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Been a while since I've written a Kim Possible fic, so here's hoping I keep the characters in character.

Time differences will be touched upon during the course of this story, and I doubt it's accurate, so just please humour me, ha ha.

College Is The Sitch

Kimberly Ann Possible lived by her motto.

'I can do anything' was really only supposed to be a tagline for her website to get people interested. After all, a little brag went a long way in the world. She had used her family motto, 'Anything is possible for a Possible', and spun it into her own, personal tagline. She never would have thought that something that was originally supposed to draw in potential customers would become a motto not only for her, but for anyone who needed her help.

There were a few times in her life where she questioned her ability to do anything. The Home Economics fiasco had put a damper on her confidence, and that whole freaky Yono event with Monkey Fist had almost destroyed it.

This was one of the times where she questioned her motto.

The redhead stood in her bedroom, the afternoon sunlight framing her body from the window. She stared sadly around her near-empty room, as most of her possessions had been crammed into two piles by the foot of her bed; items she would take to college and items she would be throwing out. Everything else stayed in their normal spots.

"No big," she whispered to herself. "It's just packing for college."

Kim grabbed the pile of things she was throwing out and grunted softly underneath the combined weight. She carefully made her way down the wooden staircase, attempting to prevent an avalanche of nick-knacks and oddities. It was no use and eventually she lost her grip, the collection of old items tumbling the rest of the way, leaving scratches on the wooden surface.

"Smooth move," Jim cackled, poking his head out of the kitchen and spotting his sister as the cause of the racket.

"Try not to fall the rest of the way," Tim added, joining his twin. "It'd be pretty embarrassing to show up on your first day of college in a leg cast."

"Shut it, Tweebs!" Kim snapped and the twins let out one more snicker before going back to their lunch. The redhead let out a heavy sigh of irritation and made her way to the pile of junk scattered near the foot of the stairs. She gathered everything in a pile and paused, spotting the old cellphone she had discovered in the bottom of her closet. After a moment of debate she snatched the cellphone and her old Kimmunicator (which she had kept for sentimental purpose up until this point) and padded into the kitchen. "Do you two want these things?"

Jim and Tim paused in their consumption of leftover lasagna and peered suspiciously at the items their sister held out to them. '"You rigged them to explode, didn't you?"

"Worse, you bugged them so you can spy on us in our most secret and intimate moments," Tim accused.

Kim rolled her green eyes. "Stop being paranoid. That's my job when you give me gifts. Do you want this or not?"

Tim and Jim exchanged their special twin-telepathic look before accepting the offering. "You got anything else?" Jim asked, studying the old technology in his hands and picturing what could be done with it.

Kim shrugged. "Tell you what-you can take whatever you want from my toss-out pile if you put the rest in trash bags and take it to the curb." When her brothers looked at her in disbelief, she added, "And I'll give you five bucks."

"Each," Jim bargained.

"Deal." Kim shook his hand and the twins left the kitchen, abandoning their glass plates of half-eaten lasagna. The redhead sighed with relief (as she really hadn't wanted to take her junk to the curb) and stepped around her busy brothers and jogged back upstairs.

In the corner of her room were three piles of cardboard boxes in various sizes. Kim plucked a medium-sized one from the top of the stack and dropped to the plush carpet, studying her remaining possessions.

"Clothes are so a priority," Kim decided. She sifted through the piles of clothing, putting them neatly in the box. "Uh!" The redhead wrinkled her nose in distaste upon finding an ugly, maroon-coloured knit sweater hidden between two Club Banana Original cargo pants. "I know this isn't from off the rack."

"That's because it's from your Nana." Ann Possible peered into her daughter's bedroom with a firm look. "And I know you wouldn't think of giving it away."

"But Mom!" Kim protested, holding the garment up in the air. "This is not something that screams cool and calm college girl."

"No, but it does scream girl who loves her Nana," Ann responded.

Knowing that this was another battle she wouldn't win, Kim sighed in defeat and gingerly placed it in the box. It's not like she's gonna know if I were it or not, Kim assured herself. "Shouldn't I have the ability to take what I want to college?" she asked as she put the rest of her clothing (all college-appropriate) into the cardboard box.

Ann grinned. "Yes, but a mother also has the ability to persuade her daughter to rethink her choices."

"Because that was so what just happened," Kim drawled. Her mother laughed and continued down the hall, laundry basket in hand. The teen pushed the box aside and sighed. "One down, a dozen more to go."


Grateful for the distraction, Kim held up her wrist and pushed the Accept button. "What up, Wade?"

"I made a few calls, and I found a guy who can transport your car to England," Wade informed as he typed away at his computer. "You remember Captain Louis, right?"

Kim brightened. "Of course. I remember everyone who has ever given me a ride."

"Well, he said it would be no trouble to get your car to England. You'll just have to drive it to the Middleton docks and he'll load it onto his cargo ship. By the time you get to England, it should be waiting for you at the Port of London."

"As always, you rock." Kim smiled. "When's the pick up?"

"He said he can be here by tonight," Wade said. "Roughly around nine."

Kim frowned slightly. "Not so rocking. I have a dinner date with Ron at eight. We're meeting Drakken and Shego at Bueno Nacho."

"I heard you say the words and I still don't believe it," Wade mused. "I saw the U.N. ceremony and I still don't believe Drakken really reformed."

"I'm still waiting to wake up," Kim agreed. "But maybe the reason the only plan of Drakken's to work is one where it saves the world is because it was meant to happen."

"Deep." Her twelve-year-old friend grinned. "Well, is there anyone you can get to drop your car off?"

"I can probably convince Dad to do it," Kim said thoughtfully. "But the car will get where it needs to be, I promise."

"I'll let Captain Louis know it is all good." Wade quickly typed at his keyboard before focussing his attention on his friend. "So, what are you up to?"

"Packing," Kim sighed and held up her wrist, showing Wade the mountain of stuff that still needed to be packed up. "You never realize just how much stuff you got until you have to sort through it."

"I hear that. Are you excited?"

"A little freaked," Kim admitted. "I mean, I'm heading to College of London Prep for political science. It's not exactly a five-minute express bus away from home."

"For you it is." Wade grinned. "I'm sure the twins could put something on the car to make it happen-maybe a teleportation switch!"

"I think I've messed with the laws of science enough times in my life," Kim said feelingly, recalling the whole sucked-into-a-television incident.

"You'll do great," Wade assured her. "You can do anything!"

There's that motto again, Kim mused.

"...and besides, Ron is going to Chef Éclair's Culinary School, which is only a few blocks away," Wade added. "And if you need anything, I'm just a beep away, day or night."

"Hey, that's my thing!" Kim teased. "And thanks, Wade. I'll be sure to keep you posted. I gotta go. If I want to leave for college by Thursday afternoon I need to have everything packed."

"Don't forget your Cuddle-Buddies!" Wade chuckled before signing off. Kim glared at the black screen, wishing she had been quick enough to fire off a snippy remark.

"Hilarious," she grumbled. She paused, glanced at her collection of stuffed toys waiting to be packed, and grinned sheepishly. "And so right."


Ronald Stoppable grunted, struggling to shove a package of one-hundred baby diapers into its proper place on the shelf, right next to the blue bottles of baby wash. "Who knew diapers-were so heavy-in massive quantities?" Ron panted.

His knees suddenly buckled and he slipped off the metal ladder, heading for a painful impact with the sparkling tiled floor.

Steve Barkin caught sight of the boy toppling from his perch. Years of experience in the war allowed the man to drop the broom he was using to sweep Aisle 13 (world's largest selection of hot peppers) and speed over to Ron before he struck the ground. The blonde carefully opened his eyes when he didn't feel the ouch-ness of impact and discovered his teacher (former, former teacher) had him slung over one shoulder and the diapers in the other.

"Not the best way to go out, Stoppable," Steve said gruffly as he easily put the diapers in their appropriate spot before setting the boy down. "Taken out by infant underwear is a pretty humiliating way to go, even for you."

"No, no, there's been worse," Ron admitted. "You'd be surprised how many times a guy loses his pants when saving the world. FYI? The villains never let you forget it. What's with that? They remember I'm the guy who's dating Kim and loses his pants, but not my name." He suddenly froze, realizing something. "Hold on! You only ever call me Stoppable! Did you forget my name too?"

Steve held his gaze at the fluorescent light-covered ceiling, grateful that this was the last time he would have contact with the odd kid. Although with his luck, he'd probably encounter the blonde again-and it was sort of unsettling how the idea didn't make him cringe. "Ronald. Your name is Ronald. Happy?"

"Eh, kinda. I prefer Ron but hey, it's a start." Ron offered the man a sincere smile. "And since we're not teacher-student anymore, the formalities can be dropped, can't they?"

Steve eyed him, not quite sure what he meant. "Rephrase, Stoppable."

"That's it!" Ron exclaimed, pointing a finger at the bewildered man. "I graduated, so I'm not Stoppable anymore. I'm just Ron. And you're Steve." He extended his hand. "So, Steve, how about it?"

The high school teacher had a feeling that the boy wouldn't let the issue go. Half-wishing he had left the teen to face his fate with his head and the tiled floor, Steve reluctantly shook his hand. "Fine, Ronald-"

"Ron," Ron stressed.

"Okay, Ron." Steve put a sarcastic emphasis on the informal name. "I suppose since the formalities have no reason to be in place we can be a little more informal."

"Badical!" Ron cheered.

Rufus stuck his head out of Ron's pocket and waved. "Hi!"

"I don't think you properly met Rufus." Ron gave his little buddy a fond pat on the head. "This is Rufus. He's a naked mole rat."

"Couldn't tell," Steve drawled. "Now Stop-Ron, we got work to do and it's our-"

"Job to do it," Ron finished, having heard this line many times before when the elder man felt he was goofing off. "Yeah, yeah. On it."

But before he could go on to his next task the P.A. system crackled to life. "Smarty Mart will be closing in five minutes. Please take your purchases to be checked out. I repeat, Smarty Mart will be closing in five minutes. Please take your purchases to be checked out."

Ron pumped his fist in the air. "Aw yeah! Closing time!" His happy dance was cut short when he realized what this meant. "Oh...closing time." He cast a glance in the direction of the staffroom. "I'm gonna go, uh, get my stuff together," he muttered, walking away.

The boy pushed open the wooden door, staring at the bank of red metal lockers. He swallowed thickly and opened his, removing his casual clothes and backpack. "You know, buddy, I thought the rough-and-tough part would be handing in my resignation paper. But..." His lower lip quivered. "I was so wrong!"

"It okay," Rufus said comfortingly, scurrying from Ron's pocket and patting the boy on the shoulder. Ron took a deep breath and changed into his usual get-up. The blonde threw his backpack over his shoulder and sadly held up his orange Smarty Mart vest.

"It's time to goodbye, old pal," Ron sighed. "We've had some good times, you and I. But all good things have to come to an end." He groaned. "I've always hated that saying! It's so depressing."

"Time to go," Rufus urged his friend. "Dinner date!"

Ron glanced at the clock hanging above the staffroom door. It was almost eight o'clock. "Aw, man! I'm gonna be late!" He quickly rushed out of the staffroom and hurried down the employee-only section of the building. He rapped on the door of the Middleton Smarty-Mart manager's office. "Hey, Cherry. It's just me. I came to-"

The door opened and Ron nearly fainted upon seeing Martin Smarty on the other side. The boy quickly gathered his senses and managed a smile. "Hey, Mr. Smarty."

Martin stepped aside and let the boy in. "So you're on a first name basis with the head of this division, but not the man who gave you the job?"

"Sorry, Martin." Ron grinned sheepishly. "What brings you to our humble sector?"

"You," Martin answered simply.

"Me?" Ron panicked. "If this is about the snapping turtles incident, it was so not my fault! I-"

"Relax, Ronald." Martin held up a hand to stop the boy's frantic jabbering. "I came here to say farewell. It's your last day with us, is it not?"

"Oh. Yeah." Ron nodded slowly. "I was just about to hand in my vest, actually."

"I'm afraid you can't do that." Martin took a seat behind the large oak desk normally occupied by the young strawberry-blonde manager. Ron collapsed into the plush visitor chair across from the man, his expression one of confusion.

"Not gonna lie, I'm lost," Ron admitted.

"Ronald, the mere fact I remember your name above all others means that you've done an outstanding job as my employee. I can't let someone as eager as you go."

"But I have to quit!" Ron protested, wondering if it was legal for a man of Martin's stature to be able to hold an employee to his job against his will. "I still have to pack my stuff and I leave for college in a few days! In England!"

"And did it not occur to you that you could simply transfer to the local Smarty-Mart near your school?" Martin asked in mild amusement.

Ron blinked. "I can do that?"

"You can and you did." Martin pushed the vest (which Ron continued to extend towards him) back to its owner. "As soon as you get settled you can report to Smarty-Mart #763 for work. Tell them your name and they'll be ready for you."

"Wow," Ron breathed. "Thanks a lot!"

"Think nothing of it." Martin offered the delighted boy a soft smile. "It's not often I get someone as dedicated to me and my work as you."

"The dedication will live on!" Ron promised, jumping to his feet and saluting his boss. "This is off the hook!" His spirits heightened, Ron bid Martin goodbye and rushed out of the building. "Rufus!" he exclaimed, dancing happily in the parking lot. "I still get to work at the coolest place ever!"

"Yay!" Rufus cheered.

"Now we really gotta move." Ron rummaged through his backpack frantically. "Bus pass...bus pass...forgot my bus pass." He slapped his forehead in annoyance. "Okay, it's cool. Just give KP a beep-"

"Battery dead," Rufus informed, pulling the cellphone from the pocket and showing his friend the black screen.

"Ugh!" Ron scowled. "How come all this 'prevent Ron from doing what he has to do' stuff happens when it's really important?"

Rufus shrugged. "Bad luck."

"No kidding." Ron frowned and debated if he would have enough time to walk when he spotted a familiar figure heading towards one of the few cars left in the parking lot. Ron brightened and waved his arms in the air. "Yo, Steve! Can I catch a lift with you?"


Kim waited impatiently in front of Bueno Nacho, her sneaker-clad foot tapping against the cement. "Where is he?" she asked aloud, scanning the dark parking lot. Just as the words left her mouth she spotted her boyfriend racing over, panting slightly.

"Sorry, KP," Ron apologized, kissing her quickly on the cheek in greeting. "I was a little late getting out from work. You'll never guess what happened!"

"Tell me later," Kim said. She dragged the boy into the fast-food restaurant and they immediately spotted the people they were meeting. After all, when you had blue and green skin, you stood out in a crowd.

"What's shaking, Dr. D?" Ron asked, dropping into the booth across from the formally evil pair. "And Shego, you're looking bon-diggity well."

"You're late."

"His fault," Kim defended, pointing an accusing finger at Ron.

"Yeah, sorry about that." Ron grinned sheepishly. "I got held up at work."

"Interesting story," Shego drawled. She leaned her elbows against the yellow plastic tabletop and arched an eyebrow. "Really, I'm riveted."

Ron pouted and slumped against the booth. "Always with the snippy remarks."

"Tell me about it," Drakken muttered. He cast a nervous glance around the restaurant and wasn't settled when he noticed everyone in the place was staring. As soon as he made eye contact the heads whipped around to stare at anything but him. "Why are people looking at me as if I've grown a second head?"

Kim grinned. "You almost got it. You have a ring of yellow petals around your neck, for one."

"And second, you used to be our top baddie," Ron pointed out. "I'm still waiting for one of you to blast us into oblivion."

Shego smiled playfully. "Thanks for the idea, Sport."

"I was kidding!" Ron protested.

"The last time you joked around like this, you managed to convince Senor Senior Sr. to take up villainy as a hobby," Kim drawled. "Let's order before the late-night rush comes in."

"I hear you, Princess. Play nice boys." Shego and Kim got up and went to the counter to order.

An awkward silence filled the booth as the two males struggled to think of a conversation topic. Ron eyed the petals around Drakken's neck and his gaping did not go unnoticed. "Will you stop staring?" Drakken snapped.

Ron immediately averted his eyes to Drakken's irritated expression. "Sorry, Dr. D. They're just so obvious. Haven't you figured out a way for them to go away?"

"I haven't really worked at a cure," the doctor admitted. "Flower power isn't as 'off the hook' as the monkey fighting you do, but it's something."

"Flower power is off the hook," Ron assured the man. "It's unique!"

The sincerity in his tone brought a slight smile to Drakken's face. "I suppose it is."

"Yo, Dr. D!" Shego hollered, catching the male's attention. "You want a root beer or a cola?"

"Are those my only options?"

"The only ones I'm listing."

Drakken rolled his eyes. "Then root beer."

Ron spotted the soft smile that appeared on his face as he glanced back at Shego. "So, my man, how are things going with you and Shego?"

The man frowned at Ron suspiciously. "I sense that the answer I have is not the one you want."

"Aw, come on! We all saw that little flower pull you two together." Ron rested his chin in his hands, interested. "And although it's kinda sick and wrong picturing you two together-"


"I'm sure you were grossed out when Kim and I became official."

"More baffled than grossed out." Drakken crossed his arms, annoyed.

"Let me finish my previous sentence!" Ron protested. "Although it's a little sick and wrong, I think you also fit together."

"Despite the nearly twenty-year age difference?" Drakken asked dubiously.

"Love knows no age," Ron said wisely.

"There's...something," Drakken admitted. "I don't know what, but something."

"Complicated, huh? Yeah, I can relate to that."

The sudden oddness of the situation struck Drakken and he could not help but grin. "Do you realize that after years of fighting each other, we are now sitting in a cramped fast-food joint talking about my romance issues?"

Ron mulled this over before laughing. "Not gonna lie, it's pretty out of this world. But yet here we are."

When the two girls returned it was to see their respective partner doubled over in fits of laughter. "Nice to see you two are getting along," Kim observed as she set her plastic tray piled high with nachos smothered in cheese. Rufus squeaked happily and jumped from Ron's pocket, eagerly nibbling on the meal.

"When he's not trying to kill me we can have a civil conversation." Ron said after recovering from his giggle fit. He grabbed a handful of nachos from the greasy cardboard container and stuffed them in his mouth.

"Ignore his lack of manners," Kim rolled her eyes and popped a chip into her mouth. "So, what are your plans?"

"Right now, we're just lying low," Shego said. "Global Justice may be willing to give us a 'get out of jail' card, but I'm also wanted in eleven countries that aren't so quick to forgive and forget."

"You could always join Global Justice," Kim suggested. "If you want, I can put a word in."

"We'll keep that in mind." Drakken picked at his salad before looking up at the teens curiously. "Can I ask a question?"

"Shoot," Kim said, popping a chip in her mouth and turning her attention on the former evil doctor.

"I've put you through a lot of grief. I've done some pretty nasty things-or at least, attempted to do some pretty nasty things. And yet after I helped...save the world, you seemed to just brush the past away." Drakken studied the teens intently. "You came to visit a few days after the U.N. ceremony. Why?"

Kim thought for a moment before replying. "I guess I had the mindset that if you were still evil, then I could still kick your butt. But I was willing to give you a chance and to me the past doesn't matter as much as the present. You helped me save the world and I'm grateful to you for that."

"And Kimmie really likes us," Shego added with a teasing smirk.

The redhead rolled her eyes. "Now I do-when you were evil and trying to destroy me, not so much."

"I love how you can say that so flippantly now," Ron mused.

"What about you two? Ready to head to college in England?" Shego asked, taking a sip of her drink.

"So not," Kim and Ron said in unison.

"I still gotta pack!" Ron complained. "And I have a feeling I won't have enough pants to bring with me. You'd think that as an almost-adult I would grow out of the whole 'losing my pants' thing."

Kim smiled. "And I'm a little worried that my studies will interfere with my saving the world shtick."

"Eh, you'll deal." Shego waved a hand dismissively. "You've been through worse."

"No kidding."

Silence fell as they focussed on eating their food. After a while, Ron whipped his head up and jabbed a finger at the blue-skinned man, who recoiled in surprise. "What's my name?" the blonde demanded.

Startled, Drakken stared at the boy for a moment before hesitantly replying, "Ron Stoppable?"

Delighted, Ron pumped his fist in the air. "He got my name!" he cheered, getting up and victory dancing around the restaurant.

Kim giggled and smiled at Drakken's mystified expression. "That's Ron for you. He never changes."

And that's perfectly fine with me.