AN: Hey guys! It's been a couple of years since I've been on here. I have decided to once again take on the role of author for fanfictions. I'm sorry, but I won't be finishing up my first one as I don't really feel like I can make it any better now then back when I was younger. This story is a crossover between Rurouni Kenshin and Naruto. Now, I am well aware that people haven't seen or read either anime/manga, so I have come up with a solution. I will put asterisks after words I feel that need to be explained for those that either don't remember some of the events or don't know the events of the anime. I am following the storyline for Kenshin; however, I will be adding my own…flare if you will to the story as I see fit. There will be humor, tons of action, and some romance. I'll get more into the pairings as the story progresses. I hope you guys enjoy it and I will listen to constructive criticism, but not complete bashing. I won't deal with that. Sorry for my rant, but this chapter is mostly for introductions of the beginning characters, as more will be coming, and their personalities.

Kenshin Himura: He is known as the Legendary Swordsman of the Revolution, the fight for dreams and goals between the Imperialists and the Shogunate; I believe that were the two groups. (Please correct me if I am wrong.) His known name is Battosai the Manslayer, but prefers his name Kenshin over being called the Battosai. Kenshin is very kind person who is always willing to put his life in danger for the sake of others. He is a very battle savy swordsman and uses the Hiten Mitsurigi Style( a sword style) to move at god-like speeds to annihilate his enemies, though he has made an oath to never kill again. Instead, he uses a reverse blade sword to protect the weak and those precious to him. When he fights, his personality changes a little to a serious and perceptive swordsman who is very intimidating and can read his opponents movements. Never underestimate Kenshin.

Kaoru Kamiya: She is what's left of the Kamiya Kashin Style for swords and owns a dojo. She is a very stubborn but kind person who isn't afraid to show people why she is the Assistant Master of the Kamiya Kashin Style. She has a strong mind and heart and always helps people, like Kenshin, who need it. She is currently training Yahiko Myōjin as an apprentice to the Kamiya Kashin Style. Sanosuke Segara: He is known as Sanza the fighter for hire and enjoys the thrill of fights, especially against strong opponents like Kenshin. Despite what he does for a living, Sanosuke is actually a caring person and doesn't believe in mistreating women and being mean to the weak. He is always around for good fights and loves to show his opponents his cocky smile and his quick, powerful fists. He is always aiming to become as strong as Kenshin, who he has much respect for. Sanosuke enjoys teasing people, including Kaoru and Yahiko. Yahiko Myōjin: Yahiko is an apprentice to the Kamiya Kashin Style and is the last survivor of a well known samurai family. Yahiko is as stubborn as Kaoru, if not more, and does a great deal of complaining. He usually spends his free time either training by himself or with others after he is finished with the chores of the day. He boasts about how strong he is and slowly begins to back that claim up. Yahiko is a kind, cocky person who never gives up and always tries his best, which is why Kenshin sees potential in him to become a great swordsman to protect the weak. Minato Namikaze: Minato is known as the Yellow Flash of Konoha (city not far from Tokyo) because the last thing anybody saw before they died was a yellow flash. Minato, like Kenshin, played a big part in the Revolution, causing the past to catch up with the both of them. Minato has a child-like quality to him, most likely the cause of his younger brother Naruto Namikaze. He is very kind and is always there to help people when they need it the most. He values his friends and family over everything else and will go to great lengths to protect them. Don't think you can take him just because of how he acts. In danger, Minato changes into a powerful fighter who shows his enemies why he is called the Yellow Flash. He also has made an oath to never kill again and spends most of his time teaching Naruto about his beliefs and fighting techniques. Naruto Namikaze: Naruto is the younger brother of Minato Namikaze and is known as the #1 Most Unpredictable, Knuckleheaded Ninja. He is very energetic and tends to act like a complete idiot. Naruto is stubborn and doesn't take no for an answer. He is fairly intelligent for his idioticy and is a kind-hearted person who protects people closest to him and the weak. His goofball personality gives his enemies the idea that he couldn't possibly fight, but he certainly can. When in battle, Naruto becomes more serious and lets loose his strength on unsuspecting enemies. Naruto is always looking to make friends and has huge effects on the people he meets that change their views about their way of life. Naruto's never giving up attitude shows everyone around him just how great the will to live and succeed is inside of him. Natarii Himura: Natarii is the younger sister of Kenshin Himura. She is a very shy and quiet person, who is not the greatest at making friends. Despite her shyness, Natarii is a very strong, quick fighter, who values innocent lives over hers. She is a kind-hearted person; she will help anyone in need just like her older brother. Natarii is very intelligent and has knack for thinking up battle plans in the heat of the battle. Natarii has many secrets buried deep inside her that may create problems for her in the future.