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Soul walked up to a Witch. It was surrounded by blue human souls. Soul held his Miesters unconscious body.

"You'll never be able to protect her like that." The Witch murmured. Soul pulled Maka's body to his chest. "Sure you get strong from eating Witch and Kishin souls, but you can gain more power by eating Human." She Paused and looked at Maka. "The power to protect those dear to you, and No one will ever consider hurting them again." Soul looked up at the Witch who held a soul in front of his face.

If I eat this our friends will hunt me down… But if I don't Maka might die… He thought. A Familiar voice in his head crept in Do it…. Soul stared at the human soul in front of him. He took it in one of his hands. He stared at the small size. It had a pink tint in the middle.

"What are you waiting for? Every moment you waist is another moment where everyone will target your precious thing." The Witch said.

"But will Maka still want to stay with me if I-" He was cut off.

"Of course she will, you're likely just as precious to her as she is to you!" The Witch said. Soul nodded and stared at the Soul. "Eat it and no one will ever harm your precious thing again." Soul looked up and sighed. He glanced at Maka's body again. It was cold. "If you do I will heal her and she will wake up with you forever." The Witch knelt by Soul and showed him an Image that showed what he wanted most. Soul now took a final look at the soul and swallowed it. His mind flashed with the memories of the soul's old holder, a small girl. "Keep eating eventually the visions will stop." Soul took another one floating by him and ate it. With each one the memories were more faded and he felt more powerful. The Black blood reacted once again.

"Is this power the real me?" He mumbled.

"Of course, make this world your own." The Witch said disappearing with a giggle. Crashes came in.

"Soul what are you doing!" Kid yelled. Soul looked up.

"Get away from Maka!" Black*Star yelled.

Souls point of view became twisted. His eye's held a stone cold stare. He punch his friends gut when he came close.

"No! You won't take her!" Thus a new Kishin was born.