PaperFox actually gave me this entire fic to write as they didn't have the time to work on it themselves, so basically none of these ideas belong to me; I'm just doing as PaperFox had planned.

Also, this is just a prologue so that it's easier for me to write out; I don't like just jumping straight into plot and I feel it flows better this way.

Jyuushiro Ukitake looked down at the sheet he was holding in his hand, a warm smile on his face as he saw that four of his students had signed it. He was a teacher at Shinigami Academy, and he had organised a trip out of their town called Karakura and over to Seireitei, the neighbouring city.

The four names the white-haired male had on his list were Ichigo Kurosaki, an orange-haired teenager who was easy to get along with, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, a blue-haired boy with a violent temper, Renji Abarai, a thick-headed teenager who gave Ichigo for a run for his money in terms of stupidity (though Jyuushiro would never admit it to anyone), and Kaien Shiba, a dark-haired teenager who Jyuushiro was sure (but not entirely) was related to Ichigo somehow.

Truth be told, Jyuushiro was a little upset that it was only those four who had signed up for the trip, but he would take what he had, just happy to know that someone had been interested in going on the trip.

The teacher sat down at his desk as he dug up the four boys' records on the computer, preparing himself for the trip, even though it wouldn't be for a few more days yet.


The four boys of discussion were currently gathered together in Ichigo's bedroom, talking about their upcoming weekend with their teacher. The only reason any of them had signed up was because they wanted their teacher in ways that a student shouldn't, and they knew that this trip would be a perfect opportunity to claim the male as their own.

Kaien, the most reasonable out of the four, brought up an important issue in their plans. "Guys, what if Ukitake-sensei isn't gay?"

"Why should we care if he is or isn't?" Grimmjow spat, annoyance glinting in his eyes.

"Maybe because we'd basically be raping him if he weren't willing?" Kaien rolled his eyes. "I can't believe you, Grimmjow."

Grimmjow was just about to lash out verbally at his friend before Ichigo interrupted. "Under no circumstances are we going that far, Grimmjow!"

Grimmjow sneered before he stood up, slinging his school bag over his shoulder. "See you fucks tomorrow. I'm goin' home."

Ichigo and Kaien said their goodbyes while Renji flicked through one of Kurosaki's yaoi manga, excited by the mere idea of what they were planning to do to their teacher in just two days.

"It'd actually be rather interestin', don't ya think?" Renji said, waving the manga around in his hand. "Doin' all that to Ukitake-sensei."

"We're sharing him," Ichigo clarified, just to be safe. "We decided it and we're sharing him. Just don't forget to bring all your 'toys', Renji."

Renji sniggered, hiding the action behind his hand. "Like I'd forget something like that."

"Actually, I think you would," Ichigo said, a hint of amusement in his voice.

Renji got to his feet, ready to hit his friend, but Kaien stood in between them, seeming rather annoyed with all of the tension in the air.

"Will you both settle down and stop fighting?" Kaien moved back to his position on the floor next to Ichigo's bed. "It's annoying enough as it is."

Renji and Ichigo sighed before the redhead stood up. "Fine," Renji said, "but I'm gettin' food first."

Ichigo and Kaien looked at each other before they rolled their eyes. They couldn't wait until the weekend came; that much they were sure of.