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It wasn't long before the other dwarves came to know of Bilbo's piercing. The obvious gold accessory dangling from his ear made it clear to them that the halfling belonged to the King Under the Mountain. He was practically off limits to them and even so, some of them – Kili especially – would take the pleasure in taunting Thorin from time to time.

It was another day in the council chamber of the castle. Thorin had gathered those he had led with him on the journey in the chamber before him now. Each of them were given important positions in the town. They were the ones that he trusted the most to aid him in the job of running his newly acquired kingdom.

As usual his nephews had seated themselves on either side of Bilbo, engaging the hobbit in a conversation of their own. Kili especially was leaning in close to the halfling, his smirks and sideways glance at his uncle seemed to tell him 'what're you gonna do about this?'

Thorin not only didn't mind that now, but he encouraged it because it gave him a chance to tease Bilbo with the new piercing and to warn the rest that the hobbit was his. After he had finished explaining how the provisions were to be divided up amongst the townspeople to Balin and Dwalin, Thorin walked over to where his nephews and Bilbo were seated at.

"Bilbo," Thorin greeted, putting a hand on the halfling's shoulder now in a possessive manner, his fingers purposely tugging on the chain of Bilbo's new piercing in the process, causing the halfling to squirm in his seat, leaning in closer to his hand, "Just what were you and my dear nephews conversing about?" he asked ignoring the hobbit's slight plea that was evident in those hazel eyes.

"Your wonderful leadership," Fili supplied with a smile at his uncle.

"And your new possessions," Kili added with a smug smile, lifting a brow cheekily, "those that you obtained when the dragon was cleared from his lair that is."

Thorin's fingers shifted to fiddle with the little gold chain dangling from the ear cuff at Bilbo's ear again and this time, Bilbo had to cross his legs, his hands now going to cover the growing erection between his legs. 'Thorin…you!' Bilbo growled inwardly, the flames of his sexual desire being fanned to great heights now as Thorin's teasing became more obvious, his fingers continuing their assault on his sensitive ear as he talked to Kili and Fili as though he didn't notice Bilbo's discomfort.

"The dragon's possessions will last as the kingdom's source of income for years to come. Of course I will use in trade when needed to smooth deals along," Thorin was explaining to his nephews, he smirked when he caught the halfling in the corner of his eyes, shifting in his seat, his cheeks flushed with a nice shade of pink.

"Thorin…" Bilbo called, turning to face the dwarf now, he couldn't stand it any longer, "can I speak with you for a moment outside?"

"Sure," Thorin said keeping a straight face now as Bilbo and him exited the room. Once in the loneliness of the hallway, Thorin pressed Bilbo up against the wall, kissing the halfling harshly, taking the other by surprise. His tongue slipped between parted lips, his hands already pulling at the other's clothes now as he heard Bilbo moan into the kiss, body pressing against him in response to his touch. In reply, Thorin growled against the hobbit's sweet mouth, his hips grinding into the halfling's as his fingers seeked out the ear cuff on Bilbo's ear now, teasing the hobbit. He would never get enough of Bilbo. He would never tire of him.

"You are mine Bilbo. You understand? You are mine and mine alone," Thorin whispered his voice gruff as he pulled back from the kiss, resting his forehead against Bilbo's, staring into the halfling's eyes. The connection was there, humming between them, almost as though an invisible red ribbon was swirling around them drawing them closer together. This was only the beginning, the start of a wonderful new relationship.


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