Maka woke up in a strange room. Her head pained her. She took a few moments to sit up and check out her surroundings. She was in a circular room, the trimming was black, and the walls were white. The floor was covered by red carpet. It was familiar in a way. She looked around some more. She was on a canopy bed, the wood structure was white and the drapes were green. The sheets were a soft yellow and the pillows were the same color. Maka saw a sky light above her, but it must've been painted the sky looked dark grey with a red tint. There was a book shelf with all her favorite books, a dresser, a vanity and three doors. One was white, one was grey and one was brown.

Maka climbed out of the bed and realized she want in her mission cloths. Her hair was down and she was wearing her favorite pink pj's with purple clouds and white moons on it. She walked up to the Brown door. When she opened it lead to a bath room. She opened the white door revealing a new room. This one was almost a replica of Soul's black blood room. It held a black piano with sheet music scattered all over. She closed the door again, and looked at the grey one. This one was more metallic than the other two and had a lock on it. It was locked so if she wanted she could get out. Maka searched the dresser for some slippers. Once she put them on she went into the hall way. It was like a hall version of the black blood room. She looked down one hall and turned that way, leaving the door open. The place seemed deserted. Maka noticed a picture of her and Soul in their combat gear smiling.

Maka heard footsteps behind her heading towards the room she left. It sounded like dress shoes. She then heard a gasp.

"Maka?" The voice asked as it searched the room. "Shit!" She heard it run out of the room. The footsteps stopped right behind her. She turned to see who it was.

"You're awake!" Soul said hugging Maka like his life depended on it. Maka felt the silk of his black blood outfit.

"Soul, where are we? Where is everyone?" She asked. Soul looked down at her.

"I'll tell you later." He scoped the girl up bridle style and took her back to the room she awoke in.

"Soul, what's going on?" Maka asked and Soul placed her on the bed.

"I'll tell you later." Soul repeated. He changed the subject before she could ask any more questions. "Hey are you hungry?"