Natasha could say that she was very weary. Of course the spy/ assassin wouldn't actually say it, but she was quite tired after her latest mission in Britain. To make matters even worse, she ended up blowing up the car she was using, so she had to walk back to base.

So here she was walking back to base, at night, in November, in Surrey. And when she got to base, she'd likely end up spending another night before flying back. At least she'd still have Clint. He was the only other Avenger to come on the mission; everyone else had been too preoccupied with whatever caught their interest. And then Clint broke his ankle. At least it wasn't a bad break- he'd be fully functional in no time.

Boring house number forty seven, she thought, boring house number forty eight… I think living with Stark is preferable to this place. Privet drive was easily the dullest neighborhood Natasha had ever had the misfortune of walking through. Boring house number… what is that?

Natasha stopped, staring at the doorstep of one of the houses. She blinked, not entirely trusting her eyes. She looked around, the neighborhood seemed so calm and dreadfully normal, the only thing that seemed odd was the baby on the doorstep of number 4 Privet Drive. She walked over tentatively. Why was there a baby outside? And who's baby was it? Was she hallucinating? She didn't think she was that tired.

When she reached the doorstep she kneeled down. She touched the baby lightly, taking care not to wake it up. It was real. And that meant that this was actually happening.

Natasha had never had any plans on having a child. She'd never had any interest in them. But seeing this baby out, she was overwhelmed with concern that gave her energy. She wasn't tired any more, too anxious over this small creature, especially as she saw a strange cut on his forehead. Did someone do that on purpose? She picked the child up, and as she did, she found a letter in the blanket. This had better have some answers, she thought. And they had better be good. What could possibly excuse leaving a baby outside, alone, at night, in Surrey, in November?

Mr. and Mrs. Dursley,

I am terribly sorry to inform you of the death of your in-laws James and Lily Potter. They were killed yesterday evening by a dark wizard who goes by the name of Voldemort. He also tried to kill their son, your nephew, Harry. However due to unknown causes, Voldemort's spell rebounded, killing him, and leaving young Harry with only a cut, and ending the dark wizards reign of terror.

Unfortunately, he still has supporters, and they may try and seek Harry out to try and kill him in revenge. I have placed wards around your house so that he can't come near you and your family so long as Harry remains with you until he's seventeen. As such, and as his last living relatives, I have given him to you to raise as your own.

Wishing you well,

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

Natasha read it over three times, hardly believing it. Wizards? She looked at the boy. Alright, she thought. Why not? I'm on a team with a genius, super soldier, a god, and a giant green rage monster, so I guess I can believe in wizards. She read it a fourth time. So the boy was orphaned by an evil wizard. Were his parents wizards, too? And if he must go to his aunt and uncle, couldn't this Dumbledore guy have at least made sure he made it inside?

She knocked on the door. Nothing happened. She knocked again. She heard another baby crying inside. A few minutes later a fat man with a stupid looking mustache came out. He glared at her, his face a rather comical shade of purple.

"What do you want?" he said angrily. "Waking us up in the middle of the night. Who is up at this ungodly hour?" Natasha frowned. This Dumbledore was sounding more and more like a fool.

She handed him the letter. "You in-laws are dead," she said bluntly. "This is their son. Apparently, you and your wife are his new guardians." She made an attempt to smile, but the purple man made that difficult as he groaned.

"Pe-petunia!" he tried to shout. A few moments later a blonde woman with a really long neck came out, trying to calm down a wailing baby. Who knew hippos could reproduce with giraffes?

"What?" she snapped. Natasha tried to judge her and her husband. After all, Natasha had woken them up in the middle of the night, and they were parents of a… baby. Why did that one have to cry so much?

Harry woke up and started crying, much to the horror of the Durleys.

"Shut it down!" Mr. Dursley hissed. "You'll wake the neighbors!"

"And yours won't?" she shot back. Both of the babies were crying, but the Dursley was being much more obnoxious. Natasha soothed the baby to the best of her ability, and after a few moments he calmed down.

"Vernon," Petunia whimpered. "What is that?"

"He's your nephew," Natasha replied. Petunia looked horrified.

"Take him away! Why did you bring that freak here?"

"So, he is a wizard, then?" Natasha questioned, trying to ignore these Dursleys.

"Don't-say-it!" Vernon sputtered.

Natasha ignored him. "Your in-laws are dead," she said, taking the letter from Vernon and giving it to Petunia. "You're Harry's new guardians."

"We won't do it!" Vernon said. "We won't tolerate this nonsense!"

"Vernon," Petunia said. "This says our house will be protected if we take him in." Vernon looked at her. "It won't be too difficult to raise him, and we'll be protected from… from their kind." Natasha looked at them. Who was this Dumbledore and had he ever met these people?

She stepped away from the Dursleys, moving her arm almost protectively over Harry. "If I give him to you, what will you do?"

"We'll feed him," Petunia said. "And when Dudley's done with his clothes, the boy can have them-"

"No," Natasha said. "You aren't raising this boy."

"But that letter," Petunia started.

"I'm not just leaving this baby with someone who'll probably starve and abuse him."

"Then what will you do?" Vernon said.

"I'll take him somewhere better than your place… and that doesn't take much. Now go back to sleep." She turned her heel and walked away.

"Hey, hey! Come back here!" Vernon said.

"I'm an assassin," Natasha said bluntly. "One of the best in the world. Now go back to sleep, or there'll be two orphans." Dursley turned white as a sheet, and went back inside with his wife. Natasha stood for a moment, then reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone.

"Natasha?" came Clint's worried voice. "Where've you been? Are you okay?" Natasha smiled at his concern.

"I'm fine, Clint. I just blew up my car, is all. I've been walking back to base."
"Alright… but shouldn't you be back by now?"

"Ah… I got side tracked."

"YOU got sidetracked? What-?"

"What do you know about babies?" Natasha interrupted. There was silence for a moment.

"Not much…" Clint said hesitantly. "Natasha… what…?"

"Look up as much as you can. About babies and wizards. I've got quite the story to tell."

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