Konaha like the other great ninja villages was on the move, missions to complete, from simple D-rank of painting a fence, to S-rank to infiltration's. Like always it was a warm sunny day in the village hidden in the leaves, it rarely got cold, even the winters didn't last long. Two people were trying their best to stay out of the suns youthful shine.

Izumo and Kotetsu have always been beside one another ever since the beginning of their ninja schooling days. When they got in a tussle over who was the bigger 'top dog'. It ended up with Izumo throwing a fierce hay maker fracturing Kotetsu's nose for good. But this oddly led to them being the best of buds.

The two incredibly lazy chunnin sat at a booth in front of Konaha's mighty gates. Kotetsu was a matured man of twenty six, his hair wild and coal black, just like his eyes, his face was slender, having a wrapping over his nose and black markings over his chin. His body was clad in simple Konaha attire, blue bodysuit and green flank jacket along with his sleeping partner.

The other watch dog was snoozing away, the ray of the hot sun getting the best of him. Though being the more responsible one of the two even going as far as making sure to keep his longtime friend/brother out of trouble and in line, he fell asleep on the job. His head was covered by a simple cap with the metallic headband on the front, his dark brown hair shot out of his cap, covering his right eye, little have seen behind it, Asuma and Kotetsu being the only ones. The neat freaks face was a little more childish then his over curious buddy, his chin too, was covered by a face mask.

The kidish one of the bunch saw a shrouded figure coming their way from outside of the gate, his figure ragged in hoods and patched up clothing, a tall but lanky figure, the lazy chunnin could see the man was quite pale.

Poking his bestys snot bubble to kick start him awake, the two soon looked at the oncoming man, there conversations a hushed one.

"Kind of shady don't you think?" Kotetsu snorted. "Understatement, maybe he's not used to the sun?" Izumo hummed. "That knocks him even more shady points, and even MORE points for his choice of clothing, I think I saw blood on his sleeve, must work deep undercover."

The shrouded man was getting irritated, he had been standing in front of the two for a bit now trying to get the two's attention."Ehem, I'm right here…" But sweat dropped when they carried on.

"Can you imagine all the germs on that thing, I wouldn't even be able to LOOK at myself in the mirror, less walk in public." "You're right Izumo, I wonder if he has flees on hi-" "EXUSE MEEEE!"

Two black eyes sheepishly looked upon the tall man, only seeing a frown on his face. "Are you two messengers for your leading Hokage?" He smirked when both nodded, reaching deep in his dirty cloths he pulled out a surprisingly wrinkle free vanilla folder, it looked stuffed. Handing it to the two he was on his way. Not a word left to say.

Watching the man off they soon stared at the fat folder in wonder, their eyes wide with wonder.

"A shady man gave us a folder to give to Tsunade…well this is sketchy!" "We should take look inside!" "Are you NUTS!" "And what if it's a trap!?" "Oooh you got me there…Izumo, open it!" Their faces slammed side by side as sly hands slowly opened the folder together, their eyes ready to scan, but as soon as they read the first page they closed it and slammed it down, their eyes wide and pupils shrank.

"Izumo…was that just-" "Yes…" "And is this the whole-" "Ya…" The two just sat there staring at the folder.

Like an explosion the two were off at neck break speed, the dust and papers and other objects fluttering in their wake. They were like bullets, using all their chakra to blitz to the Hokage tower.

Naruto had been up for some time now, it would have taken a taxing amount of time to get him up, but his night had already been a sleepless one. In his sight was a goddess of a woman who was bathed in the glow of the suns warmth, the one who tenderly captured his heart. He smiled at the sight of her smearing lip stick, and crazed hair, Naruto could stare at the silly heartwarming scene for hours and not say one word.

The butt naked boy soon to be man crawled his way through the rose pedals and over to the snake princess, getting on top of her, his sight on her creamy smooth back. He smiled his one and only cheesy smiles and loved the toasty feel of her back as he leaned down, his forehead resting on the bottom of her spine. He inhaled her scent, savoring the passionate after sex smell. The exploring blonde kissed his way up the spine, loving the innocent action, and smiled when he heard relaxed hums. His lover was awake, but there was no need to stop.

The legendary prankster chuckled as he thought of his first time of passion, how absolutely dominated he had been, and how last night he did the overpowering. She was his sanctuary, whether anyone knew it or not, countless days when he was at his limits or feeling lost the thought of his loving wife brought him back to his feet. Naruto had begun the journey just to get strong enough to get his long lost brother back, but ever since the meeting the matured woman, the journey was a whole different matter.

Naruto had knocked at deaths door to get stronger for his taboo lover, but he nailed it, pushing past the impossible (thanks to some clone spamming) he was well on his way to taking down anything that threatened him or his lover.

The whiskered teen leaned in, lightly nibbling on Anko's ear, earning a light giggle, her cheeks bloomed a light blush. "Good morning, Anko-Chan." The words bringing life to the butterflies in her tummy once more; she leaned into his comforting embrace. "A good morning indeed, Plushy-Kun." The two smiled into the kiss, both humming as they wrapped themselves up, holding each other in a tight hold. All kinds of kisses were exposed, from sweet soft kisses, butterfly kisses to little soft nibbles on the lips.

But Naruto burst out laughing as Anko blew a raspberry on his cheek, the action tickling. His eyes became sly and foxy, a glint in his eyes as his fingers tickling her sides. The two soon were laughing, rolling around and tangling themselves in the rose pedal sheets. The silly war fair stretched on for some time but ended with the two wrapped snug under the dango printed blanket. Both closing their eyes and just enjoying the embrace of each other. Snuggling up close the two nuzzled their noses together, a little game of who loved who more, it ended in a slow kiss that lasted lifetimes. She gasped when her younger lover swung on top of her.

Anko looked away, her cheeks cherry red as she couldn't look at his passionate gaze, the amount of volume in them that looked so deep. He truly brought the shy little girl inside of her into play. She loved the way his finger glided into her hands, locking them in a cotton soft hold. Blissful shivers ran all over as he moistly kissed her neck, her breath hot, tiny 'I love you's' escaping with ease.

But the moment was broken by simple knocks at the door, the simple action getting both their attention.

"I wonder who it could be, must be for you, Anko-Chan, though I'll get it!" Hopping out of the bed (but not before planting one last kiss on his lover) he made his way to the door, but deja vu hit home. Anko smirked as she watched her lover pull on the ripped orange pants with difficulty. Dashing to the door, Naruto swung it open; the simple greeting sent his way.

The fifth Hokage couldn't believe what was in front of her, papers of all kind scattered all around the desk. It was almost TOO good to be true! Why was there so much valuable information in front of her, why so many bio's! Sasori of the red sand, Kisame of the seven swordsmen, hell even Itachi! They're all here! Tsunade was going nuts, who would just GIVE information, but one paper stood out from the rest, she read it over and gasped.

She got up from her seat, the slug princesses voice ringing through the room. "Shizune, come in here quickly!" The door slammed open, a frazzled plain jade woman rushing in. She was dressed in a simple kimono as black as her hair. "What is it my lady!?"

Tsunade thought real quickly, she needed fast but strong people. "Get me Gai! Right away!" The younger nodded and put the pig in her hold down, dashing out the door and making her way to the training grounds with haste. Knowing Gai since she was little she knew he was always there.

"Wow! Kurenai is that you!" Naruto put his hands on his hips; a sly smile etched his face. The woman before him grew into quite the catch, even more then she already was, he was sure of it. Her hair had taken a calmer setting, no more were there wild curls, but a slightly wavy look. Her eyes and lips were a perfect shade of deep ruby, a perfect knock out combo of beauty. Naruto smiled at seeing her once demanding and elite face, turned now a calmer and caring one. She had a simple rose red dress on for the soon to be hot weather.

Naruto noticed something else, but decided to keep quiet; he didn't want to take the gamble.

"Naruto it's so good to see you! I hope I wasn't disturbing anything." She giggled as he scratched his lipstick covered face. She walked in making her way to the bed, her sister tangled in the sheets. "Anko, you don't mind if I steal your man for a bit, there is some things I need to patch up." "Just don't keep him for too long! Im show lownly wishought my pwushy!" Naruto was blushing up a storm as he got dressed in his torn cloths, ignoring his lover's childish claims and overly cute actions as she flailed around. Running up he gave the teaser a kiss and the two were soon on their way.

"WOW, you look great Kurenai, the years really been treating you and Anko well!" Kurenai blushed, from the kiss on the cheek to now; he was still quite the charmer. She playfully slapped his shoulder. "Oh hush, you. Flattery will get you nowhere mister." She held her heart, wonder where would be a good place to finally tell him how wrong she treated him.

"Say Naruto, have you eaten at all?" She sweat dropped when his stomach let out a fierce growl, making the boy scratch his cheek. "Haha, I'm actually kind of famished! Let's get something to eat!" "Perfect, I know this little café me and my team go to all the time, you'll love it." Kurenai was too busy talking to see the flinch in the boy's steps, and the blank look he gave off like someone shut down his emotions. Naruto ate at his beloved ramen shop for a reason, flashes of him getting kicked out of stores and other places quickly flashed in his mind, to be thrown out in front of Anko's sister, he couldn't handle that much embarrassment! But he bit the bullet, how could say no to spending time with someone!

Tsunade groaned as she heard the stomping in the halls coming her way, she even made a count down. 'Three, two, one.' The doors smashed open, and the 'youthful' Gai sensei rammed in with all of his spandex covered glory! He hadn't changed at all, his bowl cut hair and his unpluck caterpillars he called 'manly' eyebrows were wiggling, his pearly white teeth blinding the horrified woman, for the love of all that is sacred she did not know how he possibly slept at night knowing he wears such a thing! His voice was deep and loud, and his speech blocky, like he was having trouble reading from a script.

"HEEELO MY YOUTHFUL HOKAGE! What might the mighty sexy green beast of Konaha do for you, I shall run to hell and back on my BEAR hands if you so please!" He stroked a pose and pelvic thrusted almost after each word. The fifth flinched, kami she needed him gone fast! "I have very important information to tell you, I will need you and your teammates, along with a medic and ANBU to stop the current Kazekage from being captured."

This got the fitness freaks attention. "What do you mean captured?" "The Akatsuki's are on the move, and there going to get Gaara of the sand! I need you and your team to assemble fast, we need your speed, and we don't need you to fight, but only to recapture and bring the Kazekage back to his village." She leaned into her chair, a smile on her face. "We are in an alliance, no one messes with our friends no?"

She raised an eye brow as she saw the man deep in thought; he smiled and wiped a tear away from his eyes, and soon exploded. "THAT IS A MOST BEAUTIFUL PASSION YOU HAVE! This is why you are our leader! But first my sweet and loving Tenten had worked too hard, destroying her headband! I might as well get it from you and be on my way!"

Reaching below the desk she pulled out a simple black leaf headband and mission scroll, tossing them to the masculine man. And like that he was gone, ramming his way through the crowd of people.

Naruto wasn't having the best of time; he walked into the café, his palms sweating buckets and his heart racing, so far so good.

The café was simple, but held its own originality; it was dimmed, the lights overhead giving off a jazzy feel to the place. The walls were a yellowish cream. People from all over chatted, the noise of their speeches more of a background then the soothing music coming from the jute box.

Kurenai happily led the nervous boy to a seat in the back, it was simple, two wooden chairs separated by a table. The two took their seats and picked up the menu. The illusion mistress glanced at the teen, a frown etched her face, why was he so…quiet?

"Naruto, is everything oka-" "It's fine Kurenai." The prankster cut her off, digging his head deeper into his menu. "Naruto don't be silly, I know you're not looking to good, what up?" Naruto's child hood traumas were kicking in, even more when the waiter walked up, he was a burly man, a little husky too.

"Hello folks! What may I be getting you to day?" He smiled at Kurenai, knowing her for a while, he already knew what she wanted, but this ragged up boy was a new customer, but when he placed the menu down his face took one of shock, then frustration. "And what might YOU be doing here!?"

Naruto looked down in defeat, how STUPID could he be not to have seen this coming, his messy hair flopped, covering his hurt face. he bit his lip, shutting his eyes and wondered if he should just go back to Anko and escape in her hold, he didn't feel like making a scene, not in front of Kurenai, if she was gone this place would be six feet under in pranks. He sighed, about to get up but froze when he heard the cheerful but deep voice from the waiter.

"I can't have a fine strapped fella like you in a flimsy seat like THIS; come on you two, over here, right this way!" The man grabbed the stunned boys arm and led then to a more privet and comfortable area. The table was a lot more polished and clean, not to mention the chairs had nice padding on them, let alone they were right next to the smooth music box and kitchen, all the fresh smells radiating and bombarding the boy's nose. But something caught his ocean blue eyes; it stuck out like a sore thumb.

On the paying desk, on the cashier was a bright neon orange ribbon, and orange of all colors, Naruto stared at it wonder, the ice-cream shop, the ramen shop and now this place had the same damn ribbon. Nothing about these places could ever be connected! So why did they all have that ribbon…

He was seated down, along with the man hater, his voice once more getting his attention. "What shall yawl be havin today?" "I'll be having the grilled chicken salad, thank you." "And you kid?" "U-um, I'll have the…hot Panini special please." "Comin right up!" The man made his way to the back of the kitchen, his voice booming and fading. "Hay fellas guess who's here!"

"I wasn't…kicked out." The ruby eyed woman looked at the teen, her eye brow raised. "Excuse me?" "OH aaah, its nothing, don't worry about it!" "So, Panini? Didn't know you liked those kinds of food?" "Actually I never had one before, I just ordered it cause of the pressure…" "Really? Well you're in for a treat!"

Naruto didn't know why he wasn't thrown into the dirt and being shunned at, but decided to put and cram all the thoughts away for now.

"So you said you needed to talk to me Kurenai?" He watched her face grow a little solemn, like she was debating something. She sadly looked up into his eyes. "Naruto, a long time ago, do you remember when I just found out about you and Anko dating?" The demon holder blushed, how could he NOT remember, he flashed her for Kami's sake!

"Ya, I remember." "Well, I said some awful things to you in front of Anko…I was just jumping to conclusions and even trying to get her to break up with you." This shocked the boy, but she pushed on, not giving him a chance. "I even called you a…demon, and the dunce, I-I was so mad cause I thought she was just sinking to low standards, but Naruto, after I saw her fight for you in front of the Hokage I knew I made a terrible mistake!" She clasped her hands together and bowed her voice full of regret. "I understand if you're mad at me, but please…I'm sorry. I tried to tell you sooner but you left!"

Naruto sadly stared at the woman, patiently been waiting for two years to say sorry and now he could see it had been eating at her. He didn't know she tried to change his lovers mind, only nightmares could tell what that might have done if it succeeded, or how much of a difference it would of made of Anko just kicking him out. And it seemed granny didn't like the idea ether. But he saw her head on the desk; she would probably get on her knees if he asked.

He looked around, the people trying not to look interested but he saw them cope a glance, everyone's face a different picture. Looking back at the woman he knew she was ready for the anger, the sadness and denial, she could take it now but it would probably destroy her to wake up knowing your sisters lover hates you. The trauma of knowing your sister could hate you was dangerous on one's heart.

Tan fingers ran through golden fur like locks, The poor boy being held on the spot let out a sigh, here he thought he was simply hanging out with his wife's sister and BOOM, it's actually a deep confession. Deep down in the boys mind, he wondered if there would ever be a 'normal' moment in his life.

Kurenai was ready, ready for the rejection, she had to put on makeup to hide the bags under her eyes, when Anko left she stayed up, planning to meet the boy. But the thought of losing his trust made her mind go mad. Possibly losing your bestys lover, and maybe even her sister, let alone tell your student you pissed off her role model, it sure made the night go on forever.

And she broke when he heard him scoot the chair away, ready to just up and leave, she saw it coming. She was surprised she didn't get more, but just being ditched was expectable. But her eyes popped open when she felt warmth, like being wrapped up, her crimson eyes seeing two arms covered in a black shredded jacket engulfing her into a soft hug, his voice tickling her ears.

"It's alright Kurenai sensei, I forgive you, I know you were just looking after Anko-Chan. Besides, you support us right?" She nodded, not finding the right words to say. "Then that's all that matters!" He chuckled and walked over to his seat, winking to the gen-jutsu user. She blushed from the action, but even more so from all the cat calls from the watchers, even Naruto blushed when he realized all the cooks cooing him on, thank kami Anko wasn't here to see this, the cooks would be six feet under.

The Café once more was booming with life, and the two ate while telling tales of their adventures, the two soon finished and were on their ways, a final hug and goodbyes, Naruto was well on his way to nowhere.

But Naruto caught someone speeding down the alley, his eyes widened and smiled at the speeding woman. He ran after her, getting her attention. "Hay! BIG SIS SHIZUNE WAIT UP!"

"HELOOOO TSUNADE-SAMA! The lovely beast is here! I ran as fast as I could!" Tsunade looked up irritated at the spandex covered man, why was he not with his team, didn't he know the intensity of the mission! "Gai, what are you doing without your team! I already asked you to assemble them for the mission." But the green spandex lover was quick to correct the Hokage. "Lady fifth, I do not understand, besides all the D-rank missions this morning, I have not talked to you at all."

Tsunade sprung up, slamming her hands on the table. "Gai, there's no time for games; I talked to you twenty minutes ago!" But Gai wasn't having it, his face becoming serious. "Hokage, I don't like the choice of words I'm about to say, but the me you were talking to wasn't me!"

Outside of Konaha, two miles away and hopping through the thick forest was a young boy clad in orange, a new shiny metallic head band wrapped loosely around his neck, deep maroon eyes glowed under the shelter of the leaves.

"Gaara…I'm coming for you bro…"