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Warnings: fluff, humor, family reunion

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The war was finally over. Even now, Harry felt like he was in a constant dream. Voldemort was dead; the 'Light' had won the war. The burden that seemed to lift from Harry's shoulders was noticed by everyone; an unvarying smile on the young man's face was proof of the life change. His family was alive and in high spirits; he was finally somewhere he was appreciated and loved.


"Pad foot!" Harry hollered in reply, laughing happily when his Godfather picked him up and swung him about.

"Merlin Pup, you're huge! Look how grown you are!" Harry's emerald eyes shown with tears brimming right at the corner of his eyelids, yet he giggled in joy. The moment Harry's 17th birthday had passed; he left the Dursley's with the intention to never look back. Living with those people who were considered blood family left Harry with misconceptions on how family should truly be. Coming back to Grimmauld place was like coming back home for real. Living there temporarily with the rest of the Order had been cozy; the whole family together like Harry had always dreamed about. Now he was back – for good! He never had to leave again!

"Everyone's been waiting, Pup. Molly fixed all your favorites." Harry grinned, sticking close to his Godfather's side as they made their way through the huge house. After the Burrow had been destroyed, Sirius had welcomed the Weasely's to stay as long as they needed; knowing also that Harry would thoroughly enjoy having everyone around him when nothing life-threatening was happening during his life. Many of the other Order members who had their own homes came through Grimmauld place just as much as the people who resided within it, which made Harry even happier to still have those he considered family close.

"Ron and Hermione?" Harry asked, looking up at Sirius with endless excitement. A matching grin was aimed right back at him as Sirius ruffled his hair.

"Upstairs in their rooms waiting for you; I believe Hermione raided my library when she got back and Ron said he was hiding from the twins. Those little devils make an old man proud."

"You're not old Pad foot, just experienced."

"Nice one Pup, I like that." Harry grinned, squeaking when he was swallowed into the arms of Molly Weasley. He always did enjoy the woman's hugs, they were the warmest form of affection he ever had once he met the huge family.

"Harry dear, it's been too long! Oh, look how thin you are! Now don't you worry, I'll have you fattened up in no time!" Harry flushed shyly as Sirius chuckled behind his hand, faking a frightened face when Harry glared at him. Sadly that look became too real when Molly turned on him.

"Is there something you wanted to tell me Sirius Black?"

"No ma'am, I was just on my way to find those wonderful boys of yours. See you later Pup!" Sirius quickly dashed from the room, laughter tumbling after him. Molly clucked in disappointment though the small smile she held gave away her true feelings.

"I swear that man is a worse influence on those boys' if I ever met one. Like they need any more help tormenting everyone in this house. Now Harry, tell me how your summer was?" Harry indulged the woman who was like a second mother to him, leaving out the nasty parts of the Dursley's treatment. Grinning at all the food sat before him, he sent her a bright smile.

"Thanks Mrs. Weasley, I appreciate it." The large smile that lit up the woman's face was enough to show how much that statement truly meant to her.

"You're a good boy, Harry dear; thank you." Suddenly chaos happened. Before anyone could react; two blurs of red followed by a black blur went speeding out the back door, as an enraged blue-haired and rainbow polka-dotted Ron ran after them.

"Dammit George, Fred! I'll kill both of you! You too Sirius, you bloody git!" The menacing laughter from the back yard mixed in with Ron's cursing took Harry to tears of laughter as Molly quickly rushed over to the doorway to lecture Ron on his language after gathering her wit from the explosion.

"I hear one more word like that come out your mouth Ronald Weasley and I'll wash it right out with soap!"

"Sorry mum! Dammit George!"

"Who said I'm Gred, right Forge?"

"You're too right brother dear, our own blood can't even curse our existence properly-,"

"What a shame." Sirius laughter echoed between the twins taunting and Ron's foul mouth.

"Honestly those boys never listen. " The smile on her face showed Harry how happy everyone truly was now that Voldemort was gone. Life could finally move on, move forward without anymore losses.

"Where are Mr. Weasley and the others?" Harry asked politely in between bites. Molly was over by the sink chopping vegetables; the dishes magically washing themselves.

"He's at work now. Ginny was last seen with Hermione in the library. Severus came back earlier with Draco and Mr. Malfoy. They left not too long afterwards, and then you showed up dear." Harry smiled brightly, thinking about his now interesting friendship he had with Draco. They'd gone from hating one another, to tolerating one another, to now finally having real friendly conversations. Though they had the occasional fight from time to time, it was all in good sport. Even thinking about Severus made him happy. The man had changed a lot after Voldemort passed. When he thought Snape might die, the man pulled the wool over everyone's eyes and somehow ended up surviving.

"Is anyone going to be coming by for dinner tonight?"

"I believe everyone is going to come by to welcome you home Harry dear." Harry felt his chest warm at the words, thinking about how great it would be to have everyone he'd grown so close to under one roof for the evening. Taking his now empty plate and cup up to the counter, he placed a one-armed hug around Molly.

"As always it was delicious, thanks Mrs. Weasley."

"Call me Molly, dear." A huge smile lit Harry's face again.

"Thank you Molly." With a quick kiss to her cheek, Harry headed upstairs towards the library to look for the girls. Opening the thick door into the dusty room, he grinned when he saw Ginny curled up on the couch reading.

"Thought I might find you here." With a glance up, Ginny's face broke out into a huge grin before running up to Harry and smothering him in a hug. At this point Harry realized those Weasley hugs were family genetics.

"Harry! It's so good to see you! We've all been dying for you to get here! Ron constantly moans about how he's bored without you around." Harry grinned, returning the hug happily. Him and Ginny had spilt right before the final battle and decided it was better not to get back together; though everyone seemed to think otherwise. As Ginny had put it, - "I really do love you Harry but you're so much of a pouf I have no idea how any one missed it." His only response had been to laugh until he cried. Then his own desperate cry of, - "Wait, how did I miss that then?!" – had caused Ginny to break into her own fit of giggles. Moving over to the couch, Harry adjusted himself so Ginny could lean comfortably against him and carry on reading her book. It was nice to be close to someone without them expecting something; just another one of the things Harry had missed about being around everyone.

"So, have you seen your handsome knight yet?" Harry flushed, shoving Ginny's book out of her hands.


"Shut up, you don't know if he's around." Harry hissed in embarrassment, glancing around before moving to pick Ginny's book back up. The evil grin that graced her face made him swallow nervously.


"He got here 5 minutes before you did, he's in his room." Harry's cheeks flushed darker and his heart beat increased when he thought of the older man. He'd always appreciated the other man's endless kindness and compassion. The fact that he was someone his parents had known and been close to was only a plus in Harry's books. The man was pretty much sex on legs to him. His tall, wiry frame was wrapped in tight muscle; Harry knew from the final battle. Finding out the other man had lived, along with so many others had filled Harry with such joy he'd thrown himself at the man without thought. The memory made him blush, clearing his throat as Ginny laughed.

"I totally know where your thoughts are going and I want details."

"Shut up Gin." Harry mumbled embarrassed, adjusting his glasses. Ginny had gotten them as a present for him after the final battle. His glasses had been broken beyond repair and Ginny had demanded she be allowed to choose his next pair. They were sleek, rectangular black glasses that accented his cheek bones and eyes perfectly. At least that's what she said.

"Come on Harry, I think its sweet. He's definitely a good-looking bloke, and just think about how naughty he must be behind doors if he's so polite outside of them."

"Merlin Gin, shut up!" Harry groaned, slamming a pillow over the girls' face when she began to giggle. After their little wrestle match was over, they headed downstairs when it started to get late; knowing Mrs. Weasley would be coming after them for dinner shortly. Bumping into Hermione on the steps had slowed their progress as they all talked about their summers; trying to catch up before arriving to the soon to be too loud dining room. Letting both of the girls go ahead, Harry let himself absorb the sight before him. Mr. Weasley was standing next to Mrs. Weasley, placing a soft kiss to her cheek as he braced a comforting hand on Ginny's shoulder as she moved to sit next to Hermione who sat next to Ron. Fred and George were going over plans with Sirius, all three over them sitting towards the head of the table. Tonks was seated right next to George – or was that Fred? – And there were two spaces left open beside her as Molly and Arthur moved to their seats. This was his family, everything he'd ever truly wanted. Feeling a deep chill run down his spine, he knew the one person he had anticipated to see the whole time was standing right behind him.

"Good evening, Harry. It's good to see you well." Oh the sound of that voice sent ripples of lust down his spine that settled heavily in his stomach. Twisting his waist to look behind, he hoped he looked alright.

"Good to see you too, Remmy." The smile that broke out on the man's face was enough to make Harry's heart flutter.

"We should head into dinner before Molly comes looking for us." Harry tried to fight off his nervousness by chuckling.

"Too right, she can be a scary lady when she wants too." Glancing at Remus one more time with his lids lowered, Harry tugged on his lip like he always did when he was anxious before heading in. If he thought he heard a sharp intake of breath, he could have been wrong. Only because there was no way someone like Remus Lupin would be interested in a young man like him. As Remus made his way into the kitchen to join everyone, he was thinking of the many ways Fate had screwed him over in his life. Right when he thought Fate couldn't be any crueler, they had to go and make his childhood friends' son, his ex-lovers Godson; his Life Mate.

'Bloody hell, I'm screwed.'