Pretty DxD
A High School DxD x Pretty Face x-over

Life 1 - Rebirth, Unexpected Style

"Wellit's not like I was some sort of monster before my life changed…"

"No, just a super pervert. Karma's like that."

"Is it wrong to like Oppai?"

"In your case, it's more like an obsession. Now, that Doctor sent you 'cause you got the same treatment as me. So, what exactly happened?"

"Umm, wellit went like this…"

April 14, 2011
Asagaya City - Bus

"No way, that maid café was definitely better."

"You're delusional man, the girls at the other café had much better Oppai."

Three guys on a bus, arguing about things they've seen in Akihabara. Normally, it wouldn't be a big deal, except these three were talking about more…perverted topics.

Issei Hyoudou, a new freshman from Kuou Academy, was with his buddies Matsuda and Motohama on the return trip, with the other passengers giving them looks at how loud they were being.

"Hey, hey, take a look at this…"

At the sudden whisper in Matsuda's voice, Issei and Motohama looked as Matsuda pulled something from his pocket. Taking a closer look, it showed a picture of a beautiful crimson redhead in a Kuou uniform, Rias Gremory. Motohama couldn't help but whistle at that, seeing as it looked like she was posing for the picture while passing by at the same time.

"Dude, where did you get a picture of Rias-senpai like that?"

"Sorry, gotta keep it a secret. It was the only way I could get two extra copies for you two, but it cost a lot."

"…Wait, is that why you asked us for money earlier?"

"Who cares about that Motohama, he thought about us in the end. I don't mind having one!"

Issei took the one picture out of Matsuda's hand and took a look at it. He particularly eyed Rias' bust, giving a look that would make a pervert proud.

"Hey, give that here!"

"Whoa, hold on there Motohama. Let Issei keep that one. I've got the others back at my place."

"…Alright. Then I guess that means we're heading to your place?"

Matsuda nodded, however at the same time, Issei shook his head.

"Sorry guys, I have to pick up something for my parents. So I'll be seeing you two later."

"Eh, sorry to hear that Issei. Oh well, that just means the two of us will enjoy that new DVD I bought."

As Issei put Rias' picture in his wallet, he watched the bus come to a stop, with his two friends getting off at that stop. As he watched the bus move again, he was unaware what would happen in the next few minutes would change his life completely.

"I didn't realize that at time, what happened was going to be a horrible 'turning point' in my life."

"Not many of us do. But I suspect what happened after youcame to was even worse?"

"Ugh, please don't remind me…"

March 14, 2012
Asagaya City, Clinic

'Mmm…? Wha…?'

Issei found himself waking up feeling weak and disoriented. His mind was a blank, until his brain finally restarted and his memory came flashing back in pieces.

A bus swerving out of the way.

Said bus running off the side of a cliff.

A fiery explosion.

Opening his eyes, Issei found himself facing a man in scrubs. The two looked at each other for a moment, not really sure how to react.



With a scream, Issei sat up abruptly, but the sudden movement made him disoriented. The man also screamed as he leapt backwards, shocked to see Issei suddenly awake. Taking a few deep breaths, the man calmed himself enough to speak.

"Oi oi, jeezus, you scared me, waking up like that!"

"Huh…? Who…?"

"Ah, looks like you're still a bit out of it. Anyway, I'm Manabe, your attending physician."

"Ugh, where am I?"

"My private practice, Muron Clinic."

Manabe gave Issei a look over as he peeled off his surgical gloves. Issei was starting to grow more conscious of his surroundings, but he still felt off for some reason.

"By the way, that was quite the accident you were in. It's a miracle you survived. Come to think of it, it's ironic that another person that survived a bus crash came under my care…"

Issei took a look at his arms and found them to be quite thin, almost girlish looking. His body was much thinner than before, but it wasn't the thing that was bothering him.

"Your injuries weren't too bad, but your entire body was burned beyond recognition. But don't you worry, I've been returning you completely back to normal. Please, look in that mirror…"


Issei took one look into the mirror and was shocked speechless. Looking back at him was the face of Rias Gremory, complete with shoulder-length crimson hair.


"So, what do ya think? Flawless, isn't it? Your face is already done, so I was going to check if everything healed up alright."

"What the hell is this!?"

Issei touched his face, hoping he was hallucinating. He found he wasn't.

'My face…why do I look like Rias-senpai!?'

Giving off a look of horror, Issei turned to Manabe for answers.

"Y-You…what did you do to me!? What's with this face!?"

"What do you mean, 'what?' Your burns were quite severe, especially your face and chest. Quite frankly you were burned beyond recognition, you know?"

At that point, Manabe went over to a nearby table and picked up a photo that looked half burnt. He went over and handed it to Issei while explaining.

"You didn't have any identification intact, but lucky for you, that picture managed to survive the fires."

'This…this is the picture of Rias-senpai Matsuda gave me! Except, this only shows her face!'

"Thanks to that photo, undertaking the difficult job of restoring your face went quite smoothly, knowing what you look like. Fufufu, truly, I'm the best plastic surgeon on the planet! My genius cannot be compared!"

"Oi, can't you tell that picture was obviously a girls!? I'm a guy you know!"

"Oh, a guy you say. Well, there are guys with feminine looks too. Still, I was pretty certain that picture was of you, especially when your red hair started growing out."

"…What? Didn't you dye this?"

Issei pulled on a few locks for emphasis while looking confused, as Manabe shook his head.

"I admit that you had a few brown hairs on your head, but as it started growing back, it became the red color you see. Figured that your brown hair was the result of a dye-job…"

The news of his hair changing color confused the heck out of Issei, until he remembered the more pressing issue. That was until Manabe kept talking.

"Still, with your hair growing longer and you getting cuter, I felt that 'male' just wasn't you. …So I figured might as well get rid of it. I was just about to start the operation too. Didn't expect you to wake up early though…"

The news that his manhood was scheduled to be chopped off today, on top of everything else, was too much for Issei. So he reacted in a matter like a normal person.

He snapped.


"Argh, gugh!"

After Issei finished wailing on Manabe, he grabbed the doctor by the collar and looked at him with tears in his eyes.

"You, put me back to normal!"

"You say that, however… I have no idea who you are."

Manabe took a photo out of his pocket and showed it to Issei, who immediately grew sick at the image.

"Here's the photo of what you used to look like after the accident. You want to look like this?"

"Bleah, hell no! I'm Hyoudou Issei, a first year from Kuou Gakuen."

"…Hyoudou? That's strange…if you really are that boy, then you should be dead from the accident."


"Yeah, according to the report, seven people were injured, three severely, and one died inside the bus. Just like you, the deceased was burned horribly and had no ID on him. The family was sure that the person was Hyoudou Issei, and the autopsy pegged the guy as being around the age of sixteen, so it fit."

It took a moment for Issei to absorb the information, and when he did, he wasn't very happy.

"Well, it's obvious I'm still alive, ain't I?"

"Ahh, so they made a mistake, then. Talk about coincidence."

Issei grumbled in dissatisfaction as he tried to think of what to do next. Touching his face, it suddenly came to him.

"Ah, I'll just go to my place and get a picture of myself. With that, you can definitely turn me back to normal."

"…Well, if you manage that, I can definitely do something for you. Still, you need some clothes before you go out."


That was when Manabe went over to a wall that, to his horror, had a number of female outfits hanging.

"To tell you the truth, I put you in these outfits to see if they'd look good. I admit, compared to my last patient, you look even better in them."

With Issei's mental faculties stretched to their limit, he pretty much reacted on reflex to that bit of news. Namely a fist to the face.

"You damn asshole!"

"Now that's certainly understandable."

"God, I've never felt soviolated in my life."

"Well, that's Manabe for you. It's one of the reasons why I stay away from that guy. Unlucky for you, you'll be needing his help from time to time."

"Great, as if my life couldn't get any worse!"

Asagaya City, streets

'This is all just a nightmare in my head. It has to be!'

Issei, in one of the more conservative outfits that Manabe had, was running down the street, looking around from time to time to get his bearings. Considering he was still in the city that he lived in all his life, he had no trouble getting around.

Entering one of the residential sections, Issei navigated the streets, while his mind was awhirl with thoughts.

'Mom and Dad think I've been dead for almost a year. How am I gonna convince them that I'm me?'

Issei finally managed to reach his place, only to find something shocking.

A vacant land sign.

The house itself was still there, though it clearly looked abandoned. A note beside the sign said the place was scheduled for demolition in a few weeks.

Seeing the scene before him, Issei fell to his knees in shock, unable to comprehend the situation.

'Wha…? Gone…how? Why?'

As Issei was in the middle of shock, he didn't notice one of the neighbors pass by, a woman, until she called out to him.

"Um, Ojou-san? Are you alright?"

All Issei did was look up at the woman with a blank look before turning back to the house. The woman noticed and decided to explain things.

"Oh, you must've known the Hyoudous. They lived here for a long time, until they lost their son. With all the memories that came with the place, they decided to move and start somewhere new."

"…Do you know where?"

Issei's voice was flat and emotionless as he looked at the woman. To be honest, it creeped her out like nobody's business, but she managed to reply to Issei's question.

"S-Sorry, I d-don't know where…"

The woman left, leaving Issei by himself as his mind tried to comprehend what was happening to him. Having the IQ he has, it was a bit of a struggle.

'Wh…what do I do now? Everyone thinks I'm dead… I have Rias-senpai's face… I… I…have nowhere left to go…'

Wallowing in despair, all Issei could think of was heading back to Manabe's clinic, ignoring the looks he was getting. Fortunately for him, nothing else happened along the way, like running into Rias, for instance.

"So you went back to Manabe's. Did he offer to let you stay as his assistant?"

"Yeah. Refused though, especially after he showed me what I was going to wearugh."

"Let me guess, he showed you a barely naughty nurse outfit?"

"On a girl, it would beyum. But on meick."

"True that, true that. I guess it was at that point Manabe referred to me?"

"Uh huh…"

March 15, 2012
Asagaya - Muron Clinc

"Well, if you don't want to stay here, I guess I could send you to someone who could help you…adjust, as it were."

Issei looked at Manabe as if he was talking in another language. In some weird sense, it sorta made sense…though that may be his nausea talking after getting sick at the thought of wearing a naughty nurse outfit.

"Who would you know that would understand my situation?"

Manabe tilted his head left and right for a moment before he gave a light cough.

"Uh…you'll understand once you see him. I still have his contact info, let me just find it first…"

Shifting through desk drawers, Manabe eventually found what he was looking for. Copying it onto a notepad, he ripped the paper off and held it out to Issei.

"Here, the directions are pretty simple. Oh, and tell him that he owes me a favor if he refuses."


Taking the piece of paper, Issei looked at the directions and couldn't help but be surprised. The place wasn't all that far from where he used to live.

"You sure you don't want to stay here? I promise I won't put you in more girly outfits…much."



Asagaya - residential area

"Let's see, it should be around here…"

Back in the neighborhood he grew up in, Issei looked between the houses and the note he carried as he walked, looking for the place of the person he was looking for. Eventually he found the place; a house that didn't look out of place with the others. However, he did notice that the nameplate by the gate had a foreign name on it in Japanese.

Issei wondered about that as he went though the gate and walked up to the door. Pressing a buzzer, he waited for a response…

"Yes, who is it?"

The fact that it was a feminine-sounding voice that answers made Issei frown a bit. Regardless, he gulped and stuttered a reply.

"Y-Yes, well, y-you don't know me, but M-Manabe sent me?"

"…Hold on."

Issei stood there for a moment before the door opened, revealing a young woman from the looks of things. From what he could see, she had long, brownish-black hair and brown eyes, and wore a t-shirt and jeans, with a black choker around her neck. True to Issei thought, he noticed that the woman had a notable lack of…assets as it were. Still, he did think she was quite beautiful, and would be even more so if she had a nicer pair of you-know-what's.

Little did he know, the woman was looking him over too with a frown. It was her that snapped Issei out of his thoughts.

"So Manabe sent you? Who are you and what do you want?"

"Umm…well, you might not believe this, but my name is Hyoudou Issei, and Manabe sent me here to find someone called Ren Ah…Ashbell? Said he knows something about what I'm going through?"

That made the woman raise an eyebrow, but other than that, kept her face impassive. She was in thought when Issei added a last note.

"Oh, and Manabe said he owed him a favor."

To Issei's surprise, the woman's look turned sour as she muttered something that sounded like a curse. Then it was gone as if it never happened as the woman gave a sigh and rubbed her head.

"…In that case, come in."

The woman stepped aside, letting Issei into the house. After closing the door and all that, the woman waved him over to the living room.

"We'll talk here. By the way, the name's Ren Ashbell, nice to meet'cha."

Issei couldn't help but stare when he heard that. Seeing the beautiful woman actually being the guy he was looking for did not compute, to the point where his brain practically crashed.

Ren took a look out the room when Issei wasn't following, and grew annoyed that Issei was standing there like a zombie.

"Oi! I haven't got all day, you know!"

That snapped Issei out of it as he followed Ren into the living room. Sitting on a couch opposite to Ren, the crimson-haired boy looked nervous as Ren sat on the other couch.

"Sorry about the lack of refreshments. But let's get straight to the point. From what I can tell…since Manabe sent you, my guess is that somehow, you, a boy, suddenly gained a girl's face and have no way of turning back to normal at the moment?"

Seeing the look of total surprise on Issei's face, Ren couldn't help but smirk as he folded his arms.

"Look, how about you tell my your story. From the looks of things, you haven't been in your situation long, so it'll be quick."

"Um…okay… It started when I was on a bus ride with my friends…"

Asagaya - Ashbell Residence

"…And that's that."

With Issei finishing his tale, Ren kept silent as he went over a condensed version in his head. Putting it together with another story he's heard, he couldn't help but blink at the similarities of the two.

"Wow…and I didn't think déjà vu would happen."


"Never mind kid. Anyway, since you put it that way, I guess it wouldn't hurt to help you adjust. You still gonna look for a photo of yourself?"

"Yeah. There has to be one somewhere in this city. I mean, I lived here all my life!"

"Uh huh…you keep working on that, and in the meantime, I'll be helping you act like a girl."

Issei was a bit slow on the uptake, so it took a bit for him to process that tidbit. When he did…


Issei sprung up from his seat in shock and pointed at Ren, who looked unamused by the whole display.

"Oi, calm down!"

"Calm down!? I thought you were supposed to help me!?"

"And I AM! Hear me out!"

The stare that Issei got mollified him somewhat, though he still looked pouty when he sat down again. When Ren saw that the boy wasn't going to say anymore, he spoke.

"Look, I'm not turning you into a girl. Believe me. However, you do have a girl's face, one that you said was very popular around here. If you act like your normal self, people are going to get suspicious. What do you think will happen if someone finds out that you're a guy?"

The more Issei thought about it, the more horrified he got as various scenarios ran though his head, each more horrible than the last. That made Ren nod in approval.

"Yup, being called a perverted freak would be the least of your problems. So unless we can get a picture of your real face, you'll have to put up an act for public use."

"…Do I have to?"

"You want to be crucified as an insane pervert?"

That shut Issei up as Ren adopted a thinking look. It made the younger one wonder what was next when Ren asked something he wasn't expecting.

"How old are you?"

"Umm, sixteen going on seventeen in a few months."

"And you went to Kuou, yes?"

"Uh huh…"

Ren went back to thinking, and the silence was beginning to make Issei anxious. Still, it wasn't long before Ren looked at him, something in his eye that told Issei that he was up to something.

"Alright…I think I can work something. However there is one thing I need to ask."

"A-And what would that be?"

"Do you believe in magic, Hyoudou Issei?"

A/N: And here's the start of a DxD crossover no one would be expecting. Seriously, I bet no one was expecting this, unless they read my profile page.

Anyways, here's the start of an unexpected crossover. I've read the manga Pretty Face a while back (hated the open ending by the way) and when I came across it again during my DxD high, I couldn't help but wonder what would happen to Issei, the breast loving pervert, if he got into a situation like Randoh's. From that, things took off.

Now, as for characters, much to anyone's surprise, there won't be much OCs in this story. Heck you can find Ren Ashbell if you look the character up on google (this character has a twist). The few OCs in this story will probably be already dead and used as a footnote to flesh out other characters, so...

Yeah, well, this is probably the first in a few DxD crossovers I've thought up, with another one crossing with the Warcraft series. Until then, where Issei goes through horrifying training to act feminine...

...Ugh, that thought made me shiver...