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What Happens After Detention


April, 1998

"Michael? Can you hear me?" The voice speaking was soft and decidedly female, and for a moment, Michael didn't recognize who it belonged to. He slowly opened his eyes to see Susan Bones - red-haired Hufflepuff in his year - standing over him, Anthony by her side. He instantly wished that he hadn't woken up; his whole body ached, and he grimaced in pain, the events of hours before rushing back to him.

He and Morag had gone down to the dungeons in an attempt to rescue a first-year girl who had been chained up by the Carrows. Morag had managed to escape, taking the first year with her, but Michael had been caught by the Carrows, and he had been given the worst detention of his life. He had never experienced the Cruciatus Curse for so long before, and he hoped with all the strength in him he never would again.

"Where am I?" he asked, looking around the room. It was completely unfamiliar. He was laying in a bed, similar to the ones in the Hospital Wing, and there were a few other scattered beds throughout the room, as well as bookshelves and a few other assorted magical objects. Neville Longbottom and Seamus Finnegan were against the opposite wall, muttering to each other. "Is this the Room?" he asked, a flash of realization coming to him.

Susan nodded. "We took you to the Room of Requirement - figured you wouldn't be able to head to classes for a little while, which would only get you more detention. Thought it would be best for you to live here instead." She shot a glance at Anthony. "Now that he's up," she said to him, "can you go and get your supply of potions?" Anthony hurried off, leaving the Room; Michael knew Anthony's potions had been left in the dormitory. Anthony had taken over the responsibility of healing the Ravenclaws who had gotten injuries from detention, just as Susan had for the Hufflepuffs, and Fay had for the Gryffindors. The Carrows had instituted a new rule that Madam Pomfrey couldn't heal detention-related injuries; as a result, the task of healing students had fallen on other students.

He knew that his injuries were serious - not just because of how much his body still hurt, but because Susan was there. Susan was definitely the most capable out of the three student Healers; Anthony and Fay deferred to her in the few instances of very serious cases. If it had been just a normal detention, Anthony would have been able to handle it - after all, giving him a painkilling potion wasn't that difficult. "What happened to me?" Michael asked, realizing how hoarse his voice sounded.

Susan perched on the end of the bed, sitting gingerly as to not cause Michael any more pain. "You - you really want to know?" Her stutter also gave away the extent of his injuries; Susan was generally very calm and composed around her patients. She coughed slightly, as if to cover up the slip in her composed facade. "Lengthy exposure to the Cruciatus Curse. Multiple lacerations. Bruising. A minor concussion. A broken arm."

Michael's mouth formed an O. No wonder this hurts like hell. "Will you be able to fix everything?" he asked. His previous detentions had never been so severe - although he had never tried to rescue someone else from detention, which apparently counted as a major offense in the Carrows' book. He felt a stab of worry for himself; what if something went wrong in Susan's attempts to heal him? She was only seventeen - or eighteen, maybe, depending on when her birthday fell. She was no older than he was, and she held his life in his hands. He wasn't even close to her, either; he knew her from the D.A., but they had never been close friends.

"Yes," she said, sounding confident. Michael hoped her confidence was real. "As soon as Anthony gets back, I'll be able to give you some potions. I was able to heal your cuts while you were out, but I couldn't do much else - it's easier to give a conscious person potions than an unconscious one." Susan tucked a strand of red hair behind one ear, fussing with her messy bun. He couldn't help but notice that she was pretty. That was something Morag and Su would tease him about to no end - noticing girls while he was laying in a hospital bed. He could just hear them now. He shook those thoughts out of his head quickly, though - he was still happily dating Mandy Brocklehurst, and he was pretty sure that Susan had something going on with Ernie Macmillan.

Speaking of Morag... "Are Morag and the first year all right?" he asked, his mind focusing on Morag for an instant. He wouldn't totally put it past her to do something crazy in an attempt to help him; she had completely come out of her shell this year, becoming almost as wild and outspoken as Su.

"They're fine," Susan said. "The first year's being hidden in the Ravenclaw seventh-year girls' dormitory, since the Carrows would make her life hell if she went back to class. And Morag's fine, too - she knows you're safe, and she didn't get caught going back to your common room. The Carrows think you're the only person involved in letting the first year escape." She finally finished fixing her hair, and folded her hands on her lap. "How do you feel, Michael?"

"Like shit," he replied, wincing as he tried to adjust his position on the bed. Padma's disapproving face swam into the forefront of his mind; she didn't appreciate cursing, despite six years of living in the same bedroom as Morag and Su.

Susan raised one eyebrow. "Very eloquent, Corner." She couldn't keep a serious face for long, though; the corner of her mouth quirked up, and seconds later, she chuckled. "Don't worry, your potions will be here soon." She cast a glance at the door. "Hope Anthony's all right."

"I'll bet you five Galleons that one of the other seventh-year Ravenclaws started a conversation with him," Michael replied.

She rolled her eyes. "I'm not betting with you. Besides, I don't even have five Galleons on me. Nor would I want to give it to you, if I did."

Michael adapted a wounded look. "I'm hurt. That's not nice."

"If anything, you should be paying me," Susan retorted. "Since I'm healing you, and most Healers don't work for free."

"You're getting compensation," Michael said. "Your reward, payment, whatever - you get to spend time with me. That's something many girls at Hogwarts would kill for, you know."

"They can have you."

Michael put his hand over his heart with his good arm. "How you wound me."

"You know," Susan said, "you might want to stay on my good side." The slightest mischievous smile crossed her face. "Since, you know, I'm giving you potions, and it would be way too easy to slip something into one of them."

"What do you mean by 'something'?" Michael asked, wiggling his eyebrows. He was glad for the banter with Susan; it took his mind off the fact that his body was still throbbing with pain. He regretted not getting to know Susan sooner - this was amusing. And fun. "You know, I might not be opposed to you slipping a little Firewhiskey into one of my potions."

Anthony arrived just in time to hear that last sentence; his forehead wrinkled. "I don't think I want to know," he muttered, glancing between Michael and Susan. Susan's mischievous smile had disappeared, and her professional, serious look had found its way back onto her face.

"Thanks for the potions," Susan said to Anthony, opening the box and peering inside, taking a few of them out and examining them critically. Anthony turned away for a second, adjusting his robe, and Susan's gaze found Michael again. Her look held that same air of mischief as it did before, and she uncorked one of the potion bottles, pretending to pour something into it. Michael chuckled, and in that moment, he knew that this wasn't over. He would talk to Susan Bones again - he'd make sure of it.

The look in her eyes suggested that she was thinking the same thing.