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The next couple of weeks passed in about the same manner. Kurt and Blaine would meet at Sweet Aromas and talk about anything and everything. Occasionally, Blaine would get a strange phone call he would step outside the establishment to take, telling Kurt the contents of the phone call would just bore him into an early grave.

It was during one of their Monday coffee breaks when Kurt was filling Blaine in on the latest antics of his glee club, when Blaine couldn't help but stare at Kurt. The teen with the perfectly coiffed hair and the glittering blue eyes, in Blaine's mind was perfect.

"What are you doing on Friday?" Blaine asked, catching Kurt off guard.

Kurt shrugged, "I don't know, probably sitting at home and watching Bravo. Why?"

"Would you like to join me for dinner Friday night? As a date. Just to clear that up." Blaine ended with a smile that didn't show the nervous hopeful emotion building inside of him. Cursing himself, Blaine wasn't sure why this was getting to him. He had been on plenty of dates, why was this one making him feel like a teenager asking a guy out for the first time?

Feeling his heart jump into his chest, Kurt couldn't believe it. This twenty-six year old man wanted to take him out on a date, his first date. Kurt smiled, "I would love to," but then all of Blaine's words finally registered in his brain. "Actually, I can't on Friday." Seeing Blaine's worried face, Kurt explained, "It's not that I don't want to, but Friday nights are important in my family, we have dinner together, as a family and my dad won't let me miss." Kurt could see Blaine's face fall, "But, Saturday would be perfect."

Blaine lit up and he nodded, "Great!"

Kurt couldn't focus on the rest of the time in the coffee shop, he kept thinking about Saturday. Why did there have to be four days in between now and then?


Kurt drove through a gated community in New Albany trying to find Blaine's house. The older man had asked Kurt to arrive at his house at six-thirty for their date. Kurt turned on what his GPS told him was the correct road, but looked just like the most desolate gravel road he's seen. It seemed like as it continued, he got further away from reality. Finally the road turned and Kurt found himself pulling into a circle driveway. His jaw dropped at the sheer size of the house.

Looking down at the phone, Kurt checked Blaine's text to make sure he had the correct address. He did. Kurt looked back up at the house and his big red door. He counted fourteen windows just on this side, and the house even had columns. He saw the door open and Blaine walk out, smiling at Kurt through the car windows.

Kurt climbed out of his Navigator and met Blaine half way between the door and his car.

"Hi," Kurt breathed out.

Blaine smiled, "I hope inviting you to my house wasn't too presumptuous. I just really wanted to cook you dinner."

"It's fine. And your house is gorgeous, and so big!" He exclaimed.

Chuckling, Blaine ushered Kurt inside.

"I don't really need the space, but I bought the house for the land." Blaine spoke as he had Kurt follow him into the kitchen.

Kurt stopped at the doorway of the kitchen and looked at the immaculate white cabinets, black counter tops, and stainless steel appliances. The large island in the middle of the room was cleared off except for a bowl of strawberries. Pots and pans hung above the island, though it appeared to be missing a couple.

"I know I said I wanted to cook for you, and I did, but I should warn you that all I know how to cook is macaroni and cheese from the box, spaghetti, and pizza- which I will be serving tonight. Also, I made the pizza before thinking, and made it with ham, Canadian bacon, pineapple, and garlic—which is my favorite. I forgot to even ask what your favorite is, so if you don't like this, I have some macaroni in the cupboard." He saw Kurt smiling at him, "What?" he questioned.

Shaking his head, Kurt chuckled. "You were rambling, but don't worry, I love Hawaiian pizza. It sounds, and smells, great."

Blaine let out a sigh of relief and smiled at Kurt.

The couple ate their pizza at the kitchen island. "I never use the dining room," Blaine had said when Kurt asked, "It's too formal, too stuffy."

After their pizza, and after Kurt sneaked a breath mint—or five because garlic breath just isn't sexy—they retired to the living room. Kurt sat on the comfortable couch waiting for Blaine to come back and to see what he had planned.

The older man walked into the room carrying a box, and Kurt stood up smiling at the man.

"Seriously, Clue?" Kurt questioned.

"Well, we could go the normal route and watch a movie, but I thought this seemed more fun."

Smiling, Kurt grabbed the box from the man, "I'm Miss Scarlet." He said as he sat on the floor and began to set everything up.

"As long as I get to be Mrs. Peacock." Blaine said, smiling and joining Kurt on the floor.

"It was totally Professor Plum in the kitchen with the lead pipe!" Kurt yelled later, now very involved in the game.

Blaine shook his head, "Nope, I bet it was Colonel Mustard in the lounge with the wrench."

They eventually checked the confidential file and saw the Kurt was right, therefore he won the game.

As Kurt walked with Blaine to the door, he didn't want this night to end. It was the perfect night, the perfect first date, and the perfect guy.

"So, coffee Monday? I'll have to tell you about the amazing guy I went out with on Saturday night." Blaine said as the stood next to Kurt's Navigator.

Smiling, Kurt nodded, "I would love that, as long as I get to tell you about the incredible guy I had a date with Saturday night."

Instead of saying anything back, Blaine leaned forward and kissed Kurt softly on the lips. It was a chaste kiss, only lasting for a few seconds, but to Kurt it was the perfect first kiss to end the perfect first date.

"Drive home safe, and text me when you get there so I don't worry." He said with a smile.

Kurt opened the door and felt a hand grip his wrist before he could get in. He spun around and found Blaine's face inches away from his. Then he felt Blaine's lips on his for the second time that night. This kiss had more power and intensity, lasting longer. Blaine's hand moved from Kurt's wrist to his waist, while the other found the teen's cheek.

"I'll see you Monday," Blaine said finally letting go of Kurt's waist.

Now speechless, Kurt could only nod before getting into his car and driving away, leaving his first date, and first kiss in the dust.