Soul Eater

I just couldn't get myself to update 'Untouchable' today. I really did try, but I couldn't. So I decided to start on this story today. I was going to post this once I was done with my other story, but I couldn't help myself. We'll see how far I can go with this one. :)

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Chapter 1 - Stirring

Many long, sad years had passed, but Maka's hope still burned inside her. There was no sign of movement, no sign of life, but Maka didn't lose faith. She wished for the day her mother would wake up from her coma and look at her with happiness that the nightmare was finally over. Maka hoped that one day she would walk into the hospital to receive the good news that her mother had made it through.

She wished to see her mother's smile and to hear her mother's laughter once more. She wished to see her mother walking and gossiping like the way she always did. She wished her mother would hurry up and wake up so they can continue on living together. Maka missed her so much. She missed everything about her and she regretted not telling her how much she loved her before the accident.

It was okay, though. Her mother was going to make it through. Her mother was going to live. Maka was sure of it. Her mother wasn't the type of person to give up so easily. She had already been fighting for her life for so many years. She had been in coma for so many years and Maka stilled lived with the chance that she would wake up one day. That's why she didn't disconnect her from the machines that helped her breath. That's why she kept paying the expensive hospital bills that were leaving her broke. That's why she visited her every day, mostly in the mornings, to indirectly give her strength and show her that she wasn't alone. Maka was still there for her and no matter what happened she would always be there.

If only she had stopped her from driving that day. If only she had told her to stay a bit longer. If only she had told her to stay the night. Nothing would have happened. She wouldn't be in that situation. She would be alive, she would be breathing, she would be happy. But, no. She had to drive out late Saturday night, when youngsters are drunk and crazy. It wasn't her fault. She wasn't suppose to get hit by a car, but those crazy drunk teenagers crashed into her and almost killed her. Those bastards didn't stop in the red light like the were suppose to. They never saw her mother's small car. They never saw the damage that they were going to cause. They ended up with a couple of scratches while her mother was sentenced to many years of coma.

That had happened so many years ago, but the feeling, the pain, the despair was still vivid in Maka's heart. She still remembered how she started crying like if it was the end of the world. She remembered how she had run to the hospital to see her mother's face covered in blood, pieces of glass pierced all over her body, and bruises patched in every part of her skin. It was horrifying to see her that way. It was painful to see her mother, her beautiful cheery mother fallen into deep sleep.

Then, she didn't wake up. No matter how many times she called her, her mother wouldn't respond. Her mother wouldn't open her eyes to look at her. That's when it began. That's when Maka's long years of waiting began. As the years rolled by, doctors kept insisting to disconnect the life support, but Maka didn't give in. She couldn't let her mother die that way. Even if the machines were keeping her alive, Maka didn't want to disconnect her. She believed in the day her mother would start breathing on her own and open her eyes without the help of anything.

Maka didn't have anyone, but her mother. She was the only one Maka could really count on and the one she could really trust. Her father didn't exist to her. He was never around. He never bothered to pay her mother a visit. He was always drowned in his drinking habits, flirting around with every woman he came across. It was disgraceful and shameful for her to have a father like him. He couldn't even realize all the pain she was going through. Her father couldn't stop to think that his actions were really hurting her. Ever since her mother had entered the hospital, Maka had only seen her father a couple of times in the past few years.

Sniffing and wiping away some of her tears, Maka walked out the hospital building, ready to go work. It wasn't far from the hospital and it only took her a couple of minutes by foot. That's why she was able to visit her mother every morning before work. She would brush her hair and talk to her. She would tell her what was going on in her personal and love life. She would stare at her anxiously, hoping she would answer back.

With a sigh, Maka looked up at the building where she worked at. It was beautiful and Maka was proud to say that she was an employee of the Evans Company, a part of the Financial Department. She, along with many other people, were in charge of controlling the expenditures. They had to make sure the company didn't go bankrupt since the President was known to make some very rash decisions. It was pretty boring at times, but since the pay was good, Maka endured her many days of boredom. She needed all the money she could get in order to pay for her mother's hospital bills.

After identifying herself herself at the entrance, Maka walked inside the building and headed toward the elevator. She secretly got herself ready for another day, but for some reason, she was out of energy. She barely had the strength to walk and to push the elevator button. Letting out another sigh, Maka waited for the elevator door to open before pulling out her cellphone. She stepped inside and pushed the button that would take her to the fourth floor.

Maka turned on her cellphone and was surprised to see a swarm of texts from her boyfriend, Kid. They had only been dating for a couple of weeks and Maka was already starting to regret her decision. She did like him. He was nice, sweet and considerate. He was extremely smart and he was almost complete with his first year of medical school. He was striving to be a doctor, a Forensic Pathologist to be exact. They had many things in common like their love for books. They could go on forever discussing their favorite books and Maka really enjoyed herself when she was with him. Even so, Maka couldn't get herself to love him.

When Maka finally arrived to her destined floor, she stepped into the hallway and was immediately greeted by her co-worker Tsubaki. Unlike other days though, she wasn't smiling and she seemed a bit too serious for her nature. Maka forced a smile on her face along with a small wave. "Hello, Tsubaki."

"Maka. I'm so glad you're finally here." Tsubaki told her as she pulled her over by her reception desk. She was in charge of receiving and making phone calls for the Financial Department, in other words a secretary. Then, for some reason, Tsubaki started whispering to her. "Maka, Mr. Buttataki wants to see you in his office. He told me to tell you that's it's urgent."

"What? Are you serious?" Maka asked her with disbelief. Joe Buttatki was the head of the entire Finance Department and no one could make decision without consulting him. He was the one that glued everything that had to do with money together. Without him, the Evans Company wouldn't be able to function properly. "Did he say what he wanted? Did I do something wrong?"

"I don't know. He just told me to tell you that he wants to see you in his office." Tsubaki told her again, fixing her wired headset in her ears. She grabbed Maka's hand and gave it a squeeze. "You should go Maka before he comes looking for you. It must be something important."

Maka patted her hand and tried to calm her down even though she could feel a tight knot forming in her own throat. Ever since she started working in the Finance Department, Maka had never been called in by her boss. The only times Mr. Buttataki calls in people is either to tell them that they're fired or that they're being transferred somewhere else. Maka hoped that didn't apply to her. "Alright, then. I'll go."

Now, Maka could feel her legs quivering as she walked down the long narrow hallways of her department. Each door she passed, Maka could feel her heart pounding loudly as she wondered what could possibly be wrong. She read the labels on the doors carefully until she finally came to the room she looking for. She stopped in front of the door that had Joe Buttataki's name engraved on it. Taking in a deep breath, Maka nervously knocked on the door and waited for a response.

When she heard someone telling her to come in, Maka's trembling hand opened the door. She stepped inside the surprisely big office and found Joe Buttataki sitting in his chair in front of his computer. He was rapidly typing something and didn't look up at her until he was finished. "Ah, Maka Albarn. Glad to you here. How are you doing?"

"I'm doing fine, Sir." Maka replied even though she wasn't doing fine at all. She felt more discouraged than ever and her mother's state of health made her feel worse. There wasn't a day Maka truly smiled with sincerity. The only reason depression hadn't taken over her body was because she had something rare called hope. "Is something wrong, Mr. Buttataki? Why was I called?"

His brief smile was quickly washed away as he told her to sit down in one of the chairs across from him. Maka did what she was told and watched him pull out some papers from his drawer. He examined them carefully, every now and then, he would look up at her. "Maka Albarn, age 23, bachelor's degree in accounting and economics, been working here for a year or so." He kept looking at the papers and Maka figured that they were her documents. "You haven't committed any major errors and I don't have a single complaint from you. Your work always gets done and you haven't had a single day off except on holidays. Quite impressive."

Maka wished he would just get straight to the point. If he was going to fire her, then he should just tell her and get it over with. Joe Buttataki kept looking at her papers before placing them in a manilla folder. "Well, Maka, the reason I called you in here is to tell you that you're getting a promotion."

"A promotion?" Maka repeated with some awe as she took the folder from Joe Buttatki's hands. She wasn't getting fired; she was getting transferred to another department. She should have figured as much.

"That's right, Maka. You're getting a promotion." Mr. Buttataki told her with some more enthusiasm as he leaned back in his wheely chair. He smiled at her before standing up and walking over to the window. This is when Maka took the chance to look around. His office was really big, probably the size of her small one room apartment. "Out of everyone that works in this company, you were chosen, because of your excellent work, to become the personal assistant of Soul Evans, son of the President of the Evan's Company."

Maka almost choked on her own saliva as she tried her best to hold in her cough. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Standing up anxiously, Maka began to protest. "I'm sorry, Sir. I'm glad I was chosen out of the many eligible workers here, but I have decline the promotion. I'm very comfortable working here in the Financial Department and I don't want to leave. I think it's better if you find someone else."

"Maka," Mr. Buttataki began as he grabbed his cup of coffee from his desk. He looked at her with concern eyes, almost shielded with pity. "Soul Evans is the Public Relations Director and he also manages this company's international connections. He has his hands quite full and his work is quite sloppy, but I'm sure you're the indicated person to assist him. With your experience, I'm sure you'll be able to help him with the financial reports and with international contracts. He's just like his father and he's always wasting more money than he really needs to. I'm surprised we haven't gone bankrupt yet."

Joe Buttataki laughed, but Maka didn't find anything humorous. She didn't want to work with the president's son. She didn't want anything to do with him. She wanted to continue on working in her peaceful office, where no one disturbed her and where she isolated herself from the world. "I'm sorry, Mr. Buttataki. I don't think I'm the right one for this job."

"Oh, but you will get a raise, Maka." Mr. Buttataki told her, which caught her complete attention. She looked at him with her eyes widen, her heart pounding a bit faster. If she was able to get more money in her hands, then her mother would be able to get better medical attention. She would be able to keep her breathing longer. "This is a promotion after all. You're status of importance will increase. I just need you to accept. Please accept this offer and become Mr. Evans assistant. What do you say?"

Maka didn't exactly know what she was going to do or who Soul Evans was, but she was intrigued with the idea of getting a raise. She needed it. She needed the money to not only pay her mother's medical bills, but also to pay her own bills as well. Maybe she could even move out of her one room apartment and get a bigger complex. Maka bit her lips as she pondered what to do.

What would it be like to work with a person she didn't even know? What would it be like to assist the son of the President? Maka had heard of him before and he was known to have a temper, but other than that, Maka knew nothing else. Taking a deep breath, Maka curled her hands into fists as she closed her eyes. Did it even matter? What was the worst that could happen? She would just have to learn to work with him because she needed the money.

"Mr. Buttataki," Maka said with some determination in her voice. "I accept. I accept to become the assistant of Soul Evans."


They were filthy disgusting creatures that strived the Earth, doing whatever they pleased. They were creatures filled with greed, arrogance and corruption. Murdering and killing their own kind for their own selfishness. Soul hated them. He couldn't stand being near them. They annoyed him to no end and he hated the fact that he needed them to live. It damn right pisses him off to think that he depended on humans for survival.

He had been living for almost 200 years and he still couldn't learn to live with them. He still couldn't learn to coexist with them. Because of that, he was forced by the clan to work in the Evans Company, a company smacked in the middle of Death City, Nevada, a company running a chain of hotels, spas, and vacation resorts. He was forced to work there so he could learn to accept humans and learn to live among them.

That's where the problem was. Soul didn't want to live among humans, he wanted to live above them. He didn't want to lower himself and his pride just to live with him. It was obvious by a long shot that vampires were superior over humans. It was clear that vampires could take over the planet any day, but they didn't. They didn't because of the necessity to feed from them. Without humans, vampires would probably go extinct.

That's why it was decided a long time ago, during the reign of Elizabeth 1, that vampires would live among the humans in secret. It was better if humans believed they didn't exist, so they wouldn't plunge themselves into unnecessary war. It was better for vampires to live in the shadows where they would be able to catch their prey easily and off guard. Soul could understand this, but it frustrated him to know that he would always live under the rule of weak pathetic ungrateful humans.

If there was one thing Soul had learned over the years is to not trust humans. They always changed their minds and they always did what was best for them. They didn't care about anyone, but themselves. They only lived for their own survival and for money. Soul had watched them carefully over his many years of life and he came to realize that humans were disgusting backstabbing creatures. He would see them rebel against their superiors, something a vampire would never do. He saw them behead and assassinate their own rulers. He would see them go into war for their own personal gain. He would see them trying to conquer every inch of the planet, destroying nature and their surroundings. Their greed knew no limits, their selfishness had no boundaries. Soul just couldn't see the good in them.

Leaning against his chair, Soul placed his feet on top of his desk as he stared up at the ceiling. It was barely morning and he was already bored. He had a ton of work to do, but he didn't feel like looking through it. He didn't feel like doing anything. After watching the world spin for so many years, being stuck in the office was the least thing Soul wanted to do. But, no. He had to be there. The head of Evans Clan wanted him to be there, so he had no choice but to obey. He would get squashed if he didn't follow his orders.

"Soul. Mr. Soul Evans?" Soul could hear someone saying behind the door. Rolling his eyes, Soul sat up straight in his chair before hearing a light knock. Who the hell was bothering him? Why couldn't they just leave him alone in his cold dark office? He didn't have any appointments scheduled. He didn't have any meetings he had to attend to, so who the hell was bothering him? "May I come in, Sir?"

Soul had never heard that voice before. It was new to him. Letting out a sigh, Soul crossed his hands and decided to let whoever it was that was bothering him come in. He would at least have something to entertain himself with. "The door's open."

The door slowly creeped open and that's when he saw a women step inside. She was dressed way too formal for his own liking and just looking at her made Soul sick. Her light brown hair was tied up in a bun, her skirt was knee length, and her nose was holding up some nerdy looking glasses. Soul looked at her from head to toe with disgust, wondering what she could possibly want.

Never in his 200 years of living had he ever fed on such woman like her. He always made sure to pick the prettiest women available. Of course, he always made sure to erase their memories afterward. He just needed humans to feed. He didn't want them clinging on to him. "So," Soul began, staring at her with his intimidating eyes as he intertwined his fingers. "Who are you? What do you want?"

She was nervous. He could tell just by looking at her. He could also smell her blood flowing rapidly inside her. "I don't know if you know already, but I'm your new assistant, Maka Albarn. I look forward to working with you."

"You're my what?!" Soul repeated with disbelief, looking at her with anger. "Who the hell told you something stupid like that?!"

"Mr. Buttataki told me personally that I was your new assistant and that I was suppose to help you." She paused while looking around with uneasiness. She took a step back when she saw him stand up. "He just told me this today, so maybe you were not informed? I don't know, but I'm suppose to be your new assistant."

Soul didn't need an assistant. He didn't want one. He didn't want some human to hang around with him. He didn't want to waste his time with a human that would only drag him down. Without a second to spare, Soul picked up the phone to connect with Joe since he was the one that had sent her over. He didn't need an assistant and there was no way he would ever take in a human.

He thought he had made that clear. He had told the President, Joe, and everyone else that he didn't want an assistant. He could do things on his own. He didn't need anyone checking up on him. He was a vampire for goodness sake. He could do anything he wanted whenever he wanted. He didn't need some human ordering him around and telling him what he should and should not do. He especially didn't want an assistant that was as ugly as she was. Even though she looked to be in her early twenties, she didn't look appetizing enough. He could barely stand to look at her.

"Yo, Joe, take this woman back. I told you already that I don't need a damn assistant. I can do fine on my own!" Soul told him without even bothering to look at the woman that was still standing there like an idiot. Why couldn't she just take a hint and leave? Couldn't she tell that she wasn't wanted? Then again, if humans weren't greedy and arrogant, they were slow and stupid. "I don't know what the hell you were thinking, but I don't want her here. If you don't take her back, then I'm firing her."

Without giving Joe a chance to reply back, Soul hung up the phone and sat back down in his chair. Then he looked at her again, hoping she had gotten the message clear that he didn't want her. "Go back to wherever you came from. I don't want you here. I don't need an assistant, so get out now."

She stayed quiet, but Soul could see her green eyes intensifying. She furrowed her eyebrows at him and Soul could feel a sense of confidence growing within her. "Please just give me a chance. Mr. Buttataki told me to come here, so please don't fire me. Please, let me show you that I am suitable enough to become your assistant."

"I refuse." Soul told her, ignoring her plead. Her eyes were starting to water, but Soul didn't care. The least thing he needed was a woman like her. "If you don't get out of my sight in three seconds, I swear I will have your ass fired. Get the hell out of here before I fucking force you. I'm not in the damn mood to be messing around with stupid humans like you. When I say no, I mean no. I don't want you here. I don't need you, so go back to wherever you came from. I'll pretend like I never met you."

With that, she left. She didn't say another word and she left. Soul was once again left alone in his dark isolated office with not even a crack of sunlight in sight. He hoped he never had to deal with something like that again. He hoped the President or Joe wouldn't send him another pathetic human. He hoped he hadn't finally gotten his message across. The woman he had just thrown out had been the fourth one that week. He knew he wasn't doing a good job as the Public Relations Director, but he sure as hell didn't want an assistant.

He didn't even have a secretary so why would he want an assistant? He was fine on his own. He didn't need anyone. That's how he has always lived. That's how he knew how to live. He didn't want to depend on anyone if he didn't have to. In his 200 years of life, Soul only depended on humans for blood. He didn't need them for anything else and that's the way he wanted to keep things.

It was better if he just pushed them away as far as possible.