[thirty-four weeks]


"I hate being on bed rest." Kurt stated, as he was sitting in his and Blaine's king sized bed.

Blaine came out of the adjoining bathroom in only boxers, and running a towel through his hair to dry the curls.

"I know you do, but the longer you can sit here, the healthier our little boy will be." Blaine said, bending down to kiss the top of Kurt's head.

"Our little boy who has no name." Kurt reminded him, getting a glint in his eye as he pulled the baby name book off the shelf.

Sighing, Blaine climbed onto the bed, knowing there would be no way to get out of this. He had tried before when Kurt broke out the baby name book, which usually ended in tears from the teen while he claimed Blaine "didn't want their child to have the perfect name."

"I came across, 'Harrison.' Do you like that one?"

"Sure, we could call him Harry."

"So, Harrison is out." Kurt mumbled, marking a line through the name.

Blaine looked over at his boyfriend surprised, "Why is it out? I thought we both liked it?"

"I am not naming my first child after Harry Potter!"

"Okay, you can keep looking and I'm going to get dressed." Blaine replied with a kiss.

Kurt looked up confused. "Are you going somewhere?" He asked, before looking back down at the book.

"I'm not going anywhere, 'we' are going to Lima." Blaine chuckled when he saw Kurt's head snap up. "You've been doing so good with the bed rest these two weeks, so I thought, since it's Friday, we could go to your families for the traditional Friday Night Dinner."

"Have I ever told you that I love you?" Kurt questioned, "Because I do."

"I love you too." Blaine said, before having Kurt tell him which outfits the both of them were going to wear.


"We have to sit down, once you're in there." Blaine said as the two walked up the sidewalk to the Hummel-Hudson residence.

"Dad! Carole!" Kurt yelled as he walked through the door, excited to see his family and old house.

The teen, however, was greeted by Rachel and Mercedes.

"Surprise!" They both yelled, followed by the rest of the Glee Club who was in the livingroom.

When the couple walked in, they saw a banner reading "It's A Boy!" Blaine turned and saw his boyfriend's eyes glistening with unshed tears.

"Thanks everyone!" Kurt said before giving every member a hug, even the three boys hovering in the corner—who looked different out of their blue jackets.

"Jamie, Matt, and Lucas, I'm happy you three are here!" Kurt exclaimed before pulling them into a group hug.

The three Warblers watched as the pregnant teen walk away, "He's been very emotional lately." Blaine explained as he too greeted the boys.

After a fun filled day, where no one was allowed to measure Kurt's stomach (contrary to Rachel's idea of a "fun" game), Kurt sat on the couch snuggled up to Blaine softly dozing on the older man's shoulder. Blaine was mentally thinking about how they were going to transport all of their baby gifts to their house.

"Thank you," Kurt said softly.

"For what?" Blaine asked as he stroked Kurt's hair.

"I know you helped plan my baby shower with Mercedes."

Blaine chuckled, "You figured it out."

"Of course. No one else really knows Jamie, Matt, and Lucas, or how to contact them. But thank you."

"You're welcome."

"He still doesn't have a name." Kurt stated as he rubbed his abdomen before drifting to sleep.


[thirty-six weeks]

[still october]

Blaine walked into his and Kurt's bedroom to find the teen fast asleep in their bed, taking a nap. Smiling he knew this was the perfect opportunity. He quickly placed the piece of paper in the baby name book. The same book his boyfriend had been looking at since they found out it was a boy, and even before. The spine showed wear, and multiple pages had been dog-eared at names the teen had been thinking about. Flipping through, Blaine could even see the possible names circles, some even with handwritten comments next to them.

When Kurt had mentioned he wanted to buy a name book, Blaine had told him that the internet could do the same thing. That there were many websites dedicated to doing exactly what this book would do, all the two of them had to do was Google.

"I don't want this to be the kind of thing I do on the screen of a laptop or tablet. I want to flip through a book and be able to make comments right next to the name and meaning."

It didn't take much for Blaine to go out and buy Kurt the name book he had decided on. The older man even bought the teen other versions from other companies, however Kurt decided he liked the first one.

"You look like you're thinking hard."

Blaine looked over and noticed that while he was lost in his thoughts, Kurt had woken up.

"Just thinking about names for our son." He said, truthfully.

Perking up, Kurt slowly moved himself up to a slightly seated position. He grabbed his baby name book off his night stand (where Blaine had put it back).

The teen had opened, noticing the book flew open to the middle, where a piece of paper was stashed—a piece of paper he didn't put there.

"Open it." Blaine whispered.

Kurt cautiously took the paper out of the book and unfolded it. He looked down and saw Blaine's familiar writing.


These past eleven months have changed my life in the best way possible. I had no idea when I went to Macy's that morning, to browse the Black Friday specials; I was going to meet the love of my life.

When we exchanged our Christmas gifts, and "I love you" in the same night, I couldn't believe that you—this perfect seventeen year old—loved me—a man ten years your senior. I still listen to your CD every chance I get. I keep a copy in every one of my cars, and your voice is what I listen to during my run each morning. I never get tired of hearing it.

New Year's Eve when we made love for the first time, I couldn't believe, again, that you were mine.

You may remember our first Valentine's Day as the night we made our son, but I remember how excited I was that I got to hold you overnight as we slept. When I woke up in the night, needing the bathroom, I remember returning and thinking about you and how much I loved you. I promised myself that night that you were the one for me, that I would never let you go.

The promise I made was confirmed even more when you told me we were expecting. I knew you thought, somewhere in your head, that I might not want the baby. But as soon as the words were out of your mouth, all I could picture was us together with a baby—cooing over his first word, playing in the park with him as a toddler, the first day of school for him, and even his high school graduation.

I want all of that, but mostly I want that all with you by my side as my husband.

Kurt Elijah Hummel, will you marry me?

Kurt looked up at his boyfriend with tears in his eyes, "Yes. Of course I will." He said with a smile, just then noticing the ring box in Blaine's hand.

Inside were two identical bands of white gold each with their own small, but perfect, diamond in them.

"I knew you would want a ring, but I didn't want you to be the only one wearing a ring—I want to wear a ring too."

Smiling, Kurt let his boyfriend place the ring on his left ring finger and the two kissed.

"I don't think you read the letter all the way through." Blaine whispered.

Turning back to the letter, Kurt looked at the bottom, smiling at the three words written there—three words that made up the perfect name for their son.

"I love it." Kurt said, looking back up to Blaine the two kissed again.

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