"Come on! Please? Do this for me."

"I've done enough for you already." And Emma was right. She had done enough for her best friend. She didn't have enough body parts to count the amount of times she had come to Ruby's aid. And now the girl wanted to force her to go on some double date just so she could hook up with a cute girl.

"Okay then, do this for yourself. When was the last time you went on a date?" Ruby was so persistent and stubborn.

"I don't do dates Ruby." Emma couldn't remember the last time she went on a date. Most of the dates she did go on ended in the disaster zone anyway.

"Emma, you're 25 and you're acting like you're going through menopause. Get out and live a little. When was the last time you even had sex?"

Emma gaped at her best friend. "Ruby! That is none of your business. And why can't you just go by yourself?" you've never needed me to hook up with a hot chick before." Ruby was a chick magnet. She could get anyone she wanted without so much as blinking an eye so why the sudden need for Emma? Certainly Ruby didn't need a wingman.

"Because Belle is bringing her older sister with her to have some fun. She's lame just like you and she wanted her to go out and get a life." Ruby crossed her arms over her chest as she stood in front of Emma's bed.

"I'm not lame Ruby. I'm just…busy." Emma lied and she knew Ruby picked up on it. The girl could read her like a book.

"Busy my ass Emma! All you do everyday is go to work, come home, watch WWE and then go to bed. Having hours of free time is not called being busy." Ruby glared at her friend. Emma sighed. Ruby was right. Her life was boring as hell but she didn't want to take the chance and date again. She had gotten hurt too many times in the past by too many people. Every time she gave people the benefit of the doubt, they would end up breaking her heart so she had put up as many brick walls as she could to keep people out. It had been working great so far.

"Come on Emma. You're not gonna marry the chick. You're just there to have some fun. Remember that word Emma? Fun?" Ruby smirked at her. Emma smiled back and threw her pillow at her.

"Okay fine. I'll go with you but don't expect any happy ever afters." Emma almost hit her head on the head board of her bed when Ruby threw herself right on top of her. "Rub- get off me!" Emma managed to get out of the death grip her best friend had her in.

"Thank you so much! I owe you one "Ruby's smile was ear to ear as she removed herself from on top of Emma.

"Ruby, you owe me way more that just one." Emma smirked. Ruby all but hopped out of Emma's room. Before she could get all the way out though she was given a warning from Emma.

"You better make sure this chick is super hot!"

Ruby smiled as she made her way down the stairs of the apartment she shared with her best friend.

Oh Emma, you have no idea.

Regina sighed into her black coffee. She was trying but unfortunately failing to tune out her sister's constant nagging, wanting her to go on a double date with her and one of her harlots. She knew better than to ask her such a preposterous question. She wasn't one for partying or going out. She only believed in doing things that would benefit her in the long run. Not going to wild parties and getting so drunk you had no idea what your name was.

She had done that once and now she had a five year old son sleeping in his room upstairs. Never again would she live that life. Don't get her wrong. Regina loved her son with every fiber of her being. He was the reason she was so successful now. The sweet boy was her muse. But some days she wished she had him when her life was more settled like right now and not back then when she had just been freshly kicked from her parent's house and had nothing but a few dollars to her name.

So Belle trying to convince her to go on a stupid date was something she did not want or need to hear right now.

"Come on Regina! Stop being a party pooper!" Sometimes Regina wondered if Belle was 21 or 12. She was terribly immature no matter how much maturity Regina had tried to instill in her when she came to live with her.

"Like I've said a million times before Belle, no. I've got better things to do with my life than going on some blind double date with another one of your one night stands." Regina continued sipping her coffee not bothering to even give her sister a sideway glance,

"Gina she's not a one night stand. I actually like her. She's really cool and she wants to take her friend with her and I told her you'd be coming so please don't disappoint." Belle had resorted to pouting now. Something she knew her sister could not resist. Henry had told her that it worked for him so she decided to give it a shot and it's worked ever since.

Regina however was not pleased that her baby sister was using puppy dog faces to get what she wanted. And she thoroughly disliked the fact that she was a sucker for such faces. So Regina opted to play the only card she had left in her hand.

"If I decide to go on this stupid double date with you- if- who will take care of Henry?" Regina thought she had Belle there but she was obviously wrong. The girl had everything planned out it seemed.

"We can leave him with Mary Margaret. He loves her and she babysits when I-" Belle cut her sentence off right in the middle leaving a very suspicious Regina to ponder the rest.

"When you what dear?" Regina raised her eyebrows at the nervous look on her sister's face.

"Nothing. But seriously, Mary Margaret is great with kids and she loves Henry. Come on Regina, Please?" Belle was back to pouting again.

"And what if I said no?" Regina knew that right now she really had no other option.

"I'll sit on your desk for the whole day and annoy you so you won't gat any of your stupid paperwork done." Belle crossed her arms and she looked as serious as a judge standing directly in front of Regina's desk. Regina knew her sister as capable of carrying out the threat so she silently resigned.

"And they say I'm evil." Regina glared at her Belle with a frown plastered on her face.

"Well, I do learn from the best." Belle returned with a smirk.

"Fine. When is this stupid date thing of yours?"

Belle's face immediately lit up at Regina's answer and she quickly made her way over to her sister enveloping her in a big hug even though she knew Regina was not one for affections and only ever showed them around Henry.

"Thank you thank you thank you! I swear I'll never forget this!"

"If you don't get off me right now, I'll make sure you really never forget this." Regina's voice was deadly serious and so Belle quickly extricated herself.

She really wasn't paying the threat a lot of attention. She was just glad her sister was finally going out. Even if it took a threat for her to agree.

"I promise Gina, you're not gonna regret this."

"Really dear? And what makes you think that?" Regina was back to her paperwork the moment Belle had removed herself.

"Well, let's just say, I've seen Emma, and if I wasn't so smitten with Ruby…" before Regina could even ask what the hell her sister meant, Belle was gone with a 'bye sis. Tell you the info when you get home'

She better hopes this date doesn't go wrong or she'll be the one paying the consequences.