Santana doesn't realise she's been running so hard until she feels a sharp pain in her side. Her faces scrunches and she clutches the side of her stomach. Her feet start to slow to a patter against the road as she approaches Brittany's front yard.

There's immediately another searing pain through her chest as she notices the blonde speaking to who she suspects to be Karen. Her vision is slightly blurry from the water spilling out of her eyes as a result of running through harsh winds. She's not jealous however, because the two women aren't even standing that close and she knows Brittany loves her.

Santana stumbles over the grass and when Brittany notices the brunette, a smile spreads across her face and she steps forward. Karen turns her head and narrows her eyes at Santana, but the Latina only has eyes for her woman.

"Santana what –" Brittany is cut off by a plump pair of limps that almost pushes her backwards. Santana's right hand shoves Karen aside and the woman stumbles over on uneven ground and trips. The other two women however pay no mind to Karen and continue exploring each other's mouths.

Brittany presses her palms against Santana's waist, gently pushing her away to create a distance. "What was that for? You only just left."

"Robert was cheating on me," Santana breathes. Brittany's smile disappears instantly and she clenches her fists slightly which are hanging by Santana's waist.

"He should leave the house, not you," Brittany says in a sincere manner, bringing one hand up to stroke Santana's cheek.

"Brittany what the fuck?" Karen shouts suddenly, interrupting the sweet moment.

Santana snorts and leans forward to press her head against Brittany's chest. "Sorry Karen, you should get out of here."

Karen rolls her eyes and crawls back to her feet, quickly scurrying to her car before she gets knocked over again. Brittany puckers her lips and kisses Santana's forehead softly. "I have a lesson in an hour. Do you want me to cancel?"

"No," Santana mumbles. "It's your job, you should go. I'll talk to you later." Santana smiles up at Brittany, dragging her fingers down the blonde's arms as she steps out of her embrace. With one last longing look between the girls, Santana turns away and heads back down the street towards her home.

After twenty minutes trying to muster up the courage to face Robert again, Santana finally steps inside and witnesses the man sobbing on the sofa. Kitty is nowhere to be seen, thank god. Santana thinks she would have knocked the girl out this time.

Robert turns his head and quickly wipes his face. "Santana baby –"

"No," Santana cuts in with a harsh gaze. "You need to get your things and get out."

"We can work this out," Robert pleads, standing up and walking over to stand in front of the brunette. He quickly grabs her hands so she has no choice but to hear Robert out.

"Just get out," Santana hisses, struggling to pull her hands out of her fiancés strong grip.

Robert bites his lip and shakes his head. "I know you've been distant lately. You were probably seeing someone else too by the way you've been acting."

"What?" Santana's voice is unsteady now.

"Were you?" Robert asks.

Santana realises now that she should come clean because now she's witnessed her husband cheat and it wouldn't make a difference telling him she was also unfaithful.

"It wasn't just a fling like you had with and Kitty Wilde," Santana's voice wavering slightly, "I'm in love with someone else and I'm not sorry."

Robert finally loosens his grip, stepping back and rubbing his chin. His eyes are distant now and Santana isn't sure if it's because he's hurt or because he was right. Santana collects the tears she didn't realise were running down her face with her fingers and walks to the kitchen. She runs a hand along the countertop and then turns to Robert, who seems to possess a look of recognition.

"It's your cooking teacher," he says flatly, "this all started when you ask for those lessons."

"Yeah," Santana answers honestly, her shoulders deflating.

"So you're gay now?"

"I don't know." Santana shrugs and walks back towards Robert. "Can you just get the hell out!? You have no right to question me when I found you sleeping with our neighbour."

"Are you serious?" Robert spits. "You've been cheating for weeks."

Santana's eyes narrow. "You're telling me that today was the first time you and Kitty were together?" Robert's cheeks turn dark red and his head cowers.

"Alright, we're both in the wrong."

Santana places her hands on her waist and clenches her jaw. "Get out now. Please."

This time Robert doesn't argue. He steps foot in his bedroom one last time and packs all of his belongings. Then he moves to the lounge to grab some magazines, the bathroom to grab his toiletries and the kitchen to grab his favourite frying pan.

"I don't know where I'm going," he says at the front door.

Santana pulls the door open and notices quite a few of her neighbours outside staring straight at her and Robert. "Kitty's husband is probably dying to meet you," she replies distantly. Robert slumps past her and is about to step outside when Santana grabs his hand.

He turns to her and then his eyes flicker downwards. He notices Santana slip something into his hand and he lifts it up, the diamonds glistening beneath the sun. "Are you sure?" He asks.

"Yes," Santana answers firmly, her eyes glued to the diamond engagement ring Robert is twirling between his fingers. Once he's out the door, Santana shuts it and sits atop the kitchen counter. She hopes Brittany's lesson doesn't go for too long because she could really use a hug.

She steps into her bedroom and instantly receives a shiver from the emptiness. The closet door is open revealing a space where Robert's clothes used to be. She likes it this way. It's a lot fresher without him cluttering her space.

Santana knows she made the right decision so she decides to relax. She grabs a pair of tracksuit pants and a white tank top and then walks to the kitchen to grab a tub of ice cream. When she turns to walk back in the lounge room, her eyes meet her oldest friend – a bottle of red sitting on the counter. She never noticed it there before.

She holds the bottle up and unscrews the cork, before pouring the liquid down the sink. She thinks that bottle was testing her. She knows she isn't an alcoholic, but she does drink when presented one. But so do a lot of people. Nevertheless, she is starting a new life as of now – with the woman she loves.

It's been three hours and still no sign of Brittany. Santana has polished off half a tub of ice cream and surprisingly still has enough room for more. However a noise to her right distracts her immediately. She jumps to her feet, placing the tub on the coffee table and races towards the door.

A grin instantly spreads across her cheeks when she sees Brittany standing outside in her apron. She pulls the girl in by the side edge of the apron and they giggle when they get close.

"I've missed you," Santana whispers.

"I've missed you too. How did everything go with Robert?" Brittany asks a little wearily.

"Fine," Santana shrugs, "he guessed that we were having an affair but I reassured him that it was more than that. That you're more than that, to me."

Brittany blushes. "I love you." She tangles her fingers with Santana and walks into the lounge room to settle down on the sofa.

"I love you too," Santana replies shakily as they sit close. Brittany lifts her hand and runs her thumb across Santana's chin. The brunette closes her eyes at the touch and turns her head so her lips brush against the pad of Brittany's thumb. "I've been waiting for you," she whispers.

Brittany inhales shakily and swallows hard. She doesn't reply, only watches Santana moisten her finger by taking it into her mouth. "Mm," she whimpers unintentionally. The brunette's eyes shoot open at the arousing noise and she wastes no time in straddling Brittany.

The blonde immediately grabs Santana's hips and pulls her forward roughly. Their lips are only inches apart when they hear a knock on the door.

"Santana, its Kitty."

"What the fuck," Santana mutters.

"What does she want?" Brittany answers, leaning forward and pecking Santana's cheeks. The brunette groans and pushes herself off the blonde. She holds her hand out and when Brittany takes it, she leads them towards the front door.

Kitty is standing on the porch with her fingers twiddling together and her head ducked. "Hi," she murmurs.

Santana pulls both of Brittany's arms around her waist so the blonde is hugging her from behind. At first Brittany hesitates because there is no doubt in her mind that Kitty will judge them, but obviously she's glad that Santana is brave enough to show off their love in front of the woman.

"Look at me," Santana orders. Brittany feels her lower half twitching at the sound of Santana's husky, authoritative tone. Kitty lifts her head and her eyes flicker from the blonde's arms securely tightened around Santana's waist to both girls faces.

"Um," she stutters, "well I wanted to apologize."

"Shut up," Santana says flatly. "I want you to look at us. This is love and this is something you will never have because you are too insecure and selfish."

Kitty sniffles and rolls her eyes. "You were obviously unfaithful as well."

"I fell out of love with Robert, and yes I shouldn't have cheated on him but the heart is a mysterious organ that wants what it wants. It led me to the love of my life and maybe one day you'll be able to experience that. You can go now."

Kitty nods solemnly and turns to walk away. "That was hot," Brittany husks near Santana's ear. The brunette smirks and turns her head slowly.

"Want to get it on with the front door open?"

Brittany giggles. "Your body isn't for everyone's eyes, just mine." The blonde kicks the door closed and pulls Santana back to the living room. They fall onto the couch and snuggle close together, deciding it's better to take things slow since their relationship is just getting started.

It's been a week since Robert moved out and Santana has slowly been moving her things into Brittany's home. She realised that starting fresh means not sleeping with a new partner in the room you slept in with your ex. Brittany laughed at Santana's crazy idea but of course was not going to object. She helped Santana bring a suitcase of her clothes over, but they continue to cook back at Santana's house.

Santana is very good at preparing pretty meals but still hasn't refined the art of actually cooking and preparing ingredients. With Brittany's guidance she can, but alone she's hopeless. It's inevitable – she really does need Brittany.

Even when Santana attempted to multi-task, Brittany was needed incase she sliced a finger off. Her mobile was tucked between her cheek and shoulder and she was explaining to her mother that the wedding with Robert is off. Her mother was relieved to the brunette's surprise. Probably because Santana mentioned her girlfriend was teaching her how to cook and Mrs. Lopez didn't even flinch at the mention of a 'girlfriend'. She sighed and congratulated her daughter on finally learning the art of cooking. The conversation ended quickly and Santana ordered Brittany to take the phone from her ear.

"I really think you should give up for today honey," Brittany says gently, placing a comforting hand on the brunette's shoulder.

Santana shrugs her off roughly and focuses on the recipe she's meant to be cooking for their dinner tonight. Brittany is always the one cooking for her and she wants to give back this time.

"Just go set the table or something I'll be fine."

"No need to be a bitch," Brittany quips, walking off. Santana twists her head towards the blonde and frowns.

"I'm trying to do what you taught me," Santana argues.

Brittany laughs obnoxiously. "You have many talents Santana, but cooking isn't one of them and you have to accept that."

"Fuck you," Santana murmurs and slams the cook book shut. She walks in the direction of her and Brittany's bedroom, her tracksuit pants dragging across the floor. She knows it really ticks Brittany off when she hears that noise.

"Come back," Brittany orders. She follows Santana and slams her palm on the bedroom door just as Santana is about to close it. "I'll teach you some more."

"No, I'm going to masturbate and when I'm done you better have something smelling extra good on the dinner table."

Brittany has no idea where this Santana has come from but she's not ready to leave just yet. Her strength over powers the brunette and soon enough she's inside the bedroom, ordering her girlfriend to join her in the kitchen again.

"No," Santana answers firmly, folding her arms across her chest. Brittany taps her foot on the carpet and sends the brunette a wicked grin.

"You know how strong I am right?" She asks.

"Yep." This time its Santana's turn to grin. Brittany can tell the brunette is trying to hold it back but is unable too.

Brittany narrows her eyes slightly and licks her bottom lip. "I'll go make dinner." She's turned around only halfway when a hand is tugging on her shirt, pulling her back around and roughly pushing her up against the wall. Santana's lips attack Brittany's in desperation and the girls find themselves yelping and groaning.

The brunette's tongue plunges between Brittany's lips and her right leg rubs up and down against the blonde's left one. Santana pulls back. "Fuck you," she breathes.

Brittany moans and lifts the brunette up by her ass, carrying her over to the bed and throwing her on top of it. She crawls onto Santana's panting form and nudges the brunette's plump lips with her nose. Her right hand trails down Santana's stomach towards the apex of her thighs then cups her pussy.

"You like that?" Brittany asks in a whisper. Santana responds by arching her back and whimpering as Brittany's fingers begin to move. Even over her tracksuit pants, Brittany can feel Santana's soaking core. As the blonde's hand rubs faster, the two girls begin to create a rhythm. Their entire bodies are moving in sync and their lips remain wide open, breaths and moans being exchanged.

"Go inside me," Santana pleads. She grabs Brittany's hand and forces it down her pants. The blonde bites her lip as she pushes her hand right down underneath Santana's underwear and feels the wetness there.

The blonde's eyes roll into the back of her head. "Oh my god baby," she whispers. She can only imagine how Santana is feeling right now.

Brittany runs her fingers down Santana's folds and doesn't hesitate to plunge two fingers deep inside her.

"We sh-should be m-making dinner," Santana stutters.

Brittany giggles. "We should be making love." Santana groans and arches her back as Brittany's long fingers pump inside of her faster. She can hear the wetness on the blonde's fingers as they move.

She can feel her inner walls tightening and electricity running through her body. Her mouth forms an O shape and her eyes clench tight. Her head lulls backwards and she thrusts her hips upwards for more friction. Brittany's lips travel across Santana's chest towards her pert nipples and she bites softly through the fabric of Santana's shirt. "Uh, fuck."

The blonde's thumb makes contact with Santana's clit and instantly the brunette comes crashing down, only slowing down her thrusts so she's riding Brittany's fingers. The blonde smirks and gently nips at Santana's lips, enjoying the fact the brunette is too out of breath to kiss back.

Brittany kisses across Santana's jaw line and nuzzles into the crook of her neck. "I love you, I love you, I love you."

"Even if I can't cook?" Santana asks softly.

"Of course," Brittany responds immediately. Santana's chest slowly eases and her breathing evens out until she's able to turn her head and kiss Brittany's temple.

"I actually know something pretty important about cooking, you'd be surprised."

"Oh yeah? What's that?" Brittany asks curiously, lifting her head so she can stare into Santana's eyes.

"It takes about 2-3 minutes to grill a heart to medium rare," she whispers, "the same amount of time it took me to fall in love with you."

Santana loves her job. Her boss recently eloped in Vegas and has never been happier; which makes Santana happier to show up at work all the time now.

Kitty moved across the country with her family, Rachel continues to send her judging looks and Kurt is currently introducing her to his new boyfriend.

"Adam," the tall blonde boy repeats with his hand outstretched.

"Oh," Santana shakes her head, "right sorry." They laugh and brush off the apology before sitting down in the quaint café. "So where are you from Dr. Who?"

"Essex, heard of it?"

"Nope," Santana replies bluntly, switching her gaze to her phone vibrating in her pocket.

(9:39am) Brittany Pierce
You left your panties on the coffee table and my mother saw.

Santana laughs out loud to herself, causing both boys in front of her to give her confused looks. "I bet it's from Brittany," Kurt murmurs to Adam. The boy narrows his eyes for a moment then his eyes light up in recognition.

"Your girlfriend?" He asks.

"Yeah, she's the funniest bitch I know," the brunette snorts.

"How long have you been together?" Adam inquires, wiggling his brows.

Santana scrunches her face up. "A year now."

"Shit," he curses, "that's a long time eh." He turns to Kurt and nudges the boy. Kurt grins at the blonde boy and places a hand on his knee. Santana notices the movement and almost barfs. She's happy for her friend but pda is not her thing – well unless it's involving her and Brittany.

"I keep telling Santana to ask Brittany to marry her already."

"We aren't ready," Santana argues.

"Well I'm sure Brittany is expecting it someday soon."

"Why do I have to be the one to propose to her? Why can't she propose to me?" Santana almost yells.

Kurt sighs. "Just wife the girl already before I gauge my eyes out."

"You have pretty eyes sweetheart, don't do that," Adam compliments, rubbing Kurt's shoulder.

"I gotta gay, go!" Santana says quickly, standing up. "Britt needs me."

"Bullshit," Kurt says through a cough. Santana rolls her eyes then slaps him lightly on the side of the head.

"Nice to meet you Julie Andrews," she says to Adam before exiting the café.


By the time she makes it home, Brittany's mother is long gone and Santana finds her girlfriend naked on the living room sofa.

Brittany smirks at her and pats her thighs. Santana chuckles and walks over to the kitchen cupboard to grab something. She returns to the blonde in no time with a bottle of whipped cream in her hands and internally thanks Brittany for at least teaching her how to use that.

The end.

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