Author's Note: I know events are out of order but I thought the Zanpakuto rebellion would be perfect for this. :) Enjoy!

Several months later.

Ichigo frowned as he looked for Grimmjow. He could feel the arrancar's reiatsu, mainly because it was slapping him in the face. The feeling was distressed and fluctuating, which worried him greatly. But he wasn't in the training area and Ichigo was having trouble -

Oh, for grief's sake King. Let me do it. Ichigo grimaced but nodded, taking a back seat and letting Shiro assume control. He knew it creeped the Visored out mightily when he did this, but none of them had the kind of understanding he did with Shiro. He sometimes wondered if that was because they had once been shinigami. Were their hollows different? Or did the shinigami mindset stop them from even considering that their hollows could be partners?

"Ah, right." Ichigo heard his hollow's echoing tones, and then Shiro was climbing up a ladder to the roof. That puzzled the teen greatly. What would Grimmjow be doing there?

Apparently, he was trying to be alone, and he wasn't very glad to see them. The arrancar was sitting in a corner of the roof, his knees pulled up to his chest and his face resting against them. When Shiro tried to come closer the ex-Espada lifted his head and snarled. Shiro scowled and flared his power, a clear warning to the less powerful male. But Grimmjow just flared his power right back. It still had a very distressed edge, though.

Let me. I think this might be something better suited to human interactions.Ichigo could have simply yanked back control, and if this had been an emergency it would have, but it wasn't that urgent. Shiro grudgingly yielded control back and Ichigo knelt down, keeping his distance from the arrancar.

"Grimmjow, what's wrong?" He kept his voice gentle and as soothing as he could make it. The arrancar sniffed, looking away.

"Nothing. I'm just being stupid." He muttered and Ichigo tilted his head to one side. "The egg... Kisuke says it split. I'm carrying two now."

"Oh." For a moment Ichigo couldn't understand why that would upset Grimmjow, and he could feel Shiro's puzzlement. For a hollow, more cubs were always better. But then they both got it at the same time. "Oh... you're afraid they'll be conjoined again?" Grimmjow hadn't liked delving into that memory, but he'd detailed the lost children for Urahara anyway and Ichigo had been listening. The scientist had been impressed that Grimmjow had managed to give birth at all. In a human or shinigami, that kind of deformity would have necessitated a c-section. Grimmjow nodded.

"I don't want to eat my cubs again." He muttered and Ichigo swallowed, reminded of what Shiro had told him. That Grimmjow might not show it much, but he was suffering from the loss of those girls. "Bad enough the first time, I don't think I can do it again."

"Hey, calm down." Shiro manifested and knelt down beside Grimmjow. Instead of flaring his power, he made it a gentle blanket over the arrancar. Grimmjow relaxed a touch, but only a touch. "I'll be there. I can eat them if you can't do it." Shiro said comfortingly and Ichigo almost choked, forcibly reminded that he was dealing with hollows.

"It won't come to that." He said firmly. "We have Kisuke, Unohana and even Mayuri, if we need him. They'll think of something. And we don't even know that they'll be conjoined. That's usually just a defect, Grimm. They'll probably be fine." Although the fact that they were identical twins probably made the chances higher. Grimmjow nodded.

"I know. I'm just being stupid. But it hurts, is all." He took a deep breath, stretching out his legs and relaxing his body language. "I'll be fine, really. Sorry about getting in your face." He half apologized for flaring his power. Shiro grinned.

"Tch, we like it don't we King?" He leaned in to give Grimmjow a nip and the arrancar growled low in his throat, arching slightly at the attention. Ichigo laughed and crawled closer, leaning in to grip the front of his pants.

"You know, I bet Kisuke doesn't have any cameras here." He said and grinned as Grimmjow smiled. "And Tigre's off watching Karin's soccer game. Why don't we cheer you up?"

"I'd fucking love that." Grimmjow said with a throaty growl and the two of them closed in. Shiro sliding up to Grimmjow's side, exploring his neck and chest while Ichigo opened his pants, freeing him from the confining cloth. Ichigo smiled before lowering his face and taking the arrancar in his mouth. For hollows, that was normally a subservient act, but Shiro and Grimmjow both knew better than to make assumptions. So Ichigo teased the other man with his tongue, making Grimmjow arch and moan. Then he looked up as the arrancar shifted and grinned at the sight. Grimmjow was sitting in Shiro's lap now, rubbing teasingly against the white hollow. He made a pretty good lap dancer, but from the looks of it there would be more than teasing going on soon. Ichigo went back down onto the arrancar, bobbing his head over the thick erection.

This was going to be a good time.

"And they said I was crazy for putting up a pigeon camera." Urahara said, marvelling at the scene on the screen. "Kurotsuchi will be so pleased!"

In all his experimental data, the one thing he'd been missing had been direct observation of how hollows mated. Of course, since Ichigo was involved it wouldn't be pure hollows, but it was still the best they had. Field work in Hueco Mundo was difficult, to say the least. Until now, though, Grimmjow had shown an uncanny ability to outwit his cameras. The gum had only been the first of his tricks.

Urahara blinked as he watched Ichigo taking Grimmjow, doggy style, as Shiro participated. The white hollow was kissing his King and flicking his nipples as Ichigo rode the arrancar hard. Kisuke checked the secondary monitoring system. It detected power flows and he was getting good results there, too. A lot of power was being fed into Grimmjow, which was probably good for the twins.

"Hey you pervert what are you... up... to..." Jinta stopped and stared. Urahara stared right back before yelping and trying to cover his eyes. "WHAT THE FUCK!"

"Nothing! It's nothing!" He said frantically but Jinta was having none of it.

"That's not nothing, you fucking pervert! I feel violated! And Ichigo will fucking kill you if I tell him about that!" Jinta said and Urahara was in a bit of a quandary. He resorted to his first impulse.

"I'll give you five thousand yen not to mention this to anyone." He said desperately and the child under his hands suddenly went still.

"Deal. Pass it over, pervert." He said and Urahara let go of him to fish through his clothes, quickly handing over the money. Jinta kept his eyes carefully screwed shut. "And next time lock the door!" He said as he exited the room, avoiding more contamination. Urahara heaved a sigh of relief as he left.

He definitely did not want Ichigo and Grimmjow to know about this.

"My head is going to explode. There's going to be little bits of white bone and red and grey blobby bits – "

"Oh my god, do you have to be so graphic?" Karin snapped the book shut, looking revolted. Tigre just grinned. Grossing out his aunts was so easy! "Let's take a break. Want some ice cream?"

"Oh yeah!" He said enthusiastically. Ice cream was possibly his favorite thing in the world. And it was something his papi would eat, too.

It was kind of odd. Tigre had realized over time that Grimmjow had an aversion to anything that involved grains. He didn't know why and his papi couldn't explain it, but he didn't like bread, cakes, pastries or anything involving corn. Vegetables and meat were okay and they both loved cheese, although they tried not to think about how it was made. Ice cream was simply divine. Tigre thought he would stay in the Living World forever just for that.

But maybe not. He was very curious to see Soul Society. Grimmjow wasn't very keen on it, but Tigre thought it would happen sooner or later. He was just as much a shinigami as he was a hollow, after all. Kisuke had taken to calling him a born Visored, a true hybrid between the two. The scientist was eager to see if his new siblings would be the same way.

"What are you thinking about?" Karin asked as they ate the ice cream and Tigre blinked, realizing he had been very quiet there.

"Oh, just about the new bebe's." He said, licking his spoon. His ice cream was pralines and cream, his favorite. "I wonder what they'll look like." From what his papi had said, the dead babies had had blue hair. But there was no guarantee they'd come out the same a second time. It might not even be the same egg, although Grimmjow was pretty sure it was after the split.

"Identical twins. That's so cool!" Karin said enthusiastically. The whole family had been very happy to hear about the twins. Tigre grinned as he ate more ice cream. Even Isshin was pleased, although he still thought Ichigo could have waited a bit longer to start a family. Tigre didn't understand that too well. In Hueco Mundo, if you had the power to make babies you did it. There was no point waiting for tomorrow.

Tigre wondered a bit about his future. Going back to Hueco Mundo didn't have much appeal. He loved hunting and loved fighting, but when you got past that there wasn't much to do. Well, aside from finding a mate and making babies. That was always interesting, but you could do that in the Living World and so much more besides. He knew that was why his sire, grandsire and aunts were trying to teach him things. They wanted him to stay too, but it wasn't easy.

"I don't think I could go to this college thing." He confessed to Karin as he rinsed out his bowl. "It's just too hard. And grandpapi said I can't go into sports." He said with a scowl as Karin laughed.

"It wouldn't be very fair on the other competitors." She pointed out and Tigre had to nod. He could run them all into the dust without trying, even in his gigai. "Have you thought about the trades?" She asked and Tigre frowned.

"What's a trade?" He listened to her explanation, fascinated. "…Some of that sounds complicated." Electrician, in particular, sounded like it involved math. "But maybe I could be a carpenter." He'd discovered wood and all the fascinating things that could be done with it. His whittling skills were getting reasonably good, although he hadn't tried to actually build anything. Karin nodded.

"And there's other jobs that don't need much school, like being a chef." She said and Tigre tilted his head. Would he enjoy making food for other people? Maybe. "There's lots of possibilities."

"Maybe I'll stay then. I would like to see Soul Society, though." He mused before touching the hilt of his sword. "I can give souls konso. Theoretically, I could become a shinigami." That might be better in theory than in practice, though. How accepting would Soul Society be of a shinigami who could snap out ceros without even thinking about it? Who knew. Karin made a face and Tigre grinned. "I'd come back to see you guys, I swear!"

"You had better." She said, mock threatening him with a spoon. Tigre laughed.

They both looked up as Ichigo and Grimmjow entered the room. Tigre could immediately tell there was some kind of argument going on. There was a tension in the air and his papi was scowling. Daddy just looked determined.

"He's almost an adult, Grimmjow. It should be his decision." Ichigo said and Tigre perked up slightly. They were fighting about him!

"No. He's still my bebe." Grimmjow growled and Tigre frowned. It was true, he was still a bebe but… not really. He could survive on his own if his papi died tomorrow. It would be hard and he wouldn't like it, but he could do it. In a year or two he'd be ready for bebe's of his own.

"What's going on?" He butted in, wanting to know what they were talking about. Daddy gave him a smile as his papi growled.

"How would you like to go to Soul Society?" Ichigo asked and Tigre grinned widely. He'd just been thinking about that!

"I'd love to." He said sincerely and wasn't too surprised when Grimmjow growled. "Don't worry papi, I'll be fine. Daddy will take care of me." He reassured his papi and Grimmjow sighed, rubbing his face with one hand.

"I don't like it. Why do they want to see him?" He sounded anxious and a touch angry, which was pretty typical of his papi. When something worried him he always got angry. "They could never accept him. They hardly accept the Vizards!" They had managed to take them back, but it had taken hundreds of years and the confrontation with Aizen.

"I think they're mostly curious." Ichigo said calmly. "And maybe they are thinking about accepting him, who knows? I think it would be good to find out."

"And daddy will be there. Wouldn't it be good for me to meet them with daddy along?" Tigre put in, looking at his papi hopefully. He could tell Grimmjow was wearing down with his mate and his son against him. It helped that he was so close to adulthood and the new bebe's were coming. It was about time for him to become independent anyway.

"Oh fine, if you want." Grimmjow gave in with ill grace before giving Ichigo a sharp look. "You had better take care of him." He growled and his daddy just nodded, radiating quiet assurance. Tigre beamed, pleased with this new development. He was going to see Soul Society!

He honestly couldn't wait.

"So this is your son!" Rangiku bent over a bit to put herself on eye level with Tigre. Unfortunately, that gave him an excellent view of her cleavage and Ichigo sighed to himself as his eyes went wide. Shiro was snickering. "How cute!"

"…You're pretty." Tigre sounded like he'd been hit on the back of a head with a board and Ichigo winced.

And that was the sound of puberty happening! Hey, did we bring any condoms? Shiro asked, highly entertained. Ichigo ran a hand over his face, grimacing behind it.

"No, we didn't." He muttered, annoyed. Although he wasn't seriously worried. Tigre might be almost ready for sexual intercourse, but according to Grimmjow it would still be a bit longer before he became a horny teenager. And the odds of him actually managing to seduce a shinigami were incredibly low. "Tigre, her face is a bit higher." He said out loud and the boy blushed scarlet before snapping his eyes upwards. Rangiku just laughed, highly amused by her effect on the young hybrid.

"Very cute!" She ruffled Tigre's hair, which made him scowl and try to slap her hand away. "He looks just like you, Ichigo! Everyone is dying to meet him. He –"

"Matsumoto!" She winced at Hitsugaya's irate tone and Ichigo couldn't help but grin.

"Uh, they're right over here!" She completed and hurried away, the two of them following. Not all of the taichou were waiting for them, though. Not a surprise since this wasn't a formal meeting. It was Toshiro, Juushiro and Shunsui. Tigre spotted Hitsugaya's haori and looked a little confused, but tactfully didn't say anything. Ichigo was grateful for that. It was a bit odd that he and Toshiro looked to be almost the same age. Actually, Tigre looked a bit older.

"Ah, you are the young man I've heard so much about. I hope you will be staying in Soul Society for some time!" Juushiro said, cheerful and very friendly. Tigre smiled back at him, responding to his 'nice uncle' aura. "Oh, I brought something for you!" He extracted a box of sweets from his sleeve and handed them to the slightly bewildered child. Tigre turned the box over before beaming.

"Oh hey, these are my favorite! How did you know? Would you like one?" He offered and Juushiro laughed with a headshake. Ichigo smiled to himself. He was willing to bet money that Mayuri's papers on Grimmjow and Tigre had included even their food preferences.

"Save them for later." He advised Tigre who looked at the box in his hands with a small frown, then shrugged and stuffed it under his waistband. Ichigo winced a little at the positioning and Rangiku's titter. Then his son adjusted it so the box was on the side of his hip. That was a huge improvement. "So what's the plan?" This was basically a social call. There was no great threat to Soul Society and he had a week off school, so it was a good time to visit. Ichigo was actually looking forward to it. He'd never really gotten to explore Soul Society when something horrible wasn't happening and he had a lot of money saved up here from his shinigami duties.

"Oh, nothing fancy. Just introducing your boy to the other taichou." Shunsui said easily, smiling at Tigre. He smiled back, eager to make friends. "We're going to be having a clam bake tomorrow night, at my Division. There will be lots of saki too. Would you like to come?"

"He's not allowed to have saki." Ichigo said firmly, getting a disappointed look from Tigre. "You probably don't want to see him drunk anyway. Grimmjow's a nightmare." He added, conveniently leaving out the fact that he'd been in the mood for a fight too, after a few drinks. That spar had been the stuff of legends. "But we'll be glad to come."

That first meeting set the tone for their stay in Soul Society. It was mostly friendly talks, food and drink, and also tours of various places. Ichigo soon realized that the shinigami were just as curious about Tigre as he was about them, and they were seriously considering accepting him as a shinigami. Ichigo honestly wasn't sure how he felt about that. It would mean seeing Tigre less, for himself and his family. But Tigre was spiritual and unused to the Living World. Soul Society might be a good fit for him.

Then one night, they both had a very rude awakening. Ichigo actually slept through the first explosions but Tigre woke up instantly, although he wasn't necessarily concerned. He quickly became concerned, though, as he caught a scent.

"Papi, this place is on fire!" He quickly roused his sire and Ichigo blinked, pulling himself out of bed. They were both staying at 9th Division barracks. "Papi, it's REALLY on fire!"

"Right!" They quickly made their way out, not stopping to help anyone. The shinigami were using ice and water kido in an effort to save the barracks. Ichigo didn't know any kido and while Tigre had learned some from Urahara, he was far from proficient. "Holy shit. Half the city is on fire. What's going on?" Ichigo asked the world. The world didn't reply. Instead, he heard a wicked laugh.

"Wah!" Tigre and Ichigo leapt away from each other as a weapon hit the ground where they had been standing. It was a wicked looking blade, attached to a chain. They both looked up to see a dark figure, lined in red with bright blue eyes. Ichigo scowled and glanced at Tigre.

"Tigre, stay back! I'll take care of this." He ordered and his young son obeyed. Zangetsu clashed against his opponents blades as the stranger laughed wildly. But then things changed.

"Papi, look out! Fly, Doragon Roja!" Tigre attempted to use his zanpakuto as a wave of ice headed towards them. "Huh?" Nothing happened at all. Ichigo had to grab him and get him out of the way. "My zanpakuto! What happened?"

Shit! King, don't call on Zangetsu! Shiro said sharply and Ichigo blinked. Then he flinched away as Tigre gasped. He let go of his son, stepping back as his reiatsu rose to almost painful levels. What was happening? Ichigo bit his lip. His sensing wasn't good but he could still tell the power he was feeling was hollow and wildly out of control.

"I can't… hold it in. I can't!" Tigre gasped out, gripping his hair and bending over. Then golden power flared around him and Ichigo had to shield his eyes for a moment. When the light cleared, his son was… different. He stared at the new Tigre in front of him, fascinated and worried. That's his resurrection. Shiro sounded awed.

Tigre looked a lot like Grimmjow in his resurrection. But instead of bone, his body was covered in bright orange fur decorated with fine black lines. It seemed his name really meant something, because he definitely resembled a tiger. His legs were quite like Grimmjow's, animal like and tapering into paws. His hands were still fully humanoid, but black and tipped with claws. There was a crest of bone on his forehead and also two bracers of bone. Those bracers had arm blades that greatly resembled Grimmjow's. Tigre slid down, his hands touching the ground as he squatted in a very animal like pose. He looked at Ichigo and wrinkled his nose before drawing his lips away from sharp fangs.

Uh oh. Shiro muttered and Ichigo tensed as he felt hostility radiating from his son. Something had brought out his hollow side. What would that mean, exactly? And Tigre looked fully grown now. Then there was suddenly a bang and Ichigo blinked as the hollow in front of him vanished. Shit! Ichi, go after him, don't let him get away! Shiro said urgently and Ichigo took his advice, trying to follow his son.

He didn't know what was going on or what had caused this, but he wasn't going to let Tigre get away from him.