This is it! The Epilogue! Thank you all for reading!


Kurt smiled out into the crowd, his eyes landing on his husband and five-year-old son who were both sitting next to his dad and Carole. He couldn't believe how lucky he was, to be graduating from Parsons with an offer from Michael Kors to create a male maternity line—since male pregnancies were slowly becoming more prevalent and accepted.

He couldn't wait to start this new chapter in his life.

When the graduation was over, Kurt hurried to find his family. His family wasn't one to miss, with Ben sitting atop his grandfather's shoulders, shouting for his daddy.

"Daddy!" The now five year old screamed as Kurt approached. "Papa had me watch as you walked cross the stage! He says you're gradgitated! And gampa is letting me sit on his 'olders!"

Laughing, Kurt plucked the little boy off of Burt's shoulders. "I see that, and I graduated, honey," he said enunciating the word to help his son learn. "It just means I have a fancy piece of paper saying I now know lots of things."

Bennett looked at his dad with wide eyes. Kurt kissed the little boy's cheek, smiling even wider at the tight hug he received from the five-year-old.

Looking over at his husband, Kurt blew him a kiss. It was still unusual for him to call Blaine his husband, though they had been married for almost three years now. Of course their wedding was perfect, Kurt Hummel (well now Kurt Hummel-Anderson) was planning it. It was a big reason why they waited to get married for two years, Kurt wanted enough time to plan, and they also needed to wait for him to turn eighteen. Kurt still found himself forever wondering how he managed to get such a perfect man.

"There's my husband now with a Bachelor's Degree." Blaine said, wrapping his arms around Kurt before kissing the younger man on his temple.

"How about we all go out for dinner, to celebrate?" Burt asked.

The whole family agreed, denying Bennett's request for McDonald's.


Once home, and after getting Ben to bed, Blaine was sitting in bed reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for probably the thousandth time, waiting for Kurt to finish his nighttime bathroom routine.

He smiled up at Kurt when the college graduate exited the bathroom.

"I know it's my graduation, but I got you something." Kurt said, handing a small plain box to his husband.

Blaine smiled, "But I don't need anything. You didn't have to give me anything."

"Just open it."

Taking the lid off the box, Blaine saw a small white picture frame inside with a little black and white photo encased it in. He recognized it as a sonogram photo from when Kurt was pregnant with Bennett. In a speech bubble written about what he presumed was the baby's head were the words, "Hi Papa! I'm arriving December 2018!"

His head snapped up to meet Kurt's eyes. "Really?" He questioned.

Kurt nodded, "I wanted to tell you in some special way, so I hope this was better than being in sweats in the rain holding a stick with my urine on it."

"I don't care how you tell me." He stated, pulled Kurt onto the bed with him, kissing his husband passionately.

Blaine scooted down the bed some, so his head was near Kurt's abdomen. "Hi baby, I'm your Papa. I hope you're okay in there. Daddy and I are so excited for you to get here. We love you so much."

Looking down as his husband continued to talk to his stomach, Kurt couldn't help but fall even more in love with the man—which he didn't think was possible. He had been nervous when he found out that he was indeed pregnant again. Knowing that Blaine would be excited for the new baby, Kurt wasn't sure how to tell his husband. Once he was at the doctor's, getting it confirmed, he knew how to tell Blaine.


Kurt waddled into his office at Michael Kors. Even though he started at the legendary design house only five months ago, his employers had noticed his talent and promoted him within two months at the job. He had informed him he was pregnant, which they loved—their Head Designer of Paternity Wear pregnant himself, and allowed him all the time off he needed—but Kurt still made sure to design anytime he wasn't at the office.

Today he was gathering everything he could possibly need from his office. He was supposed to be on bed rest, but thought it would be okay to step in the office for a few things and then going straight home to rest, in his bed.

Picking up his sketch book, he cursed under his breath when he saw a few lose pages fall out and slide under his desk. Sighing, he bent down trying to reach them, but just couldn't seem to stretch the way he wanted. Bracing himself, he moved so he was on his knees almost under the desk, and almost got his fingertips on the pages.

Gasping, he felt pain ripple through his abdomen. Both hands clutched his stomach, as tears formed in his eyes. Reaching up, he tried to pull himself up with the help of his desk, but it only caused him more pain.

Lying there in pain, Kurt tried to reach up for the phone, but found it out of his reach. His life flashed before his eyes, fearing he wouldn't be able to move and get out of here.

"Kurt?" He could faintly hear a voice. It sounded like Blaine's but he wasn't sure.

"I know you're in here. I made sure to bribe all the employees here to call me if they ever see you here after you were put on bed rest, so I know you're here."

It was Blaine! Kurt tried to form words, to let Blaine know where he was, but all that came out was a low, painful groan.

"Kurt?" He could see Blaine's shoes from where he was under the desk and saw them walk around the wooden piece of furniture. "KURT!"

Kurt could feel his head being lifted and placed onto Blaine's lap with Blaine's hand running through Kurt's hair. He could hear Blaine talking into his cell phone as everything went black.


Kurt could hear an incessant beeping all around him. He groaned, hoping whoever was near him would know that meant he wanted it turned off.

"Kurt?" He heard a soft voice say. "Open your eyes, please Love, so I know you're okay."

He tried to do as Blaine said, but it was so hard. His eyelids felt so heaving, but finally he managed to pull them open but immediately shut them. It was bright, too bright. He groaned again, hoping both the beeping and lights would be fixed.

"Come on, I know you can do it. Please just open them a bit longer, for me? I barely even got to see those beautiful eyes." Blaine pleaded.

Once again, Kurt somehow managed to open his eyes, this time long enough to see Blaine's gorgeous honey colored ones looking back.

"God, Kurt, you had me so worried. Never worry me like that again." He said before placing a kiss on Kurt's cheek.

"What happened?" Kurt rasped out.

Blaine quickly got him a sip of water and sighed. "I knew you were going to try to go back to that office. That's why I had everyone alert me if you ever did. Thankfully I did, or else I have no idea what would have happened. What were you even doing there? God, I just, I just never want to experience that feeling again.

"So after I found you on the floor, I called 911; they were there so fast, but I didn't feel like it was fast enough. They let me ride with you. The last I saw of you was the doctors rushing you away from me on the gurney. I had no idea if I would ever get to see you again.

"All I could do was wait, I made sure to call Burt, who's here now since he got on the first flight he could. Don't worry, he's watching Ben who knows his daddy is sick but we haven't told him much else.

"The doctors came back in and told me you were going to be okay. I had never felt so relieved."

"The baby?" Kurt wondered, looking into his husband's eyes with a mixture of hope and worry.

"She's perfect." Blaine said with a smile, pulling out his phone and showing Kurt a picture of a tiny little girl in a pink hat with a few black curls peeking out of the bottom, surrounded by tubes and wires. "Though she will need a little bit of time in the NICU, the doctors say she should be just perfect.

"But, there was a bit of bad news." Blaine started, "There were some- complications, and the doctors had to remove the organs that make it possible for you to have a baby. So, we can't have anymore." He said, sadly.

"Okay," Kurt replied. "I mean, it's a little depressing that we know we won't be able to anymore. But we now have two perfect kids, a little boy and a little girl and I couldn't be happier. So get up here and cuddle with me for a little bit and then I demand to see my new little girl."


"Blaine, make sure you have the camera on, I don't want to miss this moment!" Kurt said from the car as he pulled the car seat out.

It was two weeks after the two men became proud parents of a little girl, and she was finally able to come home.

"Don't worry, it's on and you both look perfect."

Kurt glared at Blaine, who made sure to capture the glare on the camera.

"Welcome home Daphne!" Both fathers whispered as Kurt carried the sleeping bundle through the doorway.

"Daddy! Papa!" They could hear Bennett running down the stairs.

"Don't run in the house." Kurt scolded. "And we have to be quiet, Daphne is sleeping."

Ben smiled and looked at the tiny little girl in awe. "She's little." He commented.

"You were this little too at one time, Bud." Blaine said, making sure to never stop the video.

"No I wasn't!" Ben argued.

"You were, I was there, do you think your dads would lie to you?" Came the gruff voice of Burt. "Now where's my little princess?" He asked, before gently unbuckling the little girl and picking her up without waking her.

"Dad, she has a name, you know." Kurt said as he moved the car seat off to the side.

"As perfect of a name as Daphne Elizabeth Hummel-Anderson is, she's still Grandpa's little princess." He smiled down at his new granddaughter before kissing the top of her head.

Blaine, the cameraman, followed his husband, son and father-in-law into the living room before setting the video camera down on the coffee table. He joined the rest of his family on the couch to marvel at the new little girl in all of their lives. The last image the camera captured before dying of low battery was all five of them asleep on the couch.