Life 3 - Lisara Restall

April 2, 2012

Asagaya - Kuou Academy

"Hello, my name is Lisara Restall. It's a pleasure to meet you all."

The students looked at Lisara, aka Issei, with a look of wonder, with the males looking rather enamored. To his hidden nausea, he saw Matsuda and Motohama looking at him with a bit of a pervy look, and wondered if that what he looked like back then.

'Did I really look like that back then? It's like with Manabe…I feel a bit violated…ugh…'

Issei quickly squished that thought as he kept a calm look with a small smile. As the teacher assigned him a seat, Issei thought back to when Ren gave him his rather…unique alias.

March 28, 2012

Asagaya - Ashbell Residence

"Hello, it's a pleasure to meet such a fine gentleman such as yourself."

Seeing Issei introduce himself in such a manner, Ren turned to Restia and Est for answers. All while having a look of confusion on his face.

"…What the fuck did you two do to him?"

The two spirits looked at each other before Restia gave a Cheshire grin, though that quickly faded under Ren's glare. Est elbowed Restia when no one said anything, causing the latter to speak up.

"Well, I may have got a…bit to far with the training."

"Nonsense Mistress, your instruction was most helpful."

Ren turned to Issei in disbelief, hearing the words come out of his mouth, before turning back to Restia.


"Eheheh…alright, I probably did take things too far when it came to female mannerisms and etiquette."

"I couldn't tell if you were teaching or torturing the poor boy…"


Hearing that caused Ren to sigh and shake his head. He couldn't believe how far things went.

"Well, that's the last time I assign Restia to feminine training. Maybe I should've switched the roles instead."

"…It would've been better if you left everything to me."

"Hey, I wasn't that bad Est!"

"…He was crying half the time, Restia."

"Eh, even Kamito cried a few times when he went though the same thing."

"He did NOT go though the same thing. You made it look like cruel and unusual punishment."

Restia was about to retort when Ren gave a rather noticeable cough that silenced the two spirits. He looked over to Issei, who was still standing a bit formally, acting like a noble girl at an event.

"Alright, you can stop acting like that Issei. Just…tone it down when you're in public. No need to act like some noble girl."

At that, Issei visibly deflated as he relaxed his pose, rubbing himself on the shoulders. Standing stiff like that took a lot more out of him than it showed, no doubt due to Restia's 'training'.

"So…is Issei properly ready to go out into public as a high school girl?"

"Yup! He can walk the walk and talk the talk, as they say."

"I see…and his grades?"

"…Passable. He'll be able to take the transfer exams without much trouble."

Ren simply nodded at Est's response, before thinking of the next topic to bring up. He decided to ask one of the more important questions that needed to be answered.

"Issei, what school do you want to attend?"


Despite knowing that he was going to attend school at that point, Issei never gave it much thought, as learning and training were at the forefront of the boy's mind. But now that he was asked, he instinctively thought about Kuou, due to the boy's dream, until he remembered just who was also attending that school too…

"Hmm, maybe Kuou?"

Restia's question made Issei flinch slightly in reflex. Seeing that made the Darkness Spirit smirk as Ren bit back a sigh.

"…Do you want to attend Kuou?"

Issei frowned as he thought about it. On one hand, he really wanted to attend the school for his dreams, but on the other hand…

"…If I go to Kuou, wouldn't that cause me problems due to my face?"

"Don't worry. It might cause a bit of a stir, but it'll calm down."

"Yeah, and it's also due to Rias Gremory being a De-mmph!"

Ren moved quickly and covered Restia's mouth, as Issei looked confused for a moment, until Est put her hand on his shoulder. Looking at Est, Issei saw her just shake her head, which pretty much said to ignore what Restia said.


"As I said, don't worry about it Issei. I'll be covering what Restia was about to mention if it comes up. Now onto other matters, namely your new name."

"Uh…I haven't exactly come up with one…though my parents did say that they would've named me Isane if I was a girl…"

"Ah, don't worry about it, I already came up with one…though keep that name noted. How does Lisara Restall sound?"


Issei let the foreign name roll around his head, and imagining introducing himself as such, found that the name rather fit. It was a bit scary, now that he thought about it.

"I think…it fits?"

"Uh huh. I thought so. I'll just put that name on your records. Not that she'll mind…"


"Oh, nothing. Now to wrap this up. *Snap* Restia, get the…stuff."

"Oooh, this is gonna be fun!"

At the snap of Ren's fingers, Restia left the room and went upstairs. The smile on her face told Issei that something bad was about to happen.

A few minutes later, Restia came down, and what was in her hands caught Issei's interest instantly. Perversely, of course, due to two reasons.

In Restia's hands were a pair of breasts.

Seeing those two mounds, Issei's mind went blank as his body went on autopilot, walked over to Restia, and started poking the artificial mounds with giggles. Ren and the two Spirits looked at each other with raised eyebrows before looking at Issei again.

'Wow, I knew Issei had a breast fetish, but this is…'

"Hehe…raw tits…"

Seeing that Issei wasn't going to be getting out of his fetish anytime soon, Ren went around until he was standing behind him. Then he gave him a smack in the head for good measure.

"Ow! What was that for!?"

"That's for you becoming a drooling idiot for poking your own breasts."

Issei rubbed his head with a frown, until he registered what Ren just said.

"…Say what?"

"You heard me. This is the final touch to your disguise. Originally, I thought of forgoing the whole breast issue and make up a story of how your chest was burnt beyond recognition a few years ago, but since you love breasts so much…"


At this point, Issei's mind wasn't working, torn between the thought of breast and Ren saying that he was going to get a pair. To be honest, it would be enough to confuse the heck out of anybody.

"Well, I'll leave things to you girls. Tell me if he needs a refit or something."

"Fufufu…time to open up that shirt, Issei-chan~"

Watching Ren walk out, not to mention Restia walking towards him with a glint in her eye, Issei's first response was to run away. Unfortunately, he was grabbed from behind by Est, and to his surprise, found that she was pretty strong despite her frame.



April 2, 2012

Asagaya - Kuou Academy

'…This still feels so weird…'

As Issei sat in his assigned seat, he heard the whispers of the other students. Most of it was focused on if 'Lisara Restall' was related to Rias Gremory, due to having similar, if not identical looks.

Before class started, Issei took the chance to look around, seeing if he recognized anyone. Unfortunately, other than Matsuda and Motohama, he didn't recognize any of the others.

Understandable, as he barely attended Kuou for a month before the accident. Still, with his new look and sudden transfer, Issei couldn't help but feel a bit lonely.

"Um, excuse me, Restall-san?"

Issei looked up to see a girl with glasses sitting to his left. The girl seemed familiar to Issei, however he couldn't put a name to her face.

"Uh, yes?"

"If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask me. I'm Kiryuu Aika, it's nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too Kiryuu-san, and thanks."

Issei gave a smile as class started, the gossip calming down. He couldn't help but think of something Restia commented about his looks that pretty much described his current situation.

'You know, like it or not, you're definitely gonna be the talk of the school you're going to attend with your hot looks.'

Kuou Academy - Student Council Room

Sona Sitri, aka Souna Shitori, Kuou's current Student Council President, was in thought as she ate her lunch, going over the newest rumor going through Kuou. Normally she wouldn't give it a second thought, but the fact that she heard it from her Vice-President, Tsubaki Shinra, along with it's details gave her a reason to ponder it over.

According to the rumor mill, a new transfer student, Lisara Restall, resembled Rias Gremory, right down to the crimson hair. Speculations were flying if there was a relation between the two, running from the two being long lost sisters to doppelgangers actually existing.

Being friends with Rias, Sona knew that Rias didn't have any siblings apart from Sirzechs, and if this Lisara was a Devil or a part-Devil, they would've been notified immediately by the principal. The doppelganger theory was more plausible, considering there were cases of some humans looking like Devils, though those were very rare.

'A very rare mystery has come to Kuou. Knowing the rumor mill, Rias should've heard about it by now…'

At that moment, the doors opened, revealing Tsubaki opening the door, with Rias and Akeno Himejima behind her. Sona quickly swallowed the food in her mouth as the three approached her desk.

"Well, well, I would say that this would be a surprise, Rias, Akeno, but I have a feeling as to why you're both here."

"As perceptive as always, Sona. I take you heard the latest rumor going around school?"

"About the transferee, Lisara Restall? It's seems to be the hot topic considering she's supposed to look like you, only with shorter hair and smaller…assets."

Sona was a bit miffed that she, among the four Onee-samas of Kuou, had the smallest chest size. At least she didn't let it get to her…much.

"…Is she a Devil though?"

"I don't think so. Probably just a human that happens to look like you. However, we can put tabs on her just to make sure."

"Hmm, that's a good idea. I'll put my familiar on it."

"In that case, I'll ask the Principal what's the story with her."

Rias couldn't help but look a bit curious as to how involved Sona seemed to be in the matter. The two went over to the nearby couches and sat down as their respective Queens made tea.

"So Rias, have you actually seen Restall-san?"

"No…but Yuuto has, and he said that she really looks just like me with a different hairstyle and figure. I don't think it's a coincidence either…"

"I see… Well, I'm sure this little mystery will provide much interest. Considering the only other thing to note was the death of that one student last year…"

At that, Rias' face grew somber. Neither of them were remotely close to Issei, but Sona found it weird at the time when Rias gave a look of having a plan fall apart when she heard the news. Issei had already displayed himself as a pervert with his two friends, so Sona wondered what was interesting about him to have gained Rias' interest, if only for a moment.

"…Yes, well…at least this Lisara Restall sounds nothing like me, according to Yuuto."

And that was the truth. A little note here; Ren gave Issei a plain black choker enchanted with a voice changing spell that made him sound like seiyuu Aya Endo in a certain way. And we all know she and Yoko Hisaka don't sound alike.

"…Why, are you worried that your fans are going to be stolen from you?"

"Hmph, you know I don't care much about that. She can have them for all I care."

Sona couldn't help but wonder if Rias really meant that. They didn't show it, but they did appreciate being popular, though Tsubaki was the only one who still felt embarrassed a bit when called by the title Onee-sama by the rest of the students.

Asagaya - Ashbell Residence

'Finally, the day's over. I thought it would never end…'

Issei felt like he was run through the chipper many times as he walked home from school. From what he could tell, Lisara Restall became the hottest topic in Kuou. He was a bit surprised how everyone seemed to know 'her' by lunchtime, if Aika's words were anything to go by.

On the plus side, Issei seemed to make a friend out of Aika Kiryuu. She even introduce him to her other friend at lunch. Now that was a meeting to remember…

But now was the time to get inside, crash onto his bed, and hope to get up in the morning.

'…Oh, and get this bra off. This, along with breasts feels so weird! Why do I like them again?'

"Welcome home dear, how was school?"


All Issei could do was stare at how Ren just acted, feminine voice and all. The smile on Ren's face firmly planted a WTF face on Issei, that he just froze at the doorway, not even taking off his shoes.

It was like that until Ren blinked before giving a frown. Putting a hand to his throat, he cleared it before shaking his head.

"Ugh…sorry about that. A bad joke on Restia's part."


"Yeah…go get changed and meet me in the living room."

Before Ren could blink, Issei was up the stairs and out of sight. Ren just turned around and muttered something about naughty Darkness Spirits.

"So…considering we're not up in our eyeballs in conspiracy, I take it things went smoothly?"

"…I think so."

Issei and Ren were lounging in the living room, the two having sushi. The former was eating more of it, due to his fatigue, but Ren didn't mind. Restia and Est were getting more for themselves, so they were out of the house.

"Umm…how long will I have to keep this up?"

"That depends…a month…no, a full term at least. Having a transfer leave after a month would be odd to say the least. Still, do you know anyone that might have a picture of you?"

"Uh, I think Matsuda or Motohama might have one, but I don't know if I can approach them like this…"

Seeing Issei wave at himself, Ren couldn't help but snort and roll his eyes. He took a bite of sushi before folding his arms.

"Hmm, must be interesting being on the other side of the fence, eh Issei?"

It took a moment for Issei to realize what Ren was talking about before he gave a scowl.

"Tch, they're like Manabe. Well, I won't be like them anymore. I'll still look at breasts, but I won't have that look on my face."

"Hmph, glad to see you've got your priorities straight."

The two sat in silence for a bit as they ate their sushi, with Ren looking like he was deep in thought. Issei noticed and was about to ask when Ren looked up at him, a serious look in his eyes.

"Issei, if possible, you should avoid Rias Gremory at school. I don't know why, but things will get complicated if she gets involved somehow. Call it instinct."


"Well, that same instinct helped me to stop Restia, before she could drug you and ship you off to Manabe after your breast fitting."

Freezing, Issei stared at Ren, not quite believing what he just said. That was, until it turned to fear when it sunk in.

"Restia-san…wouldn't do that, would she?"

"She's a Darkness Spirit that's lived a very long time, what do you think? God I love that girl, but she can be such a pain in the ass. It's why I have Est to keep her under control these days."

"Heheh…I see."

To be honest, Issei didn't really get it. All it did confirm was that Restia was a very scary girl. Compared to her, Est was practically an Angel despite her stoic attitude.

"…Issei, as soon as you get settled into a daily routine for school, I'm going to introduce you to a few more things. Since it's pretty much my responsibility for bringing you to the hidden side of the world, I'm going to do my best to make sure you survive."


Ren's declaration actually made Issei a bit embarrassed, as it was the first time someone actually spoke of taking care of his well being. Sure, there were his parents, but they also tended to bemoan about his perverseness when they thought he was out of earshot, most of the time anyway. Ren seemed not to care much about it, as long as Issei controlled himself.

"We're home, and we've brought a guest!"

Both Issei and Ren looked up hearing Restia's voice, and both had a bad feeling about the 'guest'. It didn't take long for both guys to recognize the guest with the two spirits.

"Hello Ren-chan, Issei-chan! I've come to visit for your checkups!"

"Oh crap, it's Manabe. Why did Restia let him follow her!? And why didn't Est do anything!?"

"…It's Manabe-san…"

Issei and Ren were not happy at the sudden turn of events as they heard Manabe talk to Restia. The two looked at each other before Ren gave a quick set of instructions.

"Okay, look. We'll have to put up with him. He may be a crazy pervert, but he's a damn good doctor too. The checkups are pretty real, so only deck him if he does something inappropriate, alright?"

"Sure thing, Ren-san."

With that settled, the two prepared themselves to receive their guest. That didn't stop them from cursing Restia in their minds though…

A/N: Thus ends Life 3. Seriously, why hasn't anyone ever thought of crossing High School DxD with Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai? The two series can be confused with each other due to glaring similarities. If Issei Hyoudou and Ryosuke Kaga were switched, I'm sure not much would change plot wise. So, yeah, Issei's alias was something I had in mind for a while. For those who actually read my profile, I actually mentioned Issei taking on Lisara's name in the summary shortly after posting Life 2, so I had that changed.

I admit, this one could've gone better. Maybe I'll add a few more scenes once I look back on this, but for now, the plot must go on!