Summary: Best friends with benefits, Bella and Irina, are excited for their last few months as surgical interns, but with this chapter in their lives coming to an end, will Bella be able to move on to the next one with the new anesthesiologist? AH, ExB, Fluff and smut with a hint of plot.

Warnings: Yes, this is an ExB fic, BUT there will be femslash ... Among other things ... This is your only warning about it. If it makes you squeamish, please walk away now.

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It had been an exciting almost four years at the very well respected Seattle General Hospital, but I was happy to be on the last leg of my internship.

Irina and I had been living together for about three and a half years, and after the end of our internship, we would soon find ourselves following our own paths. I had decided to stay at Seattle General, while she had accepted a spot at a prestigious, privately owned facility in New York.

"This new guy is pretty hot, Bella," Irina sang as we made our way toward the OR. Seattle General had just acquired a new anesthesiologist and rumor was ... he was something else.

"I don't care," I sang right back, uninterested.

"Yeah, you do," she whispered. "I know you miss a nice, thick cock in that sweet, little pussy of yours."

"Shut up, perv." I rolled my eyes, but bit my lip, trying to rein back the illicit thoughts swirling about my head.

"Bitch please, that's not what you were saying last night when …" She let her sentence trail off with a suggestive eyebrow waggle and a knowing smirk across her full lips.

"Yeah, well, that is always good." I smirked. "I will definitely miss that."

"I'll miss it too, but we'll always have the memories," she said wistfully, wrapping her arm around my shoulders as we neared the nurses' station.

"You two see the new anesthesiologist?" Alice, the floor's resident cougar, working reception, asked excitedly.

I rolled my eyes again and leaned my hip against her desk. "Not yet, but Betty here says he's hot." I motioned to Irina who was busy filling out some paperwork.

Alice handed me a file. "Hot doesn't even begin to describe this guy, Bella. He's like McDreamy, McSteamy and McCarthy all rolled into one." She referred to a couple of those evening hospital based soap opera hotties combined with our own resident pin-up male sex-God as reference.

I smiled, going along with her assessment. "Well, then, I certainly cannot wait to see this hot piece of flesh."

"And what a piece of flesh it is," Irina concurred, tucking away the file she'd just filled out and fanning her face like the southern Bell she'd never be.

I ended up going through a full week without seeing this new guy. Seemed we were deemed to a life of crossing shifts. Oh, well, I wasn't too sad about it. I hadn't been excited over a man in a while and felt pretty content with what I was getting on the side.

It wasn't like I had any time for a relationship, and as long as Irina and I kept up with whatever it was we were doing, I had no reason to go out seeking other forms of sexual pleasure.

Thinking of Irina's words made me shiver, though. A "nice, thick cock" did sound good. Real good. Gah, I was horny. Being nervous always made me extra horny, and these days with my impending internship coming to an end, I found myself seeking release more often than usual.

That was how Irina and I had come to our mutual understanding a few years ago.

I had gotten home one night after a thirty hour long never ending shift and had just gotten out of the shower when I had the sudden urge to watch porn. I figured a good orgasm would help put me to sleep, and since Irina was scheduled for another shift, I thought I would be safe to pop in a DVD and have a go at Big Blue right there in the living room.

Boy was I surprised when Irina walked in mid fuck. There I was, bent over the couch, with Big Blue buried half way into my pussy while I was pinching and plucking at my nipples with my other hand. Moans and groans were heard from the orgy on the flat screen as I stared at her, momentarily mortified for being caught pleasuring myself.

She waved her hand in my direction and pulled off her jacket. "No, don't stop on my account." She smiled and strolled over to the sofa, her eyes, never leaving my body. "Do you do this often, Bella?" she had asked, leaning against the sofa, only about a foot away from my naked, erratically breathing self.

I pulled the dildo from my pussy, groaning at the loss of contact and tried, unsuccessfully, to right myself while covering up my lady parts. "Erm, no? I mean, fuck. What are you doing here?"

"First off, I live here," she deadpanned. "And second, Rose fucked up my schedule and sent me home because I had been on for the last three days." She shrugged. "I didn't even have time to change into my scrubs." Her blue eyes twinkled and she licked her lips. "I'm glad I decided to come home instead of going for drinks. I would have missed all this ... hotness." She took a step toward me and grabbed Big Blue out of my hand. "What's this, Bella? Have you been holding out on me?"

I sat back on the sofa, finally able to find my voice, the shock of her sudden, unexpected arrival finally wearing off. "Erm, yeah. I'll just go in my room and … die now. Okay, yeah, thanks."

Irina had been my roommate for a little over a year by then and, while I knew about her sexual proclivity and preference for female company as opposed to the occasional male, she'd never made any advances toward me. I wasn't sure if it was that she wasn't attracted to me, or if it was because she didn't know I'd be into that kind of thing.

Either way, I didn't want to ruin our friendship by telling her I'd be up for a little girl-on-girl action, so I had never said anything about my own sexual depravities.

She sat by me on the sofa and ran Big Blue over my bare thigh. He was still moist with my arousal and vibrating, since I'd failed to turn him off before she took him out of my hand. "Now, Bella—" I watched her eyes roam over my naked body. "Why would you want to go to your room when there's all this right here?" Her voice was soft and suggestive, almost seductive as she motioned to the television, which was currently showing us a nice view of two girls going at it with three guys.

I swallowed, my breathing faltering with every pass of the vibrating sex toy over my thigh, getting closer and closer to where I was desperate for it. "Erm, I um … shit, you can't play with this thing, Irina, and expect me to answer questions." I placed my hand over hers to stop her from rubbing Big Blue any farther up my thigh. It was seriously too distracting and making me want to do things. Things she might not have wanted to do. Things I had dreamed of for a little while now.

She brushed her other hand softly over my shoulder and down my arm, moving my hair away from my chest. "Can I play with you, Bella? I promise I'll be gentle," she purred.

"Christ," I moaned, my eyes closing of their own accord. "What are you saying?"

I licked my lips and turned toward her, kneeling on the couch, my thighs apart, Irina's hand resting over my waist.

"I'm saying I want to play with you, Bella." She smirked, her fingers caressing my skin, and Big Blue vibrating his way up my inner thigh. "I'm saying we could have a little fun together, my kinky, little friend." Her hand trailed up the center of my abdomen to my tit, squeezing it lightly, her thumb grazing my nipple.

I smiled, arching my back into her hand and rotating my hips, my pussy seeking out friction against the vibrating toy that had settled close, but not close enough, to where it had been only moments ago. "I think I'd be up for that." I smirked and brushed my fingers across her soft cheeks, wrapping them behind her neck, through her soft, blond, wavy hair and pulling her face to mine.

Our lips met tentatively at first, testing and teasing, her lips soft as they moved against mine. I had kissed a few other girls in the past and loved how good it felt to kiss someone with fervor without worrying about beard burn. Irina's mouth tasted of mint and coffee; sweet and sinful. I sucked at her bottom lip, nibbling at it as she steadied a vibrating Big Blue against my sensitive folds.

My skin tightened and tingled, goosebumps spreading over my body as our kiss deepened. I moaned as she pushed me to my back and licked a trail over my collarbones to my pink peaks.

"I knew you were a little freak, Swan," she whispered against my tits. "So flawless," she groaned, sucking a nipple, along with most of my small breast into her mouth. I held her against me, shoving her face farther into my chest.

I felt Big Blue at my entrance, sliding through my soaked folds, and tilted my hips in his direction, lost in sensation. I wanted her to impale him inside me where he'd been buried earlier.

"Nah, huh, babycakes," she teased. "It's not going to be that easy." She removed the toy from my body and turned him off, setting him on the coffee table.

"What the fuck?" I groaned in irritation as I leaned on my elbows and watched her stand up next to the sofa.

"If we're doing this, we're doing this right, Bella." She whipped off her shirt and shimmied out of her jeans. "Seriously, do you know how long I've wanted this?" she asked while unclasping her bra.

I sat up and ran my hands over her hips, feeling the soft skin under my palms as I kissed her belly. "You should have said something, Ri."

"Ha! And ruin what we have as friends and roommates?" Her big, blue eyes looked down at me, and in that moment, an unspoken agreement was made. We'd never looked back and had never let our physical relationship come between us. We were not a couple nor ever had been. We both dated men here and there, but since we had each other to fill those physical needs, neither of us felt compelled to bring anyone home unless the relationship was actually going somewhere.

Thankfully, neither of us had met anyone worthy enough to bring home. I hadn't had an actual cock in … forever. And for all I knew, neither had Irina.

I missed it.

I missed the strong hands of a man. I missed that scruff on my inner thighs. I missed being hoisted up and fucked against the wall in the throes of passion.

Have I mentioned the cock?

Yeah, I missed the cock. Big Blue was not a cock. He was just this big rubber dildo that vibrated. Oh, and he was blue, hence the nickname.

Irina's tongue and fingers felt beyond amazing against any part of my anatomy. And I loved reciprocating on a woman. Getting her off and knowing her body the way I knew my own left me reeling. She tasted divine, like ambrosia and musk and woman. It was different from my taste but delicious all the same. It drove me wild when she'd kneel over my face and lower herself to my lips while she feasted on my pussy … we did a hell of a fabulous sixty-nine.

"Yo, Bells," Emmett hollered, pulling me out of my lusty thoughts.

I turned to him, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah?" I needed to get laid, like really laid, pronto, and seeing Emmett McCarthy standing there didn't help any of those thoughts.

"They need you in exam room five for a consult." His pretty face and amazing body made it impossible for me to say no at that precise moment, so I just nodded and hauled ass to exam room five, praying that Ri would be up for a little one-on-one later on in the on-call room.

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