"Pyro 2: Destiny Revealed"

It has been two years since Pyro found his home in the "Dragon City". He enjoyed his training and he made many friends. He also defeated his parent's murderer General Sterns. The battle was fierce but Pyro awakened his true dragon form and defeated Sterns once and for all. Since that time Pyro has grown into a strong, teenage dragon and a wise leader. During that time Pyro had made new friends and learned many new skills. Pyro is now 18 in human years; he is also half the size of a fully grown dragon. He has taken many trips to the human world to see his adopted brothers and mother. On some occasions Pyro even took his friends to the human world. However Pyro's journey isn't over. Deep in the shadows a new enemy rises threatening the very existence of the Dragon City. Will Pyro be up to the challenge and what other mysteries are awaiting him and his friends?