Inspired by eleathyra's fanart art/Eyeliner-358966694
Written by Megan Martian
Beta'd by Me!^

It was just an average day in Metrocity; Villain and Hero- battling, Victim- victimized, Minion… minioning.

Everything was going according to plan!

That is… until... Disaster struck!

"TIME OUT!" Megamind suddenly shouted while making a T-sign with his hands, a look of sheer utter panic written all over his sharp blue face, "EVERYONE JUST HOLD ON!"

Landing on the pavement Metro Man frowned in concern at the blue alien's obvious signs of distress, "Hey, everything ok little buddy?"

Covering his blue face dramatically, Megamind woed in response, "Woe! Woe is me!"

"Sir, calm down, what's the matter?!" Minion trotted up in fear.

"Lament! LAMENT!" his best friend lamented, "I AM LAMENTING!"

Having been released by the curious brain bots, Roxanne herself joined the three. "Megamind, what's happening?" her voice held a note of genuine concern for the villain. She placed a small hand on the spiked shoulder pad and offered, "Why don't you tell us what's wrong and we'll try to help fix it?"

By now the 'Evil' blue alien was on his knees, swaying slightly, "I am beyond help!"

By this time, the other three became genuinely worried as the fourth covered his face and released a forlorn sigh.

"Megamind! What. Is. Wrong?!"

"It's-my-my eyeliner!" Megamind blurted out, "It's—it's—SMUDGED!"

The other three succumbed to stone-facedism as the alien continued, with fists clenched, to shout towards the heavens! "Curse you make-up industry! Curse you and your lies of long-lasting wear!"

Minion face palmed his tank, "Neptune, give me strength… and he calls me a drama queen."

Metro Man only rolled his eyes skyward, "You mean you stopped. the fight. for that. You have to be the vainestperson I've ever met."

"Yeah, and you being a close second." Roxanne scoffed. She knew that the blue goon had a certain... obsession with theatrics but really?

After a moment's contemplation, the hero relented with a brawny shrug, "Well, when you're right, you're right."

Pinching the bridge of her nose in annoyance she could only ask the whimpering super genius, "I almost hate to ask but… What brand did you—"

"L'Oréal!" Megamind shouted, "BECAUSE I'M WORTH IT!"

Inspired by art/Eyeliner-358966694

Seriously guys and gals and trannies... go check out her work, She's one of the best artists out there!

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