She said in a high voice.

Kurt rolled his eyes. The bitch thought she could take him? "Please, don't make me bring out my sai swords." He stared directly into her eyes and pulled, hard. The mixer was plucked out of the woman's hands.

"Go get the red one, it will match your fifteen dollar manicure." He said, putting into his large shopping bag.

On the way out of the home department, he grabbed the Keurig (also in stainless steel). Quickly, he made his way to the women's department. The jeans were probably once neatly stacked on the table, but they were still there. He found the correct size and tried to pull them out of the pile, only to have them almost pulled from his hands.

Looking up he saw the bottom of the jeans being held with familiar red nails. "You!" Kurt yelled, seeing the lady he fought for the mixer. The lady tried to pull again, but Kurt kept hold, thankful for all the heavy lifting he's done at his dad's shop since Burt had that heart attack. She tried to pull them from Kurt again, which only caused her to lose balance and fall backwards, taking Kurt with her.

"These are mine, kid. You got the mixer."

"In your dreams." Kurt said, complete with his best 'bitch' face.

The lady tried to push Kurt off while still trying to hold onto the jeans. They rolled around a bit before Kurt wrestled the denim out of her hands. Standing up, Kurt stood triumphantly, even knowing his hair was no longer perfectly coiffed.

With his original missions conquered, Kurt meandered around the store a bit more finding outstanding buys. He was happy, he had found all of the things he really wanted, and managed to complete his Christmas shopping list.

He made his way to the check out station, placing his items on the counter, he made idle chit-chat with the sales associate.

When the total came up, Kurt was actually shocked at how little he spent compared to how much he got. Pulling out his dad's Visa card, he swiped it on the pin-pad. As happy as he was, Kurt wanted to get out of there, get coffee, and head home.

"I'm sorry, Sir. Your card was declined." The clerk said in a tired voice.

"That's not possible, try again."


"Try Again!" Kurt spoke using his bitch face, once again.

The clerk did as told, and looked back up at Kurt, "Declined."

"This isn't happening. I did not drive all the way here, in the middle of the night, stand outside in the cold, run all around this store, wrestle grown women over clothing and small kitchen appliances, just to have the credit card be declined!"

"Sir, you're going to get out of line and find another form of payment."

"No! I refuse. Try again!" Kurt just wanted his Black Friday deals. Why was the credit card not working?

"Sir, if it didn't work the first two times, it's not going to work now." The clerk said in a very annoyed tone, Kurt didn't blame her, he didn't want to be in this situation either.

"Excuse me, is there a problem?"

Kurt turned around to face the new voice, expecting to see a store manager, or someone higher up at Macy's than this employee. He did not expect to see the image of a perfect man. The man's eyes were a mix of hazel and brown they seemed almost gold at this moment. His dark hair was styled with just enough product so his curls were tamed. Kurt was about to observe the rest of the perfect man, when a loud sigh from the sales associate broke him from his thoughts.

Clearing his throat, Kurt said, "Umm, my card was declined."

The Greek God turned to the cashier, "here, put it on this," he said pulling out a black American Express card from his leather wallet.

Kurt's eyes widened. He knew the black American Express card existed, he had just never seen one in real life before. "Th-Thank you." He stammered out.

"Just pay me back with one thousand kisses." The Greek God said with a smirk.

He felt his mouth drop, and Kurt couldn't believe the perfect man had just said that.

Adonis just laughed, "Sorry, I was quoting RENT, the musical. It's a habit. I apologize, maybe we could get some coffee? It appears you have a great sense of fashion, and I could pay you back for my crass comment."

All Kurt could do was nod.

"Here, let me help you with some bags. You should let me know if you like that coffee maker, I've been thinking about getting one." He commented, seeing the Keurig.

They made it just out of the doors of the shop, when the man stopped.

"God, I'm sorry. I didn't even think- where are my manners. I'm Blaine. Blaine Anderson." He said, adjusting the bags he was carrying to extend his right hand for a shake.

Kurt smiled, he enjoyed a polite man. "Kurt Hummel."

"Like the figurines?"

Giggling, Kurt nodded in agreement, "Yes, like the figurine."

"How about that cup of coffee?" Blaine asked.

"Of course, only it's my treat, you saved me in there. I don't even know how I'll pay you back for all of this." Kurt said gesturing to the multiple bags.

Blaine shrugged, "How about friends? I don't seem to have many of those, acquaintances, yes, but not many friends."

"Friends it is." Kurt said with a smile.

"Can I ask you one question, Kurt?"

"You just did, but I'll let you ask another." The teen said with a sly smile. Was he flirting?

"How old are you?"

"Seventeen. Why, how old are you?" Kurt asked, now curious.

"I'm twenty-six. I hope we can still be friends. I mean, most teenagers don't want to have a friend who's almost a decade older than them." Blaine said with a shrug.

Kurt smiled, "Well I'm not most teenagers. I do believe there was coffee mentioned."

"Right this way," Blaine gestured to his car.

"Oh my god. Is that a Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG? Complete with a 5.4 liter V8 engine? If only I could get my hands under that hood." Kurt sighed dramatically.

"You know about cars?" Blaine asked, curious.

Blushing, Kurt shrugged, "My dad owns a garage, he's been teaching me about cars since I was a baby. He would take me to work with him and tell me all about what he was doing. It seemed to work out later in life when I ca- well later on."

Blaine nodded, "Later in life when you, what?"

"When I came out." Kurt said piling his things in the back of Blaine's car, they would transfer them to Kurt's Navigator when they were done with coffee.

"And, how's your relationship now?" Blaine asked.

"He's still getting used to it, but I think everything will be okay." Kurt smiled, "So, do you still want to be friends with a gay seventeen year-old?"

"Of course, as long as you'll be friends with a gay twenty-six year-old."

Kurt was shocked at Blaine's confession. But put a smile on his face, glad he made a friend on this strange Black Friday.


Kurt was finally home from his Black Friday shopping, almost four hours later than he expected, and he couldn't stop thinking about Blaine. Their coffee had lasted about three hours, and three cups of coffee each. Kurt had learned a lot about Blaine.

Blaine, the older gay man he was now friends with. When the subject of bullying came up, Blaine admitted to Kurt he also, as a gay teen, had had issues with bullying as well. He had even mentioned the all boys school Dalton Academy, where there was an enforced zero-tolerance bullying policy. Something Kurt had been interested in.

Blaine had also given Kurt his number, instructing him to call or text him whenever. If he needed him, had to ask a question, or just wanted to talk. Blaine promised he would be there.

Kurt pulled up to the Husdon-Hummel driveway, happy to see Finn's car there. Now he didn't have to carry in the heavy stuff.

Of course his dad was sitting in his favorite recliner, watching ESPN.

"You're home late." He said looking up at his son.

"It's not even four o'clock yet."

"You said you'd be home before noon."

Kurt looked at his dad, "I grabbed some coffee and kind of got lost in my new issue of Vogue." He didn't want to bring up his new friend. Even if Blaine was only a friend, Burt Hummel would not approve of any sort of relationship between his son and a man ten years older.

Watching as his father nodded, Kurt was glad his dad accepted this answer.

When Burt turned around he saw the mountain of bags and boxes that Finn had already brought in and could hear his step-son outside gathering more.

"I understand you were going shopping, but how did you afford all of this?" Burt wondered aloud, now getting out of his recliner.

"I-uh-um, I borrowed your credit card." Kurt mumbled at the ground.

"Kurt Elijah Hummel!" Burt bellowed, "I have told you to ask me before you do that! How much was this all? That way I know how much you are going return to the store."

Shrinking back, Kurt knew the only way out of this was telling Burt about Blaine. As much as he didn't want to, Kurt knew he had to. "Well actually, your card was declined, and they weren't going to let me buy it."

"So, how did you get all of this?" Burt gestured to the now complete pile of bags and boxes.

Kurt took a deep breath, this was it. "Well, there was this guy, and he kind of used his credit card and bought it."

"You're telling me that a random boy uses his credit card to help out another person and pays for hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise?"

"Ye-yeah. Blaine, that's his name, and I became kind of friends after that. But don't worry, I told him I'm going to pay it all back, I'll pick up more hours at the shop." Kurt pleaded, he couldn't give up those jeans, not after wrestling a grown woman for them.

Burt stared at his son, "You and this, Blaine, are going to see each other again?"

"I think so, but we're only friends. He lives in New Albany, so probably not all the time."

Letting out a low whistle, Burt raised his eyebrow at his son, "His parents must be rich." He commented.

Kurt shrugged, "I guess so. Now that I'm done getting the third degree, can I get all this to my room to sort? There are Christmas presents in there."

Burt nodded, "There's one thing. I want this Blaine to come over for dinner sometime, to thank him for helping you out."

"I'll see if he's not busy sometime." Kurt said, knowing he would conveniently "forget" to talk to Blaine about this.


The following Monday, Kurt found himself back in school. While sitting in his French class, he felt his phone buzz in his front right pocket. Slyly, he pulled it out and checked the message. Kurt never got texts during class, and was curious.

From: Blaine

I hope being back at school today has gone well. Friendly cup of coffee later?

Kurt smiled. The two had shared a few texts over the past couple of days, and Kurt couldn't be happier.

To: Blaine

School is school. Coffee sounds great! :)

It didn't take long for a reply.

From: Blaine

Meet at Sweet Aromas? It's in Bellefontaine, meeting in the middle?

To: Blaine

Sounds perfect! See you at 4?

From: Blaine

See you at 4.


When the final bell rang, Kurt rushed to his Navigator as fast as he could. He really wanted to talk with Blaine. He liked talking to Blaine. Kurt found it easy to speak with the man he's only known for a few days.

Pulling into the driveway, Kurt smiled when he saw Blaine's Mercedes. He walked in and saw the curled haired man sitting at a table with two cups in front of him.

"Non-fat mocha?" Blaine questioned with a smile.

"You know my coffee order?" Kurt asked.

"Of course."

Kurt smiled, and took a sip of the mocha.

"How was school?" Blaine asked.

"Like I said in the text, school is school. Neanderthal jocks who think they own the place. Anyway, I'm sure you worked today, how was that?"

Blaine chuckled, "My work is boring, you don't want to hear about that. So I take it the bullying is still happening?"

"The bullying will always happen. You never did tell me what you do." He commented, swirling his cup around.

"It's all confusing, even I'm not sure how to explain it. But, did you read the new Vogue?"

"Of course!"

Both smiled at the other's excitement with the change of topic.

When they were getting ready to leave, almost an hour later, Blaine stopped Kurt on the way out of the shop. "Do you want to do this again? Maybe Wednesday?" He suggested.

"Sorry, I can't on Wednesdays, I have glee club after school." Kurt confessed.

Blaine's eyes brightened. "You're in glee club? I was in the Warblers at Dalton! What's your range?"

"You can't tell that for yourself?" Kurt asked, before answering, "I'm a countertenor."

"I'm sure you have a beautiful voice. I would love to hear it sometime. I bet you even get most of the leads in your club, with range that's so unique." Blaine said walking the two of them to Kurt's car.

Kurt sighed, "I mostly sing back up for the clubs self proclaimed lead, and our teacher doesn't really fight it. No one in Ohio wants a boy singing a song originally sung by a girl. But, if you're nice, I might sing for you sometime."

"It's a shame to not use your voice, that director should know better. But I would love to hear you sing. Just to let you know, I sung lead on a medley of Destiny's Child and Beyonce songs when I was a senior in high school."

Kurt begun laughing, "I understand Beyonce, how does one not love her? But Destiny's Child? The only good thing from them was Beyonce."

"Hey! It was 2004, they were extremely popular."

"Okay, okay, I'll let you have this one. However, since we can't get coffee on Wednesday, how about Thursday? I would say tomorrow, but I'm afraid you might get tired of me, also I have to work." Kurt said, hoping to make some future plans with Blaine.

Smiling, Blaine nodded, "Thursday is perfect for me, you can fill me in on your glee club. Same place and time?"

"I'll see you then." Kurt said before climbing into his car and driving home.