"Sarah hurry up we don't want to miss our flight to Italy." my best friend Aura said as I ran down the driveway to her white mustang.

"I'm coming, i'm coming" I said as I jumped in the front seat with my duffel bag in hand and my New Moon book on my bag.

We had just gotten out of high-school and were now going to Italy for the summer before college started I was beyond excited I was practically bouncing in my seat we were finally getting away from our siblings and parents.

"Lets go then" I said as she laughed I sat back into the seat with the wind flying through my hair as I watched the scenery of our small little town pass by our destination was now Volterra, Italy.

-Time Laps to arriving in Volterra-

I woke up to a light bump signaling our plane had landed while I looked over to Aura who was squealing like a piglet playing in the mud all I could do was laugh at her.

"Did ya have a nice sleep Sarah?" she said as she laughed "I never knew you fell for Marcus in your dreams" she said as she laughed even harder poking me in the ribs while playing with a strand of her hair. "Oh Marcus I just lo...ve you" she said as she made kissing sounds with her lips.

I laughed smiling at her glad that I couldn't blush like Bella Swan otherwise I would have been beat red, at least she doesn't know who I was dreaming about she hasn't ever read the Twilight books.

"Shut up" I said to her punching arm her lightly as the flight attendant came over the intercom "Good afternoon everyone welcome to Italy you may unboard now."

We quickly undid our seat-belts as I stood opening the compartment to our carry on luggage I grabbed her bag throwing it at her as I laughed quickly grabbing mine as well. I started to walk down the aisle when I ran into someone dropping my book.

"I'm sorry ma'm let me help you" the kind man with brown hair and blue eyes told me as he grabbed my book looking at it while handing it to me.

"The names Jim I have read that book it's really good."

"Yes I know this is like the millionth time I have read this story and thank you." I said scurrying away off of the plane with Aura shortly behind me as the sun beat down on me while I put my sunglasses on.

Before she opened her mouth I said. "Welcome to Italy my friend we are finally here now lets go get a hotel room so we can go start exploring Volterra."

This is just the beginning my young readers I hope you enjoy this story so far. I hope you like it I will write more soon hoping tomorrow 'Thumbs up'