Chapter 29

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Warnings: Basic plot, lemon, yaoi, humor

Harry smiled at Tarus who returned the smile as they sat across from Ginny and Hermione in the café.

"So you and your fiancé, Draco, will be married in the next year? And you and Ron are getting married this month? That's wonderful news. I love seeing people happily in love." Tarus added sweetly, taking a sip of his tea.

"Thank you. Do you have a girlfriend back at home Tarus?" Ginny asked kindly, taking a sip from her own tea before taking a small bite from a muffin. The flush and slight frown that marred his face immediately made Ginny start apologizing and Harry reached over to place a comforting hand on Tarus' arm while attempting to calm Ginny down.

"It's ok to tell them Tarus, they'll understand." He nodded his head before playing with his fingers; continuing to look at his lap.

"Harry's right, no need to apologize Ginny; it was an honest mistake. I happen to be the only male submissive in the Pack, without a bonded. Sadly, no one in the Pack happens to be fated for me so…I honestly don't know if I'll ever have anyone to call my own. For some people, like Harry and Remus, it happens after one reaches majority or a gap of time occurs. Others have mentioned they knew their bonded as friends for a time before they realized one day they were meant for each other. Neither has happened for me yet, but I have hope." He said with a small smile, trying to reassure her that he wasn't upset with her.

"Doesn't that mean that there is someone out there though for you Tarus?" Hermione added in politely, honestly curious but also trying to make the outlook brighter.

"It's a possibility, but it's also a possibility that my mate could already be dead or that they aren't even born yet. We learn about our mates by scent. So if my mate has already died, it won't affect me if I haven't met them yet. The moment either of us reach majority as well as being in close enough contact that smelling is possible then I hope that Fate would allow me to know; otherwise there is no other way to tell until it happens. I've been outside of the Pack many times and I've never come across anyone. My mother passed away a few months ago, and my father has been sick so I've stayed close to the Pack in case anything happens. Harry and Remus asked if I would stay with them for the week of your wedding and I thought it might be nice to get away for a while and meet some other members of their family." Tarus added with a soft smile, causing the other two young women to smile warmly at him. They allowed the subject change to happen without taking obvious notice to it. Tarus seemed to give off such a kind aura; and they'd seen the playful side of him over the weekend that Harry had told them about witnessing.

"Enough of the sad stuff though; what else did we need to do today?" Harry added, giving Tarus' arm a reassuring squeeze.

"Not too much. We were going to go pick up the dresses and tuxes before making a few stops to the catering company to make sure everything was still ready for the end of the week. Otherwise we figured we just might go shopping for a while. My bachelorette party is starting at 5 on Friday instead of 7 because we've decided to go to the spa. That sound alright with you both?" Hermione asked at the end, finishing off her tea just as Ginny did.

"Sounds good to us, I still needed to get a tux for Tarus while we were out."

"Oh! Let me and 'Mione do it! We'll find something that looks perfect on him!" Before Harry could say yes or no, Ginny had her arm tucked in Tarus' and was leading him out of the shop with Hermione beside him going over his sizes and favorite colors. Harry could only follow behind laughing, wondering how long it would take before Tarus begged him to save him from them.


"Uhm, look Draco, I'm really sorry about not showing interest, but I really would appreciate your help with planning my bachelor party for the end of the week…if you're still willing to do it." Ron added slow and embarrassed about how he had acted before. Draco just turned in his chair, running his fingers swiftly through his hair with ease.

"You're lucky that we're becoming family or I'd tell you to go ask someone else." With a flick of his wand, a small file of papers appeared in his hand and he passed it to Ron.

"I asked your sister and your brother's things that you liked and all of that; I complied all of this together so you could go through it. There are two different choices for everything that is labeled just let me know which one you want and I'll have it called in." Ron could only blink in surprise, and nod as Draco spoke to him.

"Wow, Draco, that's really great. I appreciate it a lot, thank you." Draco just rolled his eyes, but he had a small smile on his face.

"No worries just let me know by the end of the day what you want and I'll handle the rest."


"Do you honestly believe that Severus will fall for that? I mean, the last man you were with darling was him; then we got married." Lucius just hummed and placed a kiss to her cheek as he pulled his traveling cloak over his shoulders.

"He knows that you would be willing to do anything for me, just as I am willing to do anything for you. If I happened to want to have a little roll around with our old school playboy, well I'm sure my endearing wife would be more than happy to let me have a onetime deal with him…" He added with a devious tone, winking when he mentioned her in flattering tones. Narcissa just laughed softly, reaching back to place a loving hand on his cheek before getting back to her cup of tea. Sirius would be by in just a few for their weekly lunch.

"Of course I would dear, and when the time comes, I'll be sure to tell Severus so if he inquires. Have a good day at the office; I will see you later tonight." Right after Lucius left, Narcissa turned back to the table to look over her file that she already started planning for Draco's wedding. She was meeting up with Ginny and her mother later in the week to go over a few things that they would need to set up in February.

"Tinky, please bring out lunch and let me know when my cousin arrives, please."

"Yes Mistress Malfoy."


"Nnh, Remmy~ please." Harry moaned out, reaching back and threading his fingers through Remus' hair as he grinded his hips back lazily into Remus deep thrusts into him. They'd been in bed for hours now, Remus using his body in every way he could. Now he was tucked behind Harry, his leg thrown over Remus' hip with his face buried in his neck nipping at his skin.

"S-so deep hah~" Harry keened, rolling his hips back harder; face flushed and body slick. Remus growled against Harry's mating mark, licking and nipping roughly at the tender skin. Harry was panting and tugging at Remus' hair harder, back arching to grind himself even harder on Remus' length trying to bury it deeper inside him.

"Please~ please Remmy! Need to come…need you to fill me, nnh~" Harry's eyes were lidded and lust-filled, lips parted with short pants leaving him as his chest heaved heavily. Remus growled and increased the pace, his hips smacking sharply against Harry's backside as his nails dug into his hips. Harry's moans only increased louder and louder as his grip on Remus' hair tightened. His climax rocked through him in a soundless scream, his eyes rolling back when he felt the heat from Remus' release once again fill him until he was leaking. Their bodies lax and covered in cooling sweat, Harry snuggled back as much as he could in his boneless state; purring when Remus kissed up to his ear. Words of love and affection were mumbled against his skin, making him grin and nuzzle back into him.

"I would turn and kiss you if I could move, but I can't." Remus chuckled softly, his breath finally calming to the same pace as Harry's.

"I won't hold it against you, I don't think I could move either love." Harry chuckled softly, closing his eyes and purring when Remus' magic washed over him in a cleansing charm.

"Totally more in love with you now than I was 2 minutes ago." Remus chuckled once more, wrapping his arm more firmly around Harry's waist.

"Good to know, I'll have to find a way to make it happen once more in another 2 minutes then." Harry followed that up again with another laugh, unable to stop himself from grinning. Spending time with Remus always made him feel so good and alive; even more so when they always ended up making one another laugh with small silly things. He wasn't sure how he was able to deny himself from reaching out to the older man, but now he couldn't picture life without him. The kiss to the base of his neck told him that Remus knew what he was thinking and the tender kiss placed on his mating mark told him just how much Remus thought the same.


Draco took the papers from Ron, looking with them over and mumbling small reminders as he stacked the papers Ron marked to the front of the pile.

"So…that's it?" Draco looked up at the taller red-head who looked unsure, and nodded.

"Yes, all I have to do is call and have things delivered. Everything will be ready on Thursday, so there's nothing to worry yourself over. Oh, before I forget." Draco pulled out an envelope and passed it to Ron who took it with curious eyes.

"What's this for?"

"Open, you twit." Draco grumbled, shrinking the file and tucking it in his pocket while Ron opened it with wide-eyes.

"Wow! What…who…"

"It's collaboration from me and my parents. In our family it is tradition to give new family members a gift before their marriage and after; I assumed you and Hermione would like it." Inside the envelope were two tickets to an art museum showing of old Wizarding artifacts in Salisbury on Wednesday. I hope you both enjoy them." Rising from the table, he headed towards the door before stopping and saying his thanks for the tea from Mrs. Weasley.

"It was no problem Draco. I'll be seeing your mother next week about yours and Ginny's wedding. I hope to see you there dear." With a curt nod he left, leaving Ron grinning and excited to show Hermione their gift.


Everyone was gathered together in Grimmuald place, all enjoying tea and company together before going their separate ways to their parties. Mrs. Weasley, Hermione, Ginny, Fleur, Tonks, Luna, Harry, and Tarus sat to one side of the room while Sirius, Remus, Mr. Weasley, Bill, Charlie, Draco, and Ron on the other. The twins had an emergency at the store and would be by later for the bachelor party.

"What do you mean Harry and Tarus are going with you 'Mione? The men should be with the men." Ron complained, and Hermione just rolled her eyes smiling. She'd already talked to Harry about it and he and Tarus were completely fine with going with the ladies for the evening. After all, who knew what the twins were planning for Ron…Harry knew better than to accidentally get in the middle of that.

"While I am the first one to agree that Harry is a man, just as much as Tarus is; because of their sexual preference they are more understanding of our female nature. Plus Harry and Tarus already agreed to come with us." She added grinning when Ron looked to Harry as if he betrayed him.


"What? Come on, Ginny and 'Mione beamed me the puppy eyes for 30 minutes – 30 minutes Ron - with tears! What did you want me to do?" Remus, Sirius, and Charlie snickered before looking away when Harry glared at them.

"Fine but I demand one on one time with you at the soonest available time."

"'Oi little bro, I didn't think you swung that way! Even trying while you're gonna be married; naughty naughty. Wonder how Remus feels about you trying to sneak a feel on his mate." Ron flushed embarrassed and all the others could only laugh as Ron sputtered his denials at Charlie while glaring at him.

"Before an all out brawl happens because Ronald loses his temper, we're going to head out for our spa appointment." Going over to give Ron a kiss, she headed for the door as everyone else said goodbye to the others and their partners.

"Spa? A spa? You're taking Harry to a spa? You're already de-manning him and the evening isn't even over!" Ron complained once more, making the others laugh.

"I think that already happened when Harry took it up the arse from Moony here."

"Ahh Sirius no! No visuals!" Ron flushed deeply, placing his hands over his ears while Harry flushed just as embarrassed while Remus just shook his head laughing.

"Does that mean you're de-manned as well from taking it up the arse Pads? Should we send you off with the women for the evening?" Bill bumped Remus shoulder in praise before high-fiving Charlie who was in tears laughing.

"Look here, I don't wanna hear about anyone taking anything up the arse for the rest of the evening, alright?" Ron said, looking a little puckish as he headed to the kitchen. All the men laughed except for Mr. Weasley who was fighting laughter to go check on Ron.

"I have a feeling Ron is gonna be beyond tormented before the night is over…"Hermione said wistfully as they stepped outside.

"I have a feeling you're correct 'Mione." Harry added in with a smile before they all grabbed hold of the portkey and disappeared.