"One more kiss before I go, Harrison?"

Harrison grins toothily up at her and willingly presses his lips to her cheek,.

"Stop being a bad influence, Deb," says Dexter, meandering in. "Bedtime means sleep, not stay awake."

"I know," smiles Deb. "Sorry."

She helps Harrison lie down and tucks his blankets securely around his body before exiting, closing the door softly behind her.

"Thanks for watching him tonight," says Dexter from the couch, beer in hand. "Had to finish up some bloodwork that Masuka'd procrastinated on."

"Don't mention it," says Deb. She crosses to the doorway then stops, hovering, waiting. Dexter notices.

"Oh, sorry – feel free to grab a beer for yourself."

Deb smiles at his words even though they make her heart hurt. She's never felt the need to ask before raiding her brother's fridge. That's hardly the reason she's still here. She fingers the doorknob, watching the back of his head. It's always the things she really needs that she's unable to take for herself, or even ask for.

"I'm good, thanks," she says.

"Well, g'night," says Dexter.

One more kiss before I go? she burns to ask.

"G'night," she replies instead, and leaves without a backwards glance.

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