~3rd Person POV

Both macaws flew through the now chaotic forest as the entire sky above them was bathed in fire.

"Where are we going?" Jewel asked.

"Were getting out of here!" Blu replied.

"I know that, but where exactly are we going?" Jewel asked again.

"Uhhh…we can't fly out of here. We'll never make it past the city limits. The only thing I can think of is to hitch a ride on a plane." Blu replied.

"Wait…Did you say a plane? There's no way I'm going in a plane!" Jewel said matter-of-factly.

"I'm sorry Jewel. We either do that, or we stay here and die."

Jewel then remained silent for a while, as if contemplating which choice to make, although it was an obvious choice.

"Well I guess I have no other choice. Where do we have to go?"

"I was hoping you would know where the airport was. I'm not familiar with Rio, remember."

"Oh yeah, that's right. Let's see. If I remember correctly, there are two airports in Rio: Santos Dumont and Galeao International Airport."

"Santos Dumont is over by the Centro District. Ah, it's right...there." Jewel said pointing her wing to its location.

"Oh no." Jewel said flatly.

Blu followed Jewel's wing in the direction it was pointed, and that's when he saw what she meant.

Smoke was pouring out of the airport, and the whole length of the runway was completely decimated. It would be impossible for any aircraft to take off from it.

"Well that one is out of the question. We better hope that the other one is intact." Blu stated.

Sure enough, as they looked in the direction of Galaeo International Airport, they could see that it was for the most part intact, save for the hostile forces attacking it.

"We'd better get moving if we want any hope of getting out of here!" Blu stated.

"There's no need to tell me twice." Jewel replied.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's get going before our window of escape closes."

The two of them then began the perilous flight towards Rio's only fully functioning airport.

After about 10 minutes of close calls and near death flight, Blu and Jewel finally made it to Galaeo.

"So which one do we get in? They all look the same!" Jewel said.

"Well if the military is evacuating, then we should look for a military plane." Blu countered.

They both began scanning the area for said aircraft. They were searching for a good 5 minutes before one of them spotted what they were looking for.

"Hey Blu, will that one work?" Jewel asked.

Jewel pointed her wing towards the plane in question. Blu followed where her wing was pointing, and at the end of it was a massive C-5 Galaxy transport plane in the process of loading supplies.

"Uh…Yeah, actually that will work just fine. Come on. We need to get inside of it, before it takes off.

They both double timed it to the plane and quickly flew inside the nose of the plane, hoping they both didn't get spotted by the crew.

A:N The C-5 loads and unloads cargo in a unique way. The whole nose section of the plane tilts upward, allowing the cargo to be easily transported in and out.

Both macaws eventually found a place to hide until the plane left Rio.

"So what do we do now?" Jewel asked in a worried tone.

"We just wait, and hope we can ride this war out." Blu answered in an equally apprehensive tone.

8 Hours Later


"Jewel wake up. We're here."

"Huh…what? Where are we?" Jewel asked groggily.

"Actually…I was hoping you could answer that."

"Well, until we actually leave the plane, I can't tell you much."

"Oh yeah. I kind of forgot that we were still in the plane. Then why don't we get out now, Okay?"

"Fine by me."

The two of them both left the plane, and were immediately blinded by the unrelenting sunlight bearing down on them.

"Well that sure doesn't help us in finding out where we are." Blu remarked while shielding his eyes with his wings.

After a few seconds of adjusting their eyesight, they were able to see just where they had been taken.

"Jewel, do you have any idea where we are?" Blu inquired.

"Uhh…If I remember correctly…this city is Sao Luis. It's the northernmost city in Brazil. That would also explain why we were blinded when we got outside; we're right by the equator." Jewel responded.

Just then, the distinctive wail of air raid sirens could be heard across the whole city.

"No, no. Not again. This can't be happening AGAIN!" Blu shouted.


~3rd Person POV~

Meanwhile, up in the air, Talon was giving the remaining allied forces an emergency in-flight briefing.

"Arara Team and all remaining allied fighter squadrons, listen up! We've got an enemy attack force en route to Sao Luis. We believe their planning on wiping out Machado Airfield. If they succeed, then we will be unable to stop them from taking over our entire country. This territory is all we have left. It's in your hands now. Protect it at ALL costs!"

"Copy that Talon; you can count on us to get the job done." Replied Osprey.

Arara Team, along with Falcão and Abutre Squadrons, proceeded to the combat area on an intercept course with the hostile forces.

"Attention all forces, we've picked up an enemy bomber formation on its way to Machado. Intercept immediately!" Talon ordered.

"Roger that Talon, we're on our way." Phoenix responded.

Phoenix shot straight past the bomber squadron and immediately commenced an 8-G turn, effectively putting the rear of the bombers in his sights. After acquiring a target lock, Phoenix uncaged his weaponry on the bombers, downing them all.

"Another bomber formation! Intercept!" Talon shouted.

This time, Falcão and Abutre squadrons broke off and made quick work of the planes.

"All forces, we've got another bomber formation on approach. …There's…quite a few this time…"

All three squadrons engaged the last squad of planes and downed them with relative ease. However, they failed to see the group of four Tu-160 supersonic bombers approaching at low altitude towards the city.

A/N: I know what kind of aircraft both countries militaries use. I'm using these aircraft because they seem more fitting for the story, and because they work better in my opinion.

"Talon all enemy bombers are confirmed down. Awaiting further orders." Osprey said.

"Hold on… We've received reports that there are still four bombers on approach at high speed from the south-east." Talon replied.

"Não, porcaria!" Phoenix yelled.

"Arara Team, you're the only ones close enough that can stop them. You need to hurry before it's too late!"

Arara team pushed their F-18's to their limits, trying desperately to reach the planes before the reached the airport.

They both just barely managed to shoot down the first three bombers, but the last one was still barreling towards the city and was closing fast.

"It's going too fast! We'll never catch up to it!" Osprey yelled.

"I've got one solution that we can use. I'll try to shoot it down with an AMRAAM." Phoenix replied.

"Whatever you got, just do it."

Phoenix then armed the AMRAAM, and tried for a target lock.

"Almost got it…"


The missile dropped from the belly of the plane and made its high speed flight towards its intended target. About 7 seconds after it was launched, it struck the bomber on the tail section with a concussive boom.

"Talon…the last bomber is now down. The airspace is now clear."

"Copy that, you're cleared to return home.


Back in the city…

After what seemed like an eternity, the air raid sirens finally ceased, much to Blu and Jewel's relief.

The city's intercom system then broadcast an all clear signal throughout the city.


"We'll…at least we've made it through another day of almost dying…right." Blu asked in a sarcastic tone.

"Yeah, at least were safe for now." Jewel replied.

"Hey Blu, do you think that the United States will send support to Brazil?"

"I'm pretty sure that they will, seeing as how Brazil is part of the United Nations. If they don't, then I don't know how this will end." Blu responded while yawning.

"Well, at least we have some welcome respite now." Jewel stated flatly.

"Yeah…we should probably sleep while we can. It wouldn't benefit us if we didn't." Blu replied.

"I guess that would be a good idea."

"Well, goodnight Jewel." Blu said, half asleep.

"Goodnight Blu." Jewel replied warmly.

Both macaws then fell asleep, trying to get whatever sleep that they could.

A/N: So these next few chapters are going to focus more on the operations that the military is undergoing in the fight to take Rio back. So expect to see more of the missions that the military is doing in the next couple of chapters. Leave a review and tell me how I'm doing and how you like the story.