Just My Blood Type

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This story is a recreation of the book Twilight starting at chapter 5. Blood Type. the characters will be slightly out of character-mostly Edward and a teeny bit Bella.

"Will you go to Seattle with me?" he asked, still intense.

I couldn't speak yet, so I just nodded. He smiled briefly, and then his face became serious.

"You really should stay away from me," he warned. "I'll see you in class.

Edward the Enigma

Edward Cullen sure is a force to be reckoned with. Seriously, what is with all the mood swings? He tells me—no, actually, he warns me to stay away from him, claiming he isn't a good friend to have, and then...what? Asks me out on a day date?

I just cannot seem to wrap my head around the enigma that is Edward Cullen. I guess I'd have all of Saturday to try to tear it apart, piece by frustrating piece.

I made my way to English in a dreamlike daze, my head so full of Edward that I bet he could feel the ego boost from across the school. Here I am, wasting all my time thinking about him like he's some kind of God.

Well, he is actually quite godly, but he doesn't need the encouragement.

He consumed my thoughts so thoroughly that when I fist arrived to class, I didn't even realize that it had already started. I glanced at the clock and cringed inwardly.

Twelve freaking minutes late! How did I even manage that?

Mr. Mason was a tyrant for time, and I knew I was in for a little lashing. Yay.

"Oh, Isabella," he greeted me in a disparaging tone, his mouth turned up in a mocking sneer. "Thank you for finally gracing us with your presence. Please, have a seat if it isn't too much trouble."

I blushed a feverish red and hurried to my seat. I sat hunched over for the majority of class, only looking up and pretending to pay attention when I could feel Mr. Masons stony glare on me. It wasn't until the bell rang, scaring me out of my head, that I realized Mike wasn't sitting in his usual seat next to me.

I felt a bit guilty for hurting his feelings. That wasn't my intent. He is a good guy. I just wasn't interested. But my guilt faded slightly when I was met at the door by a smiling Mike and Eric. I figured I wasn't deemed a total ice queen by the scorned male population of Forks High.

Though he would cast longing glances at me every few seconds, Mike seemed to come alive more and more as we walked to class together. To make up for so blatantly turning him down, I smiled and hung on to his every word as he talked enthusiastically about the weather report for this weekend. Apparently, the beach trip was looking more possible by the minute; the rain was supposed to clear for a few hours that day.

I attempted to sound as enthusiastic and eager as he was, but I think I failed, if his disappointed frown was any indicator.

The rest of the morning passed in a boring, same-old-same-old blur.

I was getting restless to see Edward again, talk to him and make sure I didn't make that whole conversation up in my moronic and slightly obsessive mind. It's like he had completely invaded my conscious—and unconscious—mind and set up shop, taunting and teasing me with that darn swoon-worthy smile and eyes that had as many moods as he did. Sometimes I felt that maybe Edward had, I don't know...feelings for me. Like, maybe...attraction? I quickly squashed that thought like a bug. I made it up in my mind. Only imagination Edward could find me appealing on any level.

I wasn't so self-degrading that I thought no one would ever want me, but Edward Cullen was on a whole different level.

I'm way, way down here in Average Land, and he is way, way up there in Stunningly-Beautiful-I-Want-To-Touch-It Land.

I was frightened, impatient and jittery as all hell as lunch finally rolled around. I walked with Jessica to the cafeteria, her arm linked in mine as if we had been best friends forever instead of just mere acquaintances for a few weeks. She loved the attention I received. She bathed in it. I just couldn't wait for New Girl-itis to fade so I could become the wall flower I am so good at being.

I smiled politely and listened as she babbled on and on about the dance and 'how very sorry she is that I won't be going' and blah blah blah. The only thing I was even vaguely interested in was when she mentioned that Angela gained the courage to ask Eric to the dance.

Good for her. I knew Eric wasn't exactly her cup of tea, but at least she'd be able to go out and have a good time at the dance like everyone else.

As we entered the cafeteria, my eyes immediately sought out that magnificent head of bronze hair. I had to hold back the disappointment from bubbling over when I seen that the table had only four occupants, none of them the one I wanted to see.

Had he gone home?

Had he realized how obsessive I was about him and gone to get a restraining order put out on me?

It was irrational. Completely and utterly moronic. I shouldn't feel this way at the lack of his presence. It's actually quite darn pathetic. I might need some professional help if I keep this up.

I looked away from the four godly beauties and held my head high as Jessica and I got into the food line, she was still talking my numb ear off. I couldn't help feeling crushed that I couldn't see him – how freaking pathetic, I know. I had lost my appetite and bought nothing but an Eco-friendly bottle of pink lemonade and followed Jessica to our table to stew and sulk.

I took a long refreshing pull of my lemonade, letting my mind wander. Of course, it wandered too far and I was back to thinking about a certain infuriating individual. Mostly, I just wondered how he was able to affect me to greatly. What was about him that pulled me in so tightly and refused to let go?

I took another drink, my eyes flickering back and forth between my table and theirs.

I smacked my lips together at the overabundance of sugar in one bottle and nearly fell over when Jessica grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear hotly.

"Edward Cullen is staring at you...again!" she hissed, her voice conveying her jealousy and hostility. But I barely paid attention to that nonsense.

I was like a dog being thrown a bone.


My ears perked up and I followed her gaze to the other side of the room, across from where he usually sat, Edward stood, leaning against an almost empty table, his arms holding onto the table behind him and that darn smirk in place. When he caught my eye, his smile grew so wide it was near frightening; his white teeth gleaming under the harsh lights. He lifted one hand and motioned with his index finger for me to join him. I watched in astonishment as he sat down, never looking away from me.

"Does he mean you?" Jessica asked, finally breaking me out of my trance. I could feel my face scrunch up in insult at her utterly astonished tone that he could really be talking about me.

What, did she think he was gesturing for her?

That thought really got me riled for some reason. What claim did I have over the boy? I shook my head and forced a smile at Jessica. "Maybe he needs help with his Bio homework," I offered to placate her. I twisted the cap back on my drink and stood from the table.

"I'll just go see what he needs," I muttered, already walking over to him, his eyes drawing me in like a zombie in a trance.


I could feel dozens of eyes watching me cross over to the pale, hypnotic boy. Their stares burned into my skin, but I couldn't really blame them, or be bothered by their stunned looks. I smiled shyly at him as I finally reached the seat across from him. Standing behind the chair, I wavered unsure, my eyes connecting with Edward's shyly.

"Why don't you sit with me today?" he inquired with a tilt of his head and a devilish smile.

Like I would say no?

I sat down automatically, watching him with a cautious and curious gaze. "This is..." I struggled to find the right words. This is what? Odd? Strange? Awesome? A dream come true? I inwardly scoffed at myself and shook my head, settling for, "different."

Because it was. Different, that is.

Here I am, Plain Jane Bella Swan, sitting across from what has to be the most beautiful person to ever walk the earth. I had trouble believing that he was even real. I kept my eyes wide open, afraid he would just disappear in a sudden puff of smoke. I had to clasp my hands around the neck of my bottle to kee from poking him—just to make sure.

"Well..." he paused, smirking boldly at me. His words were slow and precise as his eyes refused to let mine go. "I decided as long as I was going to hell, I might as well do it thoroughly."


I waited for him to say something—anything, that made some sense, but lost hope as the seconds ticked by. I huffed and leaned in a little closer. "You know I don't have even the slightest idea what the heck you're talking about, right?" I hissed impatiently.

He blew air out of his nose and then chuckled quietly to himself. "Yeah, I know," he smiled. His eyes left mine for a second as they caught something over my shoulder.

"I think your friends are angry with me for stealing you away."

I glanced over my shoulder and noticed Mike, Jessica, Lauren, Tyler, Eric and Angela all staring at us. Some looked angry, some looked mystified, and others—Angela—just looked on with polite curiosity.

I looked back at Edward and rolled my eyes. "They'll get over it."

I could feel their stares boring into the back of my head.

Edward shifted his eyes over my face, titling his head thoughtfully. "Maybe not," he whispered, meeting my eyes again, that devilish smile back in place. "I may not give you back," he said with a wicked glint in his eyes. It sent warning shivers through my body, making my hairs stand on end. I swallowed down the huge rock that was suddenly in my throat, avoiding his eyes.

He laughed. "You look worried," he commented, raising his eyebrow at me challengingly.

"No," I breathed, not wanting to use my voice for fear of it breaking. "I'm just a little surprised, actually. What brought all this on? I mean, I thought you wanted to keep your distance."

I couldn't hold back the look of discontent at my words. Just the thought of more distance between us kind of hurt. I couldn't fathom why, but it did.

He reached across the table, as if to take my hand, but quickly drew it back and ran it though his hair, snorting and shaking his head.

"I did," he said not looking at me anymore. His eyes focused on a blemish on the table. "But I'm giving up," he sighed frustrated.

I was silent until his eyes found mine, and then I muttered, "You've lost me again. What do you mean by, 'giving up'?"

"I mean I'm giving up with this whole 'trying to be good' facade," he said, his tone taking on a seriousness I couldn't comprehend. He continued before I could think too much about it. "I mean, it's just so tiresome. It's boring. I'm tired and bored of letting the things I want slip from my grasps. I'm going to just do whatever the hell I want from now on and let the chips fall where they may." He slammed his fist down on the table, scaring the everliving crap out of me and the band geeks at the other end.

When he noticed the frightened look on my face that devilish smirk reappeared tenfold. "I always say too much when I'm talking to you." He shook his head. "That's a big problem." His eyes bored into mine as he looked up at me through his long, dark red eyelashes.

"Heh..." I laughed nervously. "Don't worry. I never actually understand a thing you say anyway."

"You will," he smiled wryly.

The silence carried on for a few minutes as I tried—once again—to wrap my mind around Edward Cullen. Every other sentence to leave his tempting mouth made little to no sense at all. It was frustrating but, also...mesmerizing. I needed to know more. I needed to understand him and this strong pull I felt toward him.

I'd probably drive myself crazy trying.

"So...are we, like, friends now?" I asked trying to decipher what his babbling was about. He said he was giving up trying to stay away from me, right? What does that mean?

"Friends..." he mused with a smile playing at the edge of his mouth. I much prefer smiley Edward to scowly Edward.

"Yeah, you know, like, a person to talk to—or at."

Edward snorted a few times before throwing his head back and letting out a loud raucous laugh. Every head in the cafeteria snapped in our direction. I dipped my head and felt my cheeks flush with heat.

"Or not," I muttered feeling foolish.

"No, no," he snickered, finally sobering up. "Id love to be friends, Bella."

"Okay," was all I could manage to get out.

I bit my lip to hide the smile I felt coming on, and looked away from him. I caught the eye of Edward's smaller sister, Alice. She was smiling brightly at me with her hands clasped under her chin. I gave her a tight lipped smile in response, then looked away from her and down at my bottle. I twisted the cap off and set in down on the table, picking up the pink liquid and sipping at it to busy myself.

"What are you thinking," Edward asked suddenly.

I looked up, startled. His eyes were watching me curiously and I got lost in the dark depths of them, became befuddled, and, as usual, stupidly blurted out the truth.

"I'm trying to figure out what you are."

It was the truth. It was always at the forefront of my mind. Who is, what is, this boy I am so fascinated with? He's a sure enigma that I desperately wanted to crack the code on.

"Are you having any luck with that?" he asked, reaching across the table and grabbing the cap to my lemonade, spinning it between his fingers, then letting go and allowing it spin between us. He didn't seem surprised by my words, at all.

"No, actually," I admitted. "Not too much."

"What are your theories?" he asked with a dark chuckle.

I blushed. I had been fluctuating during the last month between Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker, but there was no way in hell I was going to tell him that. I'd embarrassed myself enough in front of him, no need to add on to it with my stupid theories.

"Aw," he pouted, leaning over the table, crushing the still spinning cap under his chest. "Won't you tell me?" he asked, tilting his head to one side, blinking up at me so innocently, but he wasn't fooling me.

"No way," I deadpanned, smirking. He couldn't have everything his way with a twitch of lips and a wink of his eye.

He growled lowly and pushed himself back, falling heavily on the chair. "That's really frustrating, you know," he complained like a petulant child, even crossing his arms over his chest and pouting.

"No," I disagreed quickly, my eyes narrowing into slits. "I can't even begin to imagine why that would be frustrating at all—just because someone refuses to tell you what they're thinking, even if all the while they're making cryptic little remarks specifically designed to keep you up at night wondering what they could possibly mean...now, why would that be frustrating?"

Note the epic amount of sarcasm.

Edward dipped his head before I could read his expression, but I could have sworn he was smiling, the smug little...

"Or better," I continued, the pent-up annoyance flowing so freely now, "say that person also did a wide range of bizarre things—from saving your life under impossible circumstances one day to treating you like a pariah the next," my voice and tone gained heat as I carried on, glaring at his smug downward face, "and he never explained any of that, either, even after he promised he would! That, also, would be very non-frustrating, don't you agree?"

"You've got a bit of a temper on you, don't ya?" he asked, lifting his head and looking me in the eyes.

I growled under my breath, but he just chuckled. "I don't appreciate double standards," I retorted angrily. This boy, he really pushed the wrong buttons on me.

His smile fell and we spent the next few minutes in a staring contest, one which neither opponent was willing to lose. But then, suddenly he was scowling. His eyes darted away from mine and over my shoulder.

"Your little boyfriend seems to think I am being unpleasant to you – he's debating whether or not to come break up our fight and teach me how to treat a lady." He scoffed indignantly.

"I don't have a clue who you're talking about," I replied frostily, still glaring at his smug face. His eyes met mine again and a smile his full lips slowly spread into a smile. "But I'm sure you're wrong anyway."

"Oh yeah?" he challenged, quirking his eyebrow.

"Yeah," I retorted. "I don't have a boyfriend, or a want for one for that matter."

The smile turned down at the corners and he went back to scowling. He grabbed the bottle cap and started spinning it furiously. More silence passed and it wasn't until a few minutes later that he finally stopped his assault on the cap and huffed, glancing up at the empty table between us.

"You're not hungry?"

"No." Short. Clipped. To the point. I was actually quite done speaking with him. He's nothing but a headache, but something refused to let me just get up and leave. I was super glued to my seat. I looked to the empty space in front of him and raised my eyebrow. "You?"

"Yes, very," he murmured, his eyes falling to my neck for a moment before shooting back up to my eyes. "But I'm on a diet." I didn't understand his expression—it looked as if he was enjoying some private joke.

"Can you do me a favor?" I asked after a second of awkward hesitation. I figured that since I couldn't seem to leave him alone, and he wouldn't leave me alone, I should clear a few things.

He shrugged, leaning back in the chair. "That depends on what you want."

"It's not much," I assured him. At least, I didn't think so.

He stared blankly, waiting with patient curiosity for me to continue.

"How about the next time you decide to ignore me for no apparent reason other than it's your time of the month," I sneered boldly, "you warn me beforehand so I am more prepared." I usually wasn't so open and forward but smug, cocky Edward brought out the worst in me.

He snickered, looking across the cafeteria in the direction of his usual table before finding my eyes again. "Oh, don't worry, Bella. I won't be ignoring you ever again."

His eyes held determined truth, his mouth set in seriousness. Nothing about what he said left room for debate or challenge.

I nodded my head. "Good, then."

"Do I get a favor in return?" he inquired.

"Of course," I said reflexively, cringing almost immediately after.

"Tell me one of your theories."

Well, crap. "Not that one."

He shook his head. "You didn't specify what I could and couldn't ask," he pointed out with a gleeful smile. "You just promised a favor."

I cursed under my breath, blinking rapidly trying to come up with an out. I could just point-blank refuse, but that might dissolve some of the progress we had made—and it wasn't much to begin with.

"Might I remind you that you've broken plenty of promises yourself," I reminded him with a smug nod of my head.

So, ha!

He just rolled his eyes, the corner of his mouth twitching. "And I thought you didn't like that. You wouldn't want to stoop to my level, would you?" he retorted with a smug nod of his own.

Darn... He's good.

"Fine," I groaned, racking my brain for the least embarrassing theory and coming up short. I settled for, "Bitten by a radioactive spider." At least I could count on the fact that Spider-Man is freaking awesome and anyone compared to him wouldn't be offended.

Edward looked contemplative for a moment. "That's actually not a horrible theory," he said.

"Am I right?" I asked feeling excitement course through me at the prospect of cracking the enigma before me and final setting a piece of the jagged puzzle in place.

"Nope," he smirked.

Crap. I should have known it wouldn't be that easy.

"Well, that's all I got," I mumbled, peeling the cover off my lemonade to distract myself from the infuriating boy and the many questions surrounding him.

"Sorry to disappoint."

"I'll figure it out eventually."

"You think so?" he asked.

"Yes," I hissed, determined. I had to figure it out or the mystery would eat me alive.

Edward suddenly shot up from his seat and grabbed my hand, stopping it from tearing the wrapper to shreds. My startled eyes met his dark ones in a heated stare. "What if you don't like what you find out, Bella? What happens then."

His smile was playful, but his eyes impenetrable. "What if I'm not the hero, huh? What if I'm the bad guy?"

The bad guy?, I thought dubiously. He couldn't be. He saved my life. Last I checked that fell into the category of a hero, not a villain. Is there a gray area? I had to look away from his eyes. I noticed that the cafeteria was almost empty and jumped to my feet. Edward, very reluctantly, let my hand free.

"Um, we're going to be late," I told him, rubbing the pulsing skin that he had just been touching.

He looked away from me, down to his own hands with a satisfied smile playing on his lips. He quickly shook his head, as if to clear it and began twirling the cap so fast it was just a dizzying blur.

"I'm not going to class today," he said barely above a whisper.

"Why not?" I tried to hold back the disappointment.

He's a jerk, I reminded myself. I shouldn't be disappointed to spend time away from his smug self.

But I was. What does that say about me?

"It's healthy to ditch class every now and then." He smiled up at me and I couldn't help but think that I had never seen this boy smile so darn much. It was hypnotizing.

I rubbed my hands over my eyes and turned away from him, heading to the doors. "Well, I'm going," I told him. I was far too big a coward to risk skipping class and getting caught.

"I'll be seeing ya, Bella," he called after me. The tone of his voice sent chills down my spine. I had a feeling that things were going to get very interesting.

A look at what is to come:

"No," Mike protested, pulling me back to his chest with a rough yank on my arm. I was feeling so sick and weak that I just fell into him. "I'm supposed to take her to the nurse. Beat it, Cullen."

Mike pulled me closer and started heading in what I figured was the direction of the nurses office, practically dragging me along with him.

"Fuck off, Newton," I heard Edward growl somewhere close to me. Mike came to an abrupt stop and I slammed into him. I could feel the bile rising in my throat and I didn't know how much longer I could hold off. I felt two cold hands grab at my arms and suddenly the ground disappeared from beneath me. My eyes shot open in surprise and Edward's face hovered above mine, his eyes trained something in front of us.

"Run along now," he sneered, holding me closer. "I've got Bella now." Something about his words, the way he spoke them, made me think he meant it as more than just escorting me to the nurse.

"But, I-"

"I said she's mine!"

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