When Jyuushiro's eyes opened the next morning, he was relieved to find that the handcuffs had been removed and one of the boys had cleaned him up. He smiled brightly as he remembered what he had done the night before, knowing that it was illegal for him to be with his students and he shouldn't have done such a thing, but he couldn't bring himself to care; he had always found himself attracted to the four of them and now that he had them, he didn't want to let them go.

Stifling a couch, the teacher swung his legs out of bed and stood up, shivering slightly at the cold. He grabbed the yukata that had been abandoned on the ground and slipped it on, closing it tightly around his skinny body.

Making his way over to the door leading to his students' room, Jyuushiro opened it and stepped through, finding his new lovers sitting at the table tucked away in a corner.

The boys all looked up at the white-haired male's entrance, lecherous sneers crossing their faces. Grimmjow was the first to stand, and he approached the older male, his lustful expression never faltering.

Jyuushiro couldn't help but blush us all four boys' eyes scanned his body hungrily. He shifted his weight from side to side as Grimmjow stood before him, his baby blue eyes staring into green orbs.

"The fuck are ya doin' wearing clothes?" Grimmjow asked in a husky voice. His large hand reached out, tangling itself in white locks. He tugged, bringing the older male to his knees. Leaning down so that he could crush his lips against pale ones, his free hand slipped into the blue yukata and stroking the skin beneath it. When they broke apart, he saw such strong emotion in the other's eyes, he couldn't help but grind his hips against Jyuushiro's body. He moved to whisper into his teacher's ear, "Clothes aren't acceptable with us... sensei..."


When at last Kaien pulled away, he helped his teacher over to the small couch tucked away in the corner. He sat him down on it and fetched a towel, cleaning him up ever so lovingly.

"Ukitake-sensei, don't think for a moment that that's all that will be happening today," Ichigo said. "There will be more, so be ready."

Jyuushiro smiled tiredly, nodding. "I'll look forward to it..."

Renji moved to sit beside his teacher lazily. "You don't care that we're your students and could get you in so much trouble?" He smirked as Jyuushiro shook his head. "Good. Cause we wouldn't let ya go even if you did. Anyway, I could tell ya've done this before. Who with?"

Jyuushiro blushed at the mention and looked down at his lap. He was worried they would think he was a slut if he told the truth, but he loved these boys so much, he wanted to be completely honest with them and hope that they would love him for who he is.

"...Many, many men..." Jyuushiro said softly. "...I started when I was thirteen..."

The four boys' curiosity was peaked, and they all gathered around, waiting to hear the story.

"My best friend was curious about boys," Ukitake started explaining, "and he knew I was attracted to them. So he used me to experiment a bit in the school bathroom. Another student walked in and found me sucking my friend off, and word got out. Some people bullied me for being gay, but others wanted me to pleasure them orally. I agreed, and I spent every lunchtime in the school toilets with my fellow peers, pleasuring them with my mouth. Sometimes we even organised to meet up on weekends to do it. And when I got older and gave my virginity to my best friend, I started offering my body to my classmates. I didn't mind – I liked it. I wanted it. And when I got out of school and started college, I did the same thing. And now, even at our school, I let my co-workers use me."

Jyuushiro was prepared for them to leave, to think he was disgusting – a whore; so many of the students and even his teachers at his old school treated him like one. He knew that if these boys treated him differently like his classmates once did, it would break his heart. But, to his immense surprise, they all wore looks of excitement.

"That's so awesome, sensei!" Kaien said, his eyes bright as he leant over to wrap his arms around the man's shoulders. "You must have had a lot of fun back then. But now that we have you, we can't let you be with anyone else. Okay?"

Jyuushiro agreed without hesitation. He had known, from the second he woke up to the realisation that his student wanted sexual pleasure from him, he didn't want anyone else as long as he could have these boys. They broke him with such pleasure, invoked so many emotions inside of him, he couldn't possibly be happier with anyone else.