Warnings: Spoilers up to Supernatural episode 619 "Mommy Dearest" and for all Harry Potter books


Changes for HP canon - James and Lily moved to America to hide instead of staying in England for greater safety. Also, manipulative!Dumbles, just because I said so.

Changes for SPN canon – Castiel never made a deal with Crowley. Therefore, Civil War in heaven much smaller and completely AU after the killing of Eve.

Timeline Notes – Since the actual date is unknown, going with the idea that Eve was killed at the end of September 2011. The dates for Harry Potter have been altered drastically. Harry was born in 2010 in this story instead of 1980. Potters were attacked on Oct. 31, 2011 and that is when our story starts.

Disclaimer - Goes for whole story: I do not own Supernatural or Harry Potter. Mearly using and manipulating the characters for my own amusement.

Dean and Sam were, as per usual, driving cross country in Dean's '67 Chevy Impala, fondly referred to as Baby, with Dean's classic rock music blaring from the speakers and Sam trying in vain to tune it and Dean's off-key singing out. It was getting quite late and they were searching the smallish town they found themselves in for a cheap motel to stay for the night.

They were heading toward Bobby's house in Sioux Falls for a visit and hopefully a bit of a break from cases. After finally defeating Eve almost five weeks ago, the Winchesters had been traveling around, going after cases that seemed to be caused by leftover creations of the Mother of All. The brothers had just finished one where a small group of three Jefferson Starships – Sam mentally rolled his eyes at the name – had been stirring up trouble.

Sam sighed in relief as a motel finally came into view, when from off to the side, he saw a bright flash light up the night sky followed quickly by a large explosion of sound. Dean cursed and jerked the wheel to the side in surprise. He quickly pulled over and looked for where the explosion came from. After sharing a look with his brother, he turned the car around and headed toward the area.

It turned out to be a quaint housing area. Driving down the streets they could see children and their parents going from door to door, dressed in their Halloween costumes, begging for candy. It struck them as odd though. Nobody around was showing any interest in the fact that a house a few blocks away had just blown apart.

They finally found the source of the explosion on a dead end street with no other houses around it. They drove up to it slowly and looking around, saw no one else. No fire department, no police, no nosy neighbors, and no sirens signaling that they were on their way.

The Winchesters got out of the car and studied the house. Oddly enough, it wasn't on fire; just looked like a wrecking ball had been dropped through the roof. Sam started walking towards the front door when Dean put a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

"Wait." He had his head cocked slightly, like he was listening. "Do you hear that?"

Sam listened as well, but heard nothing. Suddenly Dean took off running to the door, pulling his gun on the way. He slammed it open and continued inside. Sam readied his own gun and followed quickly, just in time to see his brother taking the stairs to the next floor. Now that he was closer, Sam could make out the sound of a baby crying from upstairs. He made to follow again, but stopped at the foot of the stairs, staring at the ground. He could just see the shape of a man lying on the floor.

He bent down next to the guy cautiously and felt for a pulse, finding none. Letting his brother take upstairs, Sam began slowly moving around the bottom floor of the house, searching for whatever could have done this. Finding nothing, he made his way back to the stairs in time to see Dean coming back down with what he assumed was the child in his arms.

"Find anything?" he asked.

Dean shook his head in response. "Nothing that could have done this. Found this guy though. He was in his crib. There was a body of a woman lying in front of it. Guessing it was his mother trying to keep whatever it was away from him. She didn't have any kind of weapon, but she did have this in her hand." He held out what looked like a polished wooden stick. "Don't know what she was planning to do with it."

Sam looked at it before going back to the man's body. Sure enough, he was holding a piece of wood tightly in his right hand. Sam picked it up and showed it to the elder. "I think it was supposed to do something. He had one as well."

"Huh. Whatever it was, it didn't work." Dean looked around and saw a light switch on the wall. Turning it on, he took a closer look at the scene while still trying to calm the little boy down.

Sam brought out the EMF detector and started scanning it around. Finding nothing he headed up the stairs to the nursery. Walking in he found the dead woman on the floor like Dean had said. Looking up he found most of the roof had been blown off by something, along with some of the far wall. He scanned the area quickly, once more finding nothing, and headed back down the stairs.

Dean was slowly rocking the now sniffling child while studying the wall. Seeing his brother he pointed to a series of scorch marks on both sides of the hallway. "See these?" he asked quietly. "It's like someone lit some firecrackers and set them loose in the hallway. There are more down at the end by the front door." Sam nodded and after another quick look around they headed back outside.

"We should call the cops. Don't know why anyone hasn't yet."

Dean handed over the now sleeping boy and pulled out his phone. "Yeah, I need to report an incident." Sam heard him say when someone answered. "There was an explosion at a house. I think someone was caught in it." As his older brother talked, Sam went back to the car and sat in the passenger's seat with the infant in his lap, still asleep. "Yeah, it's 2096 Sidewind Ct… No this isn't a Halloween joke!... What do you mean? I'm standing right in front of it!... I'm telling you this isn't a joke!... No wait – Son of a bitch!" Dean looked angrily at his phone before stuffing it in his pocket and making his way over.

"What happened?" Sam asked after he got in the driver's side.

"Damn operator thought I was lying. When I told him the address, he said there was no house here and wouldn't let me get a word in to say otherwise. Then he said if I called back he'd have me arrested and hung up on me! What the hell?!"

"Well, what are we gonna do with the kid?"

"Since the cops aren't coming here, we'll head to the station and hand him over. They can deal with him." He started the car and drove to do just that.

"What the hell is wrong with these people?!" Dean exclaimed later that night. They had just been to the station and the cop in front had reacted just as the emergency operator had. They had walked in and said they had found the child in a destroyed house. The policewoman had then taken the child and asked where the location was in order to send someone to check the place out. After telling her the address, she had gained a strange look on her face and shoved the boy back into Dean's arms, saying there was no house or family living there and wouldn't hear otherwise or take the kid back. After once again getting threatened with arrest if he didn't leave, the brothers had gone back to the Impala.

Deciding to keep the boy with them for now and figure out what to do later, they started back to the motel they found earlier.

AN - A random plot bunny that hit me this morning literally just as I woke up. It kept bothering me and growing bigger, so I gave in and decided to write it down. I don't have anything planned past the first couple chapters and actually, I doubt I ever will. So, if anyone likes the idea and wants to continue it, they have my blessing. Just please let me know first!