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Chapter 35

Harry was practically bouncing in place as Remus walked up to wrap an arm around him, quelling the bouncing motion that Harry had been locked into.

"What if he changes his mind? I know it's early, but I really want him to enjoy staying here."

"I'm sure it'll be fine Harry. Roman likes us very much, I'm sure everything is going to go well." The sound of a knock at the door had Harry almost squeaking out as he quickly made his way over. At the doorway stood Fenrir and Roman, a blue backpack held in his small hands.

"Please come in." Remus was already nearby, standing with a welcoming smile as Harry shut the door.

"Afternoon Alpha; good afternoon to you too Roman." The smaller boy peaked up at Remus before averting his eyes again with a small nod of acknowledgement. Fenrir placed a hand on Roman's head while Harry kneeled before him.

"Hello Roman, thank you for coming to stay with us this evening. I have a lot of fun things planned for us, but before that; would you like me to show you your room?" Roman glanced up at Fenrir, before reaching out a hand to Harry. Trying to quell his excitement, Harry grinned at Fenrir before gently taking Roman's hand and leading him toward the hall; which they both disappeared down a moment later. Remus moved over to speak to Fenrir.

"How is she?"

"Not doing any better, that's for certain. They healers give her a few weeks, a month at the most. Your mate seems to have taken to Roman well."

"He adores him. Not having the proper childhood, I think that drives him to support Roman so much. They're good together."

"It'll be good for the both of them then. You know where I am if you need anything." Remus reached up to nuzzle his jaw.

"Of course Alpha, thank you again." With a grunt, Fenrir showed himself out.


Harry stood in the doorway, watching Roman take in the room. It was rather spacious room with a closet closest to the window, a twin bed laid opposite of the window and closet, a dresser closest to the door, a bookshelf by the bed, and a desk opposite the bed - all in one. There were already books on the bookshelf, coloring books and crayons on the desk, and a few spare outfits in the dresser from their play dates.

"Feel free to make yourself comfortable, all of this is yours to use as you want. Do you need help unpacking?" Harry watched him slowly make his way over to the bed, placing his backpack on the bed. He turned to face Harry slowly, fidgeting with the edge of his shirt.

"Did you wanna ask me something Roman?" Blue eyes turned to him from the window, and he smiled softly at him.

"…Is it okay that I let Lea borrow your flowers? They always make me feel better, so I thought she could use them while I visited tonight." Harry felt his heart melt a little more towards the young boy.

"Of course Roman, they're your flowers to do with whatever you wish." Harry noticed him pull the ribbon out of his pocket to hold, and it only made his heart swell more.

"I'll leave you to unpack while I and Remus finish dinner. We'll be in the kitchen if you need us, okay?" Roman nodded his head quickly before making his way over to the desk to color. Cracking the door behind him, Harry made his way to the kitchen. Remus was already over by the counter chopping vegetables when Harry came up and wrapped arms around him. Pausing in his actions, Remus turned around in the embrace to return it.

"Everything going okay?" Harry smiled into Remus' chest when he felt the other man press a kiss to his head.

"So far, so good; he was coloring when I left." Remus hummed an affirmation before turning back to the counter to finish his task.

"Mate good with child. Mate strong. Strong child." Remus preened a little under Moony's sudden swell of love and possession towards not only Harry but Roman as well. It didn't make him uncomfortable like it used too. Instead it filled him with determination to make them work even more. Their lives were becoming even more deeply intertwined together, and Remus was eagerly looking forward to the changes; as was obviously Moony too. Harry moved over to the sink to wash the few dishes that had already been used while dinner simmered on the stove, and Remus got lost in thought. The rhythmic sound of chopping and scrubbing was the only thing that could be heard in the silence of the kitchen. Harry could easily get used to this. Just knowing that Roman was in his room settling, made Harry's chest fill with warmth. He never really thought to ask before this what Remus thought about kids, but the older man had been a teacher at one point; so it couldn't be anything too negative. Harry himself had always wanted siblings, and the older he got; the more he looked forward to possibly having children one day. Roman was a great start, Harry felt, to making them more of a family than they already were. All their play dates had gone successful so far, and hopefully their first sleepover would follow suit. In the back of Harry's mind, he registered that his drive for children had amplified since he and Remus had completed the mateship. It was something he would need to find out about also, in regards to his mating.

"…Uhm, H-Harry?" At the sudden soft sound of Roman's voice, both Harry and Remus turned to check on him. He stood by the kitchen table, barefoot and fidgeting with the ribbon now hanging out of his pocket.

"Yes Roman? Everything alright?"

"Could I have some water..?" Roman asked softly, glancing between Remus and Harry. Noticing the tension in Roman rising with all the attention on him, Remus turned back to his task to hopefully ease him. Moony had once more sent out another swell of emotion, leaving Remus feeling proud of his decision to leave Roman to Harry when he was nervous or overwhelmed. Harry himself had already started filling a glass of water for Roman the moment he asked, and now he was carrying it over to him.

"There you are. Dinner will be done in about half an hour that okay?" Roman took the glass with a soft thank you, before taking a big sip.

"That's okay, I'm not really hungry yet." Harry just smiled at him with a soft nod, before making his way back to the sink to clean up. Glancing over his shoulder every now and then to see what Roman was doing, Harry couldn't fight off a smile when he had come back from his room with his book and crayons. He pulled out a chair at the table before sitting in the kitchen with them, just enjoying their company. Harry's eyes met Remus and they both acknowledged the progress of the moment they were sharing together, Roman himself making the step to just be in the same room as them.

A few hours later…

"Do you think he's been in there too long?" Harry asked Remus, sitting pressed side to side on the couch while Roman got ready for bed in the bathroom.

"I think you're more anxious than he is. If he needs us, all he has to do is call for us."

"I know, but I just want it to be perfect. The evening has been so wonderful so far."

"It has, and it'll only get better. Try not to stress so much, Roman seems like he's enjoying himself." Remus pressed a kiss to Harry's temple, feeling the younger man lean into his embrace.

"Harry?" They both turned on the couch to look back at Roman, who stood in the hall clad in his pajamas.

"Everything alright Roman?"

"…Would you tell me a story?" Remus felt how Harry relaxed even more into his embrace, his scent turning warm and brushing up against him. Harry nodded; rising from the couch to follow him down the hallway. Once they were in his room tucked in, Harry pulled his desk chair over to sit beside his bed.

"So you want me to tell you a story, huh? Any specific requests?"

"I heard from the older kids that you went to a magical school." Harry smiled at the wide eyed wonder Roman portrayed.

"I did go to a magical school – she's called Hogwarts."

"It's a she?" Harry could only stifle a laugh at the confused curiosity he spoke with.

"In many wondrous, unexplainable ways, yes she is. She's the biggest, most magnificent castle in the whole of Britain. I lived there for 7 years, and went to school to become a trained Wizard."

"Is that where Remus use to go too?"

"Yeah, he was a student there once. He was even a teacher there too."

"That's kinda cool really." Harry leaned closer with a small smile, and ruffled Roman's hair.

"It kinda is, isn't it? Would you like to visit with me there one day? Not soon, but in the future, maybe go see this cool magical castle?"

"I could really go?" Roman looked unsure, but eager, and Harry was glad he had brought the idea up.

"Sure, of course you could. My Godfather Sirius, the friend me and Remus told you about, he teaches there now too. I think you'd like him, he can even turn into a big dog."

"A dog, really? How big?" Harry could only watch in amazement how Roman opened up and became more curious and comfortable the more they talked.

"Almost half my size he is. Loves belly rubs too." Roman busted into giggles the moment Harry reached out and tickled his sides at the last statement. Remus stood in the doorway, watching the two interact. He had come to investigate when he heard the giggles, and it left his heart bursting full. It was so beautiful how Harry's scent seemed to warm up the more he was with Roman, and how content and happy he smelled with Roman there with them.

"Do you think he would let me ride on his back? father use to do it all the time." Harry noticed how Roman's eyes seemed to fade off a bit at the mention of his deceased father, and he frowned slightly; trying to think of what to say to help.

"Believe it or not, I know firsthand Sirius loves to give piggy back rides to little boys who give him pictures. Maybe you could draw him one and I'm more than sure you could get that ride." Remus had stepped in, seeing how distraught Harry was beginning to become in the face of Roman's sadness. He might not be the best with children in his own opinion, but he knew he could interact with Roman comfortably at this point.

"I'll have to draw a pretty good picture then. Will you help me Harry?"

"Of course Roman, first thing tomorrow we will. We'll put it in your desk for safe keeping until we go." Roman was fighting off a yawn as Harry tucked him in; ruffling his hair with a few mumbled things that could be found at Hogwarts; filling his mind with sweets and wonder before bed. Before Harry knew it was Roman was asleep, and Remus was cutting off the lights; moonlight filtering in through the window and dimly lighting the room. Harry silently followed him out of the room, leaving the door cracked before following Remus the few doors down the hall to get to their own room.

"I would have to say that this evening has been a success, wouldn't you agree?" Remus asked, stumbling slightly in surprise when Harry threw himself at Remus to embrace him tightly.

"It was a perfect evening Remus. Thank you for allowing us to take in Roman. I can't wait until he's here all the time!" Remus had to lean in and kiss Harry to quiet him, in fear of waking Roman up. He carried him over to the bed, laying him out before lying atop him; kissing him again. Harry easily kissed back, wrapping his arms around Remus' neck; fingers tangling in his hair. They kissed and explored each other for what seemed like hours before they both pulled away; Harry quickly and quietly banishing their clothes to the bin, leaving them in their boxers. Remus spooned up behind Harry, tucking his face into his neck; breathing his scent in. Harry snuggled back into Remus' warmth, nuzzling into the kisses also his face.

"I love you Harry."

"Thank you for loving me Remus. I love you too."


"Tar, what can I do for you?" Fenrir stepped back, allowing the older man in before shutting the door. It was rare that any of his border patrol came with new information, so he knew this visit was something different all together.

"I hope I am not interrupting anything Alpha, I just wanted to come speak to you; seek wisdom." Even from across the room where Tar was seated, Fenrir could smell the sickness on him. While he hadn't gotten any worse lately, he wasn't doing much better than he had been months ago when the sickness settled in.

"What is it I can do for you?" When he realized Tar was silent, Fenrir turned and was caught off guard by the fierce eye contact Tar was making with him. It sent him on edge, and a light growl formed in his throat.

"I hope I'm forgiven for the disobedience, Alpha, but I must come forth with some thoughts I've been having."

"And you dare look at me in such a way?" Fenrir bit out, getting more and more aggressive the longer Tar kept eye contact with him.

"I see the way you look at him, I'm sure I'm the only one who noticed; but I see you watching Tarus. I may be a sick old man but I'm not blind. Why?" Fenrir felt his stomach curl uncomfortably at being so blatantly approached on a subject of such a matter. Refusing to back down, Fenrir kept eye contact.

"I never remember calling you old, or blind for that matter."

"Don't be stubborn with me. I'm not here as a Pack member, I am here as a Father. Tarus has not mentioned ever finding a mate, and now suddenly I notice more and more your eyes follow him. What does this mean for him?" Fenrir immediately understood his worries. As the Alpha, he had the right to pick and choose whomever he wanted to bed; not that he has ever picked from the Pack, but it was well within his right to do so.

"It means nothing. I've just finally noticed how mature he's become, and how much he's growing into a fine young man. His scent has changed recently, and I'm noticing. Now if there's anything else?" Tar knew when to pick and choose his battles, and he realized that it was the end of that discussion – for now.

"No Alpha, that's all." Fenrir moved to open the door, and waited as Tar made his way over.

"I only worry for him. I know I'm not long for the world, and I just want him to be loved. Remember that for me Alpha." Without another word, Tar bowed his head in submission and Fenrir cupped the back of his neck firmly; letting him know he understood and wasn't angry at his disobedience. After a moment, Fenrir released Tar and he left; leaving Fenrir to think of what they had discussed.


"Hermione, I don't think he can breathe." Ron mumbled, watching as Hermione suffocated Harry in a full body hug.

"I've missed you so much! Why haven't I seen you until now?" Hermione pulled back, looking at Harry slightly betrayed. Not liking when she pulled that card, Harry tucked her arm in his before sitting her on the couch next to him. Sirius had gotten back earlier, and they'd all gotten their greeting out of the way before Remus had dragged him off to the kitchen to help with lunch.

"I'm really sorry I haven't been by to see you guys. Things have just been so busy, and scattered that I haven't kept up like I should. I hope you can forgive me Hermione."

"Of course I can, you Oaf! But a child Harry, are you sure?" Harry squeezed her hand in his own before nodding firmly with a soft smile.

"Roman needs a family. His caretaker is barely alive at this point, and no one else has the means to take on a child. He asked for me, for us specifically when it came to where he would end up. I couldn't turn him down." Hermione felt her heart pull at the hopeful look in Harry's eyes. The one thing he had always wanted was a family, and he was finally being given that chance.

"I understand Harry, really. As long as you're happy." Harry pulled her into a side hug, relief seeping through him.

"I am. Very. But enough about that, how was the trip?"

"Oh Harry, it was so beautiful. He took me to all kinds of museums and art crafters."

"Hello, I'm right here."

"Hush Ronald, I'm talking to Harry about our trip." She focused her attention back on Harry, who looked to Ron with an apologetic look and Ron just shrugged with a dopey smile. They both knew how Hermione could get, but it seemed to be a trait that they both loved in her.


It was late in the evening and Severus was laid back in his armchair by the fire, a glass of FireWhiskey in hand. It had been a stressful week since he had overheard Black and Minerva arguing. It made him look at Black in a whole new light, noticing more now the stress lines, the mark of overtiredness, the look of loneliness. Severus growled, tossing back the glass of FireWhiskey as he tried once more to get Black off his mind. It hadn't helped that he had caught Lucius being overly friendly with Black on more than one occasion since he started teaching here, and it was becoming more frequent as the weeks went by. It left him burning with a jealous rage to think that Lucius was touching the other man in ways only he was used too, hearing the sounds that poured from him in the throes of passion. It was enough to almost make him curse his long time friend, and that reaction alone was enough to stun him. It was obvious he felt some kind of way about Black that was bordering on affection of some kind; though the thought alone was enough to confuse him. He had only meant it to be sex, and then the other man had somehow turned it into something more. At the sudden incoming call from his floo had him cursing before moving forward to answer.

"It is rather late, what can I do for you Narcissa?"

"Hello Severus, sorry to call at such a late hour but Lucius has not come home yet and I just wanted to know if I should go ahead and head out for dinner with the ladies."

"I wish I could help you but Lucius is not with me."

"He said he might go see you after he met up with Sirius but that must have been hours ago." Severus felt like ice ran through his blood at Narcissa words. If Lucius had come to the castle hours ago, and was meant to possibly see him but hadn't come by yet…it could only mean he was still with Black doing who knows what.

"If I see him I will let him know that you're looking for him, but I must be going now; potions to brew and all that." Without a proper goodbye Severus cut the call, quickly rising and heading up towards Gryffindor tower. The thoughts of Black's pale skin on display while Lucius runs his greedy hands all over what belongs to him sends a raging fire through him. The longer it takes him to get to Black's rooms, the more crazy the images in his mind become; filling him full of rage and other conflicting feelings. There was no way Lucius was going to get away with touching what was his. And Black was going to learn that he belonged to Severus and that a Snape didn't share.


Lucius could only take another sip of FireWhiskey, glancing at his pocket watch and humming with satisfaction.

"As of right now Narcissa should be feeding him the story of me coming to see you. Give it about 10 minutes and he'll be up here raising hellfire." Sirius sat on the opposite end of the couch, his own glass in hand. They had been discussing some contracts from Sirius' bank vaults that he had come across and Lucius had been willing to take a look at them and help him re-evaluate his decisions.

"Are you sure this was the smartest idea? He barely says a word to me edgewise when we do talk. I doubt he has anything personal to say to me anymore."

"Oh Sirius, you don't know Severus Snape the way I do. If I'm correct, which we all know I generally am, he'll be giving me a piece of his mind before reclaiming the lost time you two have missed." Finishing off his drink, Lucius rose before once more checking his pocket watch.

"I say about 3 more minutes and he'll be here. How about you walk me to the door, hmm? That way I can at least avoid a hit if it's coming." Sirius couldn't stop a chuckle at the thought of what Lucius was possibly risking as he lead him to the door; standing just outside the painting with him.

"Thank you again for the help. I never would have made it through those without your help. Give 'Cissa my love as well."

"Thank you for a wonderful evening. I'll be seeing you soon hopefully." Lucius leaned in to brush a kiss along Sirius lips and said man could only stand there stunned; when suddenly Lucius stepped back out of the way of a hex that came barreling at him from Severus. Quickly maneuvering around the corner, Severus cornered Lucius near the opposite wall where Sirius was frozen in place; watching.

"You ever even think to touch him again and we will be having serious problems Lucius. You're married, keep your hands off what's mine."

"Yours? Last time I checked, Sirius was a free man to make his own choices." Lucius calmly replied, brushing his hair back over his shoulder as he nodded to the other man.

"Isn't that right Sirius? What do you have to say about this?" Sirius could only look at Severus in reluctant hope and slight confusion.

"I belong to you? When did this happen, and how come I didn't know about it?" Severus slowly looked from Sirius to Lucius, and then growled.

"You stay away, and for your information; your wife was looking for you." Quickly walking over before he could shut him out, Severus grabbed Sirius by the upper arm.

"I think we have some things to discuss Black." Without letting the other man get a word in, he leaned in and roughly kissed him; guiding him back into his room. The portrait door shut behind them, and Lucius could only stare at the painting in smug pride.

"Seems like I know what I'm doing after all."