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Chapter 1 - Something


Isn't this world just a little too cruel? Why do good people always suffer? Why do bad people seem to always be the happiest? Why do good people always die? Why do bad people always live the longest? Why does happiness always have to be stripped away? Why? The sky seems to be mocking me right now. I am in this pathetic mood, yet the sun is shining brightly and the ocean blue sky sits above me. How cruel. Very cruel.

I don't believe in a God. I don't believe in happiness. All I believe in is darkness. Total, utter, complete darkness. Nothing more than that. I am not a dark person, my outlook on life is not bad, I am happy to be alive, but, I also hate being alive. If that makes any sense. Nothing in the world seems to make me happy, nothing out there seems to give me a reason to live... yet, death has never been an option for me. Something keeps me going. I just don't... know what.


"What is it?"

"You shouldn't be thinking such thoughts, it isn't healthy."

"Yeah yeah, stop pestering me."

"Only looking out for you, My Lady."

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that?"

"I will never stop, My Lady."

"Yuki Saki!" Captain Yamamoto called.

"Here I am sir!" I answered. I always hated standing in the Captain's office. It was nerve wracking, plus all the Captains were here.

"As of today, you're officially assigned to Squad 10 of the Thirteenth Court Guard Squads."

I didn't really care which Squad I was assigned to. I only had one goal. One goal only, but it seems as if, someone else doesn't agree with me. I heard a door swing open very loudly and footsteps approaching me very quickly.

"Yuki!" the person hugged me tightly. I knew this spiritual pressure anywhere. It was one I've been around for as long as I could remember.

"Fourth seat Hana Saki! What are you doing here?" Captain Yamamoto asked.

"To file a complaint!" Hana said as she released me.

"A complaint for what?!" he asked.

"You CAN NOT, I REPEAT, CAN NOT, assign Yuki Saki to Squad 10!" Hana yelled.

"AND WHY NOT?" the man asked.

"BECAUSE SHE'S MY SISTER DAMNIT, I have to watch over her," Hana said, her voice slowly drifting off.

For as long as I could remember, my sister Hana, always watched over me. Ever since that one incident, she has felt the need to always watch over me like a little child. It gets annoying sometimes, but I know my sister blames herself sometimes for what has happened. I tell her it is not her fault, but she thinks it is. Every time she looks at me, I can feel her regret radiating off of her and it kills me all the time.

"Watch over her? She is not a child anymore, she just graduated from the academy, with top marks! And she is a prodigy! Her skills are amazing. She doesn't need her sister to watch over her!" a man, who I recognized as the Lieutenant of Squad One said.

Prodigy... such a useless word to me. Skills.. what skills.. I shook my head in silence.

"Prodigy my ass, I don't even understand why you guys let her into the academy! I let you guys take her in, on the condition that she'd be assigned to the same squad I am in! It was a deal. Besides she's-"

Was my sister really going to say what I think she was going to say? She can't. She'd ruin everything. She promise she wouldn't tell. No. I can't let her.

"Sister!" I screamed.

Hana stopped her words. I felt the wind blow as she turned around and looked at me.

"You promised! You promised you wouldn't tell! I am completely fine with joining the 10th division. It doesn't matter to me! I don't need you following me around, always watching over me! I'm fine. I'm not a little girl anymore," I said with one breath.

"But Yuki-"

"But nothing! I graduated with top marks. I don't need you to watch over me. I am grateful for you Sister, but I promise I'll be okay. Besides you're in Squad 11, a girl like me would never fit in," I continued as I wrapped my arms around Hana.

"Damn straight, we don't need another women in our squad, especially a weak looking women like her," I heard someone who I recognized as Captain Zaraki of Squad 11.

"Weak looking women like her.." Those words echoed inside my head. I suddenly felt upset. To be judged by my appearance... I hate the world.

I heard my sister sigh as she wrapped her arms around me to, then she let go and turned around. I heard her footsteps distancing from me, but I didn't know in which direction. Suddenly,"OUCH, BITCH," Captain Zaraki yelled.

"Captain, learn to shut your mouth, do not degrade my sister, or I'll kill you myself," I heard my sister threaten. A gasp escaped my mouth. Suddenly, I felt wind blow pass me, as if a bunch of people just flash stepped by me towards my sister. This spiritual pressure, I recognized as the Stealth Force.

"Are you.. threatening a Captain?" a women's voice. I think it is Captain Soi Fon. I heard a bunch of swords being drawn.

Out of complete worry for my sister, I flash stepped pass the Stealth Force and squished in between them and my sister.

"Sis, I don't think it is very smart to threaten a Captain in a room full of Captains. Captain Soi Fon, please tell your men to back off," I pleaded.

"Why should I take orders from a brat," Soi Fon replied.

"Everyone back off, the women was just joking." That was Captain Zaraki. Immediately, everyone backed off and I felt the air around my sister and I get lighter.

My sister sighed,"You win this round, Little Sister." The room now in silence.

"My Lady, will you be alright in this division?" I was shocked when I heard the voice.. but then I realized why I had been able to hear it. It's not something new.

"Yeah, I will, as long as I don't get attached to anyone or anything..."

"You will always have me My Lady, I promise you that."

"Thank you so much."

"Yuki," the Head Captain called.

"Y-yes?" I stuttered, not knowing why.

"Before I send you off, may I ask where your zanpakuto is?"

Crap. Uhm, uhm, excuses, excuses.

"Uhm I slept in and forgot about this appointment, so when I woke up, I hurried out without grabbing it," I answered.

"Alright, you may head to the 10th Division now," he ordered. Right at that moment, I tensed up. What.. How was I..

"Oh I'll show you the way Little Sis," my sister grabbed my arm and pulled me out the door.

Oh man, that was so close,"Thank you.. Hana."


"Captain Hitsugaya, I trust you will make good use of that women?" The Head Captain asked.

The young Captain, with his cold eyes, simply nodded. It was going to be quite interesting.

"That girl.. Yuki Saki.. there is something quite peculiar about her," Captain Ukitake spoke up.

Everyone in the room looked at the Captain.

"What do you mean?" Captain Kyoraku asked.

Captain Ukitake pondered, "I may be wrong... but... Yuki Saki... I think she is blind."

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