Just a little bit of back story.. first this is AU so, while I may still have some of the same parts as the show did, this will be very different since I've created new characters and I tend to make my characters very flawed and OOC (out of character).

In this story there will be no Talisa or Jeyne or whatever you want to call the boring girl that Robb ends up marrying. My OC is going to be very different. While she is a Lannister, she won't be anything like her siblings.

Back story on Ella: She's 16 and the daughter of Tywin Lannister and a noble woman he married who died before this story begins. She's beautiful, bubbly and kind but has her own rebellious streak. I've created her based on Caroline Forbes from the Vampire Diaries, I love her character but didn't want to do an actual cross over.

This first chapter is a bit short but others won't be.

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Chapter 1

Ella began to stir awake. Her head felt heavy and she could barely move her limbs. She felt like the time that she had drank too much of the wine she had stolen from Tyrion's chambers on her last name day. She groaned thinking of how sick she had been that next morning, and cursed her brother for always making drinking wine seem so easy and fun. The light from the sun burned orange on the other side of her eyelids as she blindly searched for a pillow to cover her face with.

Feeling around she realized why she felt so uncomfortable.

Instead of being in a warm, cozy bed she was laying in what felt like dirt; her body stiff and aching all over. Her eyes snapped open in shock and a bit of fear as she looked around her.

Yes, she was indeed in dirt and no, that wasn't the worst of it.

The cage that she was in had her in an instant panic.

What had happened last night? The last thing she remembered was arguing with Jaime about her upcoming marriage to Willas Tyrell and his refusal to take her to the Reach like he had promised their father he would do. She had just turned away from her brother, intending to make a swift but dramatic exit from his tent when - soldiers charged in from every direction. She barely had time to scream before everything went dark.

Jaime pulling his sword with horror written across his face was her last image of the night before. At least she thinks it was the night before.

A low growl from behind her had her scrambling back...

If she wasn't already in a panic, she wasnow.

Seated right outside of her cagewas the biggest, scariest beast she had ever seen.

'Don't scream Ella, don't scream...'

When the beast stood to his full height, she decided screaming was exactly what she would do.

So she screamed, and screamed, and screamed.


Okay, so the beast who she now realized was a dire wolf wasn't the worst thing she would face this morning.

A sleazy, arrogant prick decided to check out the screams. Never-mind the numerous guards she could see outside the cage she was being kept in.

Just why she, Ella Lannister was in a cage while a giant wolf roamed about freely was unclear to her. But this arrogant ass was just there to make her morning even more special.

"Good morning beautiful. You just missed the most gorgeous sunrise," he said to her, his eyes staring at her chest which she attempted to cover as she glared back at him.

Ella backed herself up against the back of the cage as much as she could. "You know," arrogant ass continued, "Watching a breathtaking sunrise is so much better with a beautiful woman in your arms."

She decided to ignore him for right now. Soon enough her brother Jaime would gut him for speaking to her this way, she could only hope he left him alive so her father could teach him how you're supposed to treat a Lady of House Lannister.

"Why am I here?" she demanded, making her best attempt to sound brave.

"Ella isn't it, rude of me not to introduce myself. Theon Greyjoy at your service..." he replied with a smirk turning to glance at something behind him before turning back to continue. "Do you not remember? You know, your camp being invaded? Stark soldiers killing your men and dragging the Kingslayer away in chains and then I took the liberty of rendering you unconscious and taking you with me." He laughed at his own joke.

She wanted to roll her eyes but decided against it for right now...

She wasn't sure what she would rather do with the information she had just learned... Reach out and grab his scrawny neck so she could strangle him through the bars, or cry for her father like she did when she was a child and having a nightmare, or ask what happened to Jaime.

"Where is Jaime? Is he okay?" She finally asked, barely holding in her tears.

"In a cage far worse than yours on the other side of the camp. He's alive. Barely." He replied with a smirk.

Ella bit her lip as she glanced around the camp, she could only see endless tents and a few men standing around watching her with interest. It was early in the morning, the sun had probably only been up for a couple of hours.

"Can I speak to Robb Stark?" she asked in a small voice, hoping he didn't see her as a threat.

If possible the arrogant ass smirk grew even more.

"Sure, let me go and see if he is available to spare you a moment." Theon turned to leave, but managed to look back over his shoulders to leer at her a couple times before disappearing. Gross.

Ella wasn't sure how long it took before she heard footsteps approaching, but after having some time to think, she felt as if this nightmare was only going to get worse before getting better, if better was even a possibility.

The man who she knew was her enemy, didn't look anything like she thought he would.

He was tall, with a medium strong build. He clearly favored his mothers side with his dark auburn curls and piercing blue eyes. He appeared to be young, maybe a little older than her, but the tiredness around his eyes and stubble seemed to make him appear much older than she knew him to be.

The only thing that really showed him as Stark was the frown and humorless expression on his very stern looking face.

Whatever she prepared to say to him was long gone after his stern gaze was focused directly on her/ He looked into her eyes for what seemed like eternity... She could hardly breathe and while it seemed he could stare straight into her very soul, she couldn't read anything in his. The only thing she did read was a small amount of pity, and a lot ofhate.

She felt even smaller and helpless than she did before meeting him.

Without thinking, six words she never would have expected a Lannister to say slipped out.

"Are you going to kill me?"