AN: Hey guys so this is a fill for vampygurl402's prompt that she PM'd me:

possessive!Thorin being possessive!Thorin wants everyone to know that Bilbo is his. Que Thorin giving Bilbo clothes, weapons, accessories that make it really obvious to others while Bilbo remains oblivious to what Thorin is really doing- maybe he thinks their just gifts for how thankful Thorin is to have a home again, that it's just because Bilbo's stuff was all lost on the journey, or whatever the anons can come up with! But what clue's Bilbo in is when Thorin insists that Bilbo have his ears pierced or that he wear an ear cuff with Thorin's crest/mark. Bilbo's ears are so sensitive that a piercing would be really painful the normal way so Thorin sexes him up before hand and when the piercings done it pushes Bilbo over the edge *cough* if you know what I mean! Then whenever Thorin feels like toying with his hobbit he need only flick the piercing/earring to make Bilbo squirm and takes to doing so ALL THE TIME! Especially in front of other people and smirking when Bilbo can't quite hide the effect it has on him.

So yeah- sneaky possessive Thorin giving Bilbo sneaky claiming gifts, then going overt with crest!earing and sexy time piercing to make it bearable, and finely smirky!toying with Bilbo's new bling to get him hot and bothered whenever he pleases...

It was a really splendid idea and i thought i should give it a try. Hmm I hope I did a good job of it. I don't really know. Anyway, on with the story, there might be OOC moments along the way, I do apologize in advance. Well please do read on and leave me some comments on what you think.

Chapter 1: Gifts

Bilbo ran a hand over the mithril mail shirt, another gift bestowed upon him by Thorin Oakenshield. Something that he didn't really find a need for, standing, the halfling folded the precious shirt and opening the large teakwood chest at the foot of his bed, he placed the mithril mail shirt inside it along with a couple of other precious items that Thorin, now the King Under the Mountain, had given to him.

The mithril shirt was accompanied by many other items in that large chest, an obsidian dagger with a precious ruby set into the hilt. A long sword with a beautifully jeweled scabbard, small enough for him to use. There was also everyday items like fancy clothes made of the finest cottons and wools and then there was the occasional accessory, a gold chain with a small sapphire stone at the end. The sapphire was a blue as Thorin's eyes, Bilbo thought with a slight smile, shaking his head.

The dwarf was clearly pampering him with these gifts. Just because he had been the one to save them, by finding Smaug's weakness and just because he had helped Thorin get his home back, didn't mean it was a big deal to shower him with gifts like that. After all Bilbo had promised Thorin that he would help get his home back and what he'd done was to fulfill that promise. He didn't need rewards, he just liked seeing Thorin happy, that was as good a reward to him as anything. He'd grown so much closer to the dwarf than he thought would have been possible and he couldn't deny the fact that he liked the other's company a lot.

"Bilbo!" came Kili's voice before he entered the halfling's room. It was a spacious room and Kili couldn't help but to note the favoritism of his uncle on Bilbo. It was just too obvious, how Thorin would shower the halfling with tons of gifts on a whim. Coming up with a million excuses and Bilbo as it seemed believed them all. He shook his head, sometimes Bilbo could be just too naïve.

"Bilbo, are you coming down to dinner?" Kili asked as he kept the door open, leaning against the other door.

"Dinner, yes. In awhile. Why?" the Bilbo asked.

"I've come to escort you down then," Kili offered as he inclined his head in the direction of the hallway, he and his brother had a little something planned just to push their uncle and Bilbo along the way.

"Thank you," he muttered now as he shut the chest and headed out of the room, following after Kili.

Down in the dining hall, Thorin was seated at the head of the long table. The company and other important guests were there. He scanned the room for a hint of the golden blonde hair that signaled that Bilbo Baggins was there, but there was no sign. The past few days had been hectic, settling into the castle, sharing out the spoils of Smaug. Celebrations had been held almost every night and tonight wasn't any different.

As the new King, Thorin had responsibilities that he had to fulfill. His people needed him and he was always so busy that he almost never caught a glimpse of the halfling as much as he used to. Bilbo had become in some ways, a court official, he resided here in the Lonely Mountains with him and hadn't gone back to Bag End. The castle, Thorin liked to think had become Bilbo's home.

But even in his own home there seemed to be thieves among his own kind. Thorin thought as he watched both his nephews escorting Bilbo into the dining hall, they were huddled together heads bent so close in such a private talk that Thorin swore he wanted to pry them apart. He just couldn't stand the sight of it, of Bilbo being surrounded by anyone and everyone that wasn't him.

The dwarves loved Bilbo and they saw him as a savior of sorts and Thorin was glad for that. But when it came down to stuff like, an arm draped over Bilbo's shoulder, or, a head leaned in too close…it seemed to make Thorin's blood just boil. Bilbo was his. His burglar. His. Why didn't anyone get that? No, why didn't Bilbo himself get that? The halfling it seemed had been completely oblivious to the constant gifts he had received. Nothing much had changed, except maybe Thorin wasn't finding Bilbo irritating any longer. Now it seemed he wanted the other more than anything else.

"Good evening uncle," Kili greeted with a sly little smile that had Thorin growling. The cheek of his nephew! He was fooling around and Kili knew that he knew that fact! Almost as if to taunt him Kili languidly slipped his arm away from where it had rested 'casually' draped on Bilbo's shoulders. Fili followed suit by pulling out a chair for Bilbo, a seat between the two of them and making him sit.

"Kili. Fili. Bilbo is to sit next to me," he said, trying hard to reign in his anger.

"He's been sitting next to you for the past," Fili counted on his fingers, "seven nights. I'm sure he must have tired of your company."

"Not to mention how boring you can be sometimes," Kili added, laughing just a little at his frustrated uncle.

Bilbo was rather confused with what was going on around him, he would much rather sit down so they could have dinner than stand around and argue over where he was to sit and with whom he would sit with. So he sat himself down in his usual seat next to Thorin and looked to the dwarf King, "There, the matter is settled. Now can we eat? I'm starved."

Kili smirked over at Thorin and mouthed a 'you're welcome' at his uncle who only shook his head at his nephews as he commenced the dinner.

Bilbo ate the food that was kindly given to him by Thorin, the extra leg of meat or a little gravy to help moisten his food. His actions were so caring and so different from what Bilbo had had to suffer from Thorin during the time that they had spent together on the journey. He seemed like an almost different person altogether but Bilbo wasn't complaining, he liked this less grumpy side of Thorin more. It made him seem more approachable and more...likeable.

So what happened later on during dinner had been something that Bilbo hadn't expected at all. Dessert had arrived and Kili had changed seats with his brother to sit next to Bilbo. Another of his pranks that he knew his uncle would not like but. Who could help it? Bilbo was just so…likeable.

As the ice cream was served, Thorin lost his grasp on Bilbo's attention as Kili came back into the picture. They were talking, Bilbo and Kili and just as suddenly, Bilbo was holding onto Kili's chin and cleaning off a little pink stain of the strawberry ice cream. Kili smirked at Thorin that sent the elder storming off. He couldn't keep getting angry like that. It was just a small thing Thorin knew, he was over reacting. No. He needed something that would ensure that Bilbo would be his. Something that will mark the hobbit as his own.

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