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To Become A Marine
Chapter 7- Three months and counting.

[Bella POV]
Three months until Jake returns….

I was a total, complete wreck. I sniffled and wheezed the entire way home. When I got home, I immediately immersed myself in various things, like cleaning, rearranging my room, laundry, cooking, and more. I even got online and ordered my books for all of my classes. I start school tomorrow. At least by having school, and work, I'll keep myself busy and time will go by faster.

When my dad got home from taking Billy home, I had prepared a full on brunch. Clad with pancakes, toast, bacon, sausage, muffins, and sandwich fixings. The house was spotless, laundry was done, and I had dinner in the oven for later. When he walked into the kitchen and saw the mass of food, he chuckled.

"Are you okay Bella?" He asked me, sitting down at the table.

"Yeah, but it's gonna be a long three months." I said, handing him a cup of coffee.

"It'll go by quick though, especially if you're gonna be real busy." I nodded and handed him a plate.

"Gee Bells, you made enough food for the rest of the week!" My dad exclaimed, making me laugh. I guess I never realized that getting everything done in one day was going to leave me bored the next almost three months. I grabbed a plate for myself and excused myself to eat in my room. I might as well get started on my online classes at UW.

I set my brunch down next to my computer and turned it on. I checked my email, and answered a million questions from my mom. After that, I logged onto the school's online program and looked over my itinerary for the summer semester. I was taking English Lit, Creative Writing I, and journalism. It seemed I have a short story due Friday for CW, a short essay due next Monday for EL, and I have to find three articles from various magazines that interest me for journalism. Not too hard. I opened my desk drawer and pulled out a few magazines and started flipping through them. I found a few articles I found interesting and clipped them out, pinning them to my bulletin board.

I finished up my food and thought about a short story to write. It was supposed to be fiction. I pondered over it for a few minutes and gave up, deciding to think about it later. I also decided to hold off on the essay until I saw a rubric from the teacher tomorrow.

I sighed…this was going to be along three months.

Two Months until Jake returns…[JPOV]

God, I miss her so much. I miss seeing her face, holding her hand, holding her, and being with her. I miss the smell of her hair.

We talk at least four times a week….when we aren't playing phone tag, or when she's not busy at school or work. But when we do talk, it's incredible. We talk about what she's doing, the auto shop and the guys. We talk about my boot camp, and how strict it is. We talk about everything. God I really do miss her.

Boot camp has been…well….it's been hell. We get up at the crack of dawn, work out, hike, jog, etc…then we do some core training, followed by weights and then we move into some sort of classrooms for military history and schooling. Then we work out some more, and get to bed around eight. We do get meal breaks, and sometimes will have days where we get recreational time off, to play sports, hang out, or talk to loved ones.

That's where I'm at now. Staring at the television in the rec room, waiting for Bella to call me back. I was watching some kind of soap opera show one of the guys put on. No one would fess up to who put it on, but you could see them all sneaking glances and watching it. Me? I was blatantly watching it out in the open. Finally Ted, one of my rank buddies came and sat next to me.

"No word from the girlfriend yet?" He asked. I shook my head no.

"Well, just give her time. You know how it goes. Up for some videogames?" He asked me. I chuckled and got up, following him into the game room, where we sat at the other TV and played Call of Duty.

My phone vibrated, causing me to jump and push the wrong button on my controller. I sighed when we lost the 31st round of Nazi Zombies right then. Ted looked at me as I pulled my phone out and nodded for me to answer. I excused myself and walked to the back door, flipping open my phone.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Jake! Oh I miss you." It was Bella. I laughed.

"I miss you too. How are you? How is everything?" I asked her, walking over to a tree and sitting in the shade. It was hot here.

"Everything is normal. School is half way done for the semester, so I've got midterms to study for. The bookstore is doing quite well, and the auto shop is managing quite a bit better than I think you'd expect. Everyone is doing great, too. How is everything with you?" She asked me. I was definitely glad to hear that everything was working out.

"Same here, everyone is fine, boot camp is getting tougher by the minute. We're getting into some really heavy-duty training now. But I don't want to talk about boot camp. I miss you so much Bella. You have no idea. I want to see you again so bad." I confessed to her.

"Oh Jake, I know. I miss you just the same, if not more. I can't wait to see you again. The last month has gone by so fast, so hopefully the next two do as well." She said. I smiled.

"Yeah. Let's hope." I said. We continued our conversation until I had to get off the phone for some training. I promised I would call again soon, and I told her to keep studying and doing what she can to stay busy.

I had managed to keep in touch with everyone else at least once or twice a week. My dad, he was the same as Bella, at least four times. Over the next few days I hadn't had a chance to call anyone, and I knew it would be a few more before I'd even get close to chance to call them, so when I went to bed one night, I sent out a text to everyone, telling them I'm still alive, and hope they are all doing well. I got replies throughout the night, but I couldn't respond. I was out like a light.

I dreamt of Bella, and her soft Ivory skin, the rest of the night.

2 Weeks Til Jake Returns…[Bella POV]

"Ugh…" I groaned, laying under a car. I was helping out in the garage. School was over for summer, which left me with more time for both of my jobs. I had passed all my classes, and earned a 4.0 for the semester at both schools. My teachers were proud of me, and so was Jake. We still try to talk on a regular basis, but with the days getting closer to when he comes home, he said it wouldn't be as often since they had to test all their knew knowledge from boot camp.

So here I was, at eight at night, trying to work on this piece of crap car. I had picked up a little foul language from the guys, but who wouldn't, considering the mouths on those two. Finally I gave up; I'd leave the car for Embry to work on. I sighed and slid out from under the car. I washed up and closed down the shop, since I was the last one here. I locked up and went to my truck, and drove to La Push. We were having a bonfire tonight, just for fun, and to get everyone together to help plan Jake's coming home party.

After the bonfire, drinks, games, planning, fun and more, I drove home. My dad was staying there to help Billy out, so I'd have the house to myself. When I got home, I immediately locked all the doors and windows, and took a hot steamy shower. It was so relaxing. I even pleasured myself a bit before cleaning up. I had come accustomed to pleasuring myself since Jake has been gone. I know we've never had sex, but I've always wondered, and so I started touching myself, to see what I like and what I didn't like. I had never really experienced anything intimate, unless it was violent, like it had been with Edward. I had sex with him twice, but he would always force me to give him hand jobs or he would make me jack him off while he fingered me roughly, just to feel a wet vagina. I never really became turned on so I never got that wet, which would anger him, and he'd hit me.

I sighed at those horrible memories, wondering what Jake would say if he knew the whole thing. I knew he'd be angry, but I just hope it wouldn't be with me. I would tell him when he came home, the entire story from beginning to end. He had to know every last scar on my body.

I walked into my room and got dressed, then turned on my computer. I hadn't checked my personal email in almost a month. I'm sure Jake had sent a few things, and my mom too. I pulled open the files, read the emails, and responded to my Mom. I saved the pictures Jake sent me into folder.

I looked at my screen with a blank stare, because there were emails from an address I had never read before. I clicked the very first one, dated to three weeks ago. I gasped.


Where have you gone? Why have you left me? I thought you loved me? How could you do this?


I clicked open the second one.


Your phone is out of service. Your parents have moved. You're gone. Why did you do this? I love you and I need you. I'm sorry for hurting you, then leaving you for such a long time….but please come back.


I opened the third, dated to three days after the other two.


Where are you? I haven't heard from you, I haven't heard from your parents. None of the neighbors will say a goddamn word. What's going on?


And the fourth.


I don't know where you are. I have no way to find you. But I swear, I will find you. We will be together again.


Shakily, I clicked open the fifth email, from a couple days ago.


I will fucking find you Bella. I will get you. You will be mine, forever. Dead or alive.


By this time, I had started crying, shaking, while reading. I pulled open the last, dated to today.


Sweetheart, I've found you. Well, I've got a lead. One of your neighbors didn't want to die. Did you think I wouldn't find you in Jacksonville? Soon, Bella. Soon…I will be there. I will get you. You are mine.


I was shaking, crying, so hard that I could barely breathe. He was coming for me, but was going to find my parents instead of me. I knew he wouldn't hurt them, but would my mom be able to lie to him and say she had no clue where I was? I had no idea.

I just hoped that as soon as Jacob comes home, he can help me.


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