"Pyro 2: Destiny Revealed"

Chapter 3: Pyro's Onslaught

Pyro started sending the younglings out one by one to hunt with him standing by for back up. Pyro sent each youngling after a different prey after considering their element. Pyro had just sent a young male fire dragon to chase down a rabbit. The young dragon followed Pyro's precious movements exactly making sure he stayed low, and quiet. The young dragon was off and it soon caught the rabbit and slit its throat with his claws and started eating. Pyro moved to a female earth dragon and sent her after a lamb that was that was hiding in the grass. The dragoness blended in perfectly with the grass so the lamb didn't notice her until it was too late. Pyro watched as the younglings showed signs of becoming great dragons and smiled to himself. Finally it was Alisha's turn.

Alisha was hesitant at first but after Pyro assured her that nothing was going to happen she walked forward to hunt. Pyro had picked out a baby goat for her to attack and she was a few feet from it. Pyro watched as the young dragon crept closer to the goat. Alisha looked back at Pyro one more time; Pyro nodded telling her it was time to attack. Alisha jumped from her cover and ran after the goat. The goat tried to lose her through the trees but because of Alisha's small size she was very agile. Once Alisha was finally in striking distance she jumped on the back of the baby goat and forced it to the ground.

Alisha throttled the goat like Pyro did before until it stopped moving completely. Pyro walked up to her and said, "Nice kill. Come on lets show the others." Alisha smiled and dragged her kill to the other younglings and was surprised to see their shocked faces. Pyro started leading the kids out of the forest after they finished eating. Alisha was walking beside Pyro, feeling that it was the safest place.

Pyro kept walking when he suddenly had a bad feeling and started to look around. He then heard a loud roar and looked to the sky; three wyverns were flying above Pyro and his group of younglings and they were ready to strike. Pyro yelled out, "Everyone get to cover and stay low, I'll handle this". Pyro took flight and began to battle the wyvern. He evaded the first wyvern and slashed the second one with his right claws. The third wyvern came in from behind Pyro to try a sneak attack, but to no avail.

Pyro heard the wings flapping behind him and back flipped over the wyvern; in mid flip Pyro brought his tail around and slashed the wyvern with his two tail blades. Pyro then used his fire ball attack on two of the wyverns and sent them hurtling towards the ground while he battled the third one in the air. Pyro was face to face with the third wyvern while the other two were recovering from the fall. The wyvern came at Pyro full speed with its jaws open and ready to bite the red dragon. Pyro remembered that the poison in a wyvern's fangs can temporarily stun anything. Pyro dodged to the left and evaded the bite, once out of the way Pyro grabbed the wyvern's tail in his jaws, spun it, and tossed it towards the ground. Before the wyvern was out of site Pyro lit the beast on fire with his stream attack as it shot towards the ground.

Pyro felt good at first, but he soon noticed the other two wyverns had recovered. He knew he couldn't take on all three of them alone so he tucked his head in, and let out a loud roar into the sky to alert Star. Star was still leading her group through the plains; when she heard Pyro's roar she turned her head and immediately knew he was in trouble. Star gathered up her group and said, "Stay close and follow me!" Pyro was still fighting the wyverns off when he noticed that even more were coming in the distance.

Pyro charged at incoming wyverns and tried to attack. Before he could attack, a wyvern whipped around to his back and grabbed his neck with its tail; two more came in grabbed Pyro's arms with their jaws. Pyro tried to break free but the wyverns wouldn't let go. He then looked up to see another wyvern coming in with its tail held out ready to pierce his heart with its barbed end. Pyro also remembered that the poison in a wyvern's tail would kill anyone, if it wasn't properly treated. Pyro reacted and pulled his right arm with all his might, bringing that wyvern to intercept the one diving at him. Pyro threw his head back hitting the wyvern behind him in the face stunning it, and then forward throwing the wyvern from his neck. Pyro then threw the wyvern on his left arm into the one he threw from his head, and lit them both on fire.

Pyro then used his tail to smash another wyvern into the ground below, while he dealt with the others. Pyro then used his "Gatling Gunner" attack to keep the other wyverns at bay while he recovered. The wyvern recovered quickly but as it was about to fly and confront the dragon it spotted the younglings in the bushes. The wyvern decided, "Why go for a big one when I can go for a little snack?" Two male younglings stood out ready to face the wyvern; the first one was an ice dragon the second was a thunder dragon. The wyvern laughed at the young dragons as he walked closer.

The ice dragon shot a barrage of ice bullets at the wyvern as he walked closer. The wyvern shielded himself behind his wings and continued to walk forward. The thunder dragon took in a deep breath and unleashed a wave of sound that rattled the ears of the wyvern. The wyvern shook off the blow and continued to move closer (since the dragons are still younglings they don't know much about fighting). The younglings backed up and cried out in fear as the wyvern came closer. Pyro heard the screams of the younglings and whipped his head around to see the wyvern heading for them. Pyro growled with anger at the site of the younglings in danger.

When he wasn't paying attention one of the wyvern charged him, but Pyro caught him out of the corner of his eye and grabbed the arm of the wyvern. Pyro threw the first wyvern into the second and dove for the younglings as fast as he could. The wyvern saw Pyro coming and took off in the opposite direction. When Pyro landed he checked the younglings and noticed one was missing as he thought to himself "Alisha!"

"PYYRROOO!" Pyro whipped his head around to see Alisha being carried off by a wyvern. Pyro immediately took off after the beast with his red eyes fixed on his target. Pyro yelled, "Alisha hang on, I'm coming"! Pyro saw two wyverns diving for him to try and intercept him. Pyro dodged the first one and slashed the second one with his left claws. Pyro dashed after the wyvern and was an inch from it. Alisha was only hoping he could get there in time as she was carried by the monstrous creature. Alisha had enough and bit the leg of the wyvern. The beast cried out in pain and started squeezing the life out of the young dragon. Alisha let out a cry and let a single tear fall from her face.

Pyro heard the cry and the tear came back and touched his face. Pyro was filled with rage and his golden aura began to emanate from his body. Pyro suddenly felt like time was standing still but in reality he was going faster than anyone could see. Pyro shot at the wyvern like a golden missile. Pyro rammed the wyvern head on causing it whale out in pain and it dropped Alisha. Pyro dove after her and caught her in his jaws and headed back to his group. Pyro landed next to his group of younglings and put Alisha down gently.

Pyro asked quickly, "Are you O.K.?" Alisha smiled and said, "You saved me." Pyro smiled back and said, "I promised didn't I"? Alisha smiled but soon saw the wyvern coming back, and this time there were eight of them. Pyro tolled Alisha to hide as he turned to face the wyvern. One of them dived for Pyro and was closing in fast ready to end the dragon's life. Pyro braced for impact, but before the wyvern could reach him a shadowy figure emerged out of the trees and rammed the wyvern in the side.

Pyro looked saw that it who it was. Pyro smiled and said, "Star! It took you long enough"! The dragoness turned around and smiled as she said, "Better late than never right"?! Pyro and Star were thinking the same thing it was time for some payback. After Star made sure her younglings were safe she engaged the wyvern.