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                             Chapter five- You cannot stop the rain

"Ssshhhhh, he's waking up."

"Quick go get the Doctor."

A pair of feet drummed loudly in his ears as they rushed away probably running down a hallway he guessed as the footstep dimmed. Sluggishly opening up his eyes and slowly adjusting to the brightness of the room. Arthur lifted his head up and peeped around, instantly recognized he was in hospital. Excitement ran through his veins, even though his body felt the opposite.

'A muggle hospital, my just look at all these muggle devices! Why this whole room is covered in muggle inventions, amazing how muggles have learned to live life without magic. This just proves that muggles are just as worthy as wizards. I wonder-'

"Sir. Hello Sir? Can you hear me?"

Arthur turned towards the voice; a middle-aged muggle nurse was standing in front of the bed holding a clipboard looking at him worriedly.

"Yes um-madam?" Arthur tried to hide the excitement in his voice, the fact he was surrounded by muggle devices and was about to have a conversation with a professional muggle Healer.

"Sir are you still with me?"

"Um, oh sorry I was eh you know um-spaced out?" he coughed, he wasn't sure what or what not muggles knew.

"I need to know your name."

"Oh, Arthur, Arthur Weasley" This wasn't going so bad he thought.

The nurse just mumbled something and started writing down notes on the clipboard. Arthur saw she wasn't writing with a quill rather some long thin shiny ink-writing object.

"Now" Arthur stopped gazing at the pen and returned his attention to the muggle Healer "Would you be able to tell me what happened before you passed out or would you rather wait for the doctor."

Arthur paled at those words 'before you passed out'. He remembered.

That ball of lightning hitting him, the pain he felt running through all his body. Words could not describe the feeling that lightning had caused. All that damage caused by a young boy. That boy, the godson of Sirius Black Harry Potter. The-Boy-Who-Lived.

He couldn't believe it the one and only Harry Potter was actually living with the mass murderer. Black had turned an innocent young boy to the Dark. Black had killed many including The-Boy-Who-Lived parents, but turning the young innocent boy to the dark was the worst thing that could happen. What if Sirius Black was going to bring You-Know-Who back to power with the help of Harry Potter? The boy who had the power to destroy the Dark lord at the age of one and survived the killing curse, that no one else in History could ever do.

He was worried, no frightened. What if You-Know-Who did come back to power with his second hand man Sirius Black and the powerful Harry Potter at his side? It sent shivers down his spine.

"SIR! SNAP OF OUT OF IT!" the nurse was now standing next to him, shaking from the shoulder.

"Wh-what?" That was obviously the wrong thing to say, the nurse turned away for a few seconds before facing him again. By the lines on the woman's face and the glint in her eye, he knew for a fact that this woman's patience was running low, very low. He knew that another muggle healer would be coming soon and he needed to get back home and tell the Minster of Magic what had happen. The less muggle's around him the better, he didn't want them to see him disapparted.

"Um, I was wondering eh could I get a glass of water?" Arthur watched as the woman raised an eyebrow than stormed out of the room. 'This muggle is kind of like Molly' the thought made him grin. Grabbing his wand from the bedside table he quickly apparted back to the Burrow, his home.

He certainly had an interesting day yesterday.


                                        Harry Potter the next Dark Lord?

Arthur Weasley is an employee in the Ministry Of Magic department of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office. A cheerful family man with his wife Molly Weasley and his seven children, two are currently at Hogwarts. Mr. Weasley had confronted Harry Potter The-Boy-Who-Lived on the weekend, but it was far from joyful or pleasant. It almost cost him his own life.

Mr. Weasley was sent for the weekend on a business trip to expand and learn new and different ways dealing with memory charms. Though at the end of his training, the unthinkable happen.

Mr. Weasley was walking down a street (the area in which he was in, is being withheld from the public by the Minister Fudge.) looking for a quiet place to Disapparated, when a small boy knocked him down. At the time being Arthur Weasley admitted 'At the time, I didn't take any notice. It was the man behind the boy that had all my attention, it was Sirius Black. The man noticed me all right, because the next thing I knew he was thumping me as he knocked himself and me to the ground. I managed to kick him off myself and grab my wand and blast him across into a wall, rendering him unconscious.'

Mr. Weasley thought all his worries were over, at that point in time he had already sustained enough injuries from the deadly blows the mass murderer had given him.

'I felt on top of the world. I had knocked out Sirius Black, something that is unbelievable, I still can not believe I knocked him out.'

Before Arthur Weasley could stun Black the young boy told him to stop. Arthur had forgotten about the young boy during the fight and when the boy spoke he just thought it was a muggle, but he was wrong.

'It was different, the boy had this look. It was as if he could control you, I still remember the shivers down my spine from the gaze. I went to erase his memory, didn't want a muggle remembering. I shot the charm but before it could reach the child, lightning out of nowhere struck it. The child got furious and said those five words I know I will never forget,

"Stay away from my Godfather."

Those words, I instantly knew the boy was Harry Potter. The-Boy-Who-Lived was under the care of the mass murderer, the one who was responsible for the deaths of his parents. Though he didn't seem to care or in my opinion even know. I went to get a closer look at his face, but the last thing I saw, was a ball of Lightning being thrown at me by Harry Potter.'

Arthur Weasley later woke up at a muggle hospital and quickly apparted home and then to the Minister Fudge. Where at first no one believed him, until veritaserum was used. Aurors were sent straight away to the location to where Sirius Black and Harry Potter were seen which is still currently being searched. Our wishes and prays go to Arthur Weasley who is still in Hospital healing from this dreadful ordeal.





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