Misaki was almost finished with his shift when a face he didn't expect to see came in. Dressed in the blue of his uniform Saruhiko came into the small dinner in which Misaki had worked at for a few weeks. He made eye contact with the red-headed waiter before seating himself in the most exclusive corner in the café.

Misaki rushed over to the table before any of the girls could snag it from him. He saw sorrow filling his ex-bestfriend as he began to look over the menu, even though he never ordered much of a different thing each time he went out.

"Hot cocoa and a scoop of ice cream?" Misaki asked as he came up to his 'customer'. He could tell Saruhiko was going to order his sad food, and not the food he just got.

"Yeah. You remember, eh?" He said as he handed Misaki the menu, slightly thrilled he wasn't completely thought of as only a traitor. Only Misaki really knew how to tell his moods, and this was one of those cases.

Misaki sighed, taking the menu as well. "Of course. What's wrong though?" Misaki asked before he went to get the food. He didn't really care about the punk, he just thought it was good to check.

"Getting shipped out today." Saruhiko didn't explain what he was even talking about, but at least he answered. He wasn't sure how it had all ended up happening, but it was time for him to serve his country more than he did in his daily job.

"Oh." Misaki said, nodding before he rushed for the order. The shop only had Saruhiko and an elderly couple to serve at the moment, making him want to take advantage of the slow day.

"What does that mean exactly?" Misaki said as he placed the ice cream and hot cocoa before his ex-friend. He sat down a crossed from the other, which didn't seem to be an issue.

"I'm now an army dog in transition from being the governments. By the end of tonight I'll be full on army, just still draped in blue." Saruhiko said solmnely as he took a calm sip of the hot beverage.

"What!" Misaki squeaked when he heard the news. It wasn't that he didn't understand what he had just heard, but that he didn't want to believe it. "You work for them anyways! You shouldn't have to go put your life on the line someplace else!" Misaki was growing madder at the thought by the moment.

Saruhiko gave a sad smile when he saw his friend still cared about him, even if the other didn't realize it. "Yeah, well I messed up. I messed up and nearly killed an entire unit, and the blue king just barely made it." Saruhiko said lately recalling the moment his failure had taken place.

"Wait that doesn't make any sense. Instead of firing you they are making you serve time in the active unmagical army, because you screwed up? What did you even do?" Misaki asked slightly afraid of the horror that could have happened.

Saruhiko took a few bites of ice cream before he had gathered his thoughts enough to explain. "Annex 4 was going after a particularly dangerous strain, and I was in charge of the computers and tracking his whereabouts." He took a deep breath and a sip of his drink before he was able to continue. "I made a simple observation error, which went unnoticed because I don't check my work, and so I led them right to his lair alright. A lair that was a trap because I hadn't noticed there was more than one, nineteen more to be exact. If a king hadn't been there then the unit would have been ripped to shreds, instead of most being in intensive care right now with three dead." He was trying to hide it, but in truth it hurt that he had caused that much pain from being lazy.

Misaki was horrified. He had heard about that incident, but it had been weeks ago. Homra ended up even showing up to try to help. "That's, that's horrible. So the blue king is out of coma now?" Misaki asked slightly in shock and trying to answer his question on why Saruhiko was getting punished now, two months out of the incident.

"Yeah. And so I didn't have to face protocol, and because I was one of their best still I didn't have to leave Japan after 'normal' punishment I have to be an active soldier for a bit." Saruhiko said in the snottiest voice of the day.

"Normal punishment?" Misaki asked suddenly weary of what it was if exile was what Saruhiko had been up against.

"I don't want to explain that one honestly. Just remember every law they create to protect the citizens doesn't apply to their workers, and they are allowed to do anything in the first place." Saruhiko took a sip of his drink but ended up choking from his subtle shaking that had taken over.

Misaki watched horrified that something could what looked like scare his ex-partner. "Holy shit what the hell did they do to you! Did they torture you or something?"

Saruhiko looked up suddenly. He finished off the hot chocolate and tried to regain his composure. "Lieutenant orders until I broke, which was only after about four days." Saruhiko began slowly eating his ice cream, not really caring to be in public now.

Misaki was horrified, and disgusted they could do that to someone who was barely nineteen yet and were practically sending him to his early death. "That's. . . It's. . ."

"Repulsive? I can at least walk, talk, and function like a normal human. My hospital time was only a week, most of those men would have rather had mine then their expected year, at the least." Saruhiko felt he had deserved such treatment after destroying the lives of more than a dozen people.

Misaki sat there horrified that something was allowed to go on like that. He was used to Homra, where if you messed up they might playfully smack your head nad scold you for being careless; but never a punishment that could get you hospitalized for a week.

"Did you have any friends that were hurt?" Misaki didn't really think Saruhiko had any, but he couldn't keep up with the other topic.

"Not that got injured. That brings us to mistake two. When I did notice the first mistake I contacted them first. He was able to tell the king and then everything fell apart. He is the only one who managed to get out with only two broken fingers, some bruises and a few scratches." Saruhiko set down his empty ice cream bowl and swallowed trying to forget that he was the one who led his punishment.

Misaki handed him the receipt. "Well that's good at least. I am going to go put those up, and I am actually off now." Misaki said as he stumbled on his words slightly. He picked up the empty dishes and rushed them to the back. He didn't want Saruhiko to just leave without a single goodbye.

Saruhiko was already up at the cashier paying for the meal he had just had. He wasn't all that sure what he was doing or why he wanted to stay in Japan. When he saw Misaki come out of the back in his usual clothes, skateboard in hand and music-less headphones around his neck he remembered. Misaki was worth the risk.

"So when do you have to go?" Misaki said as he came up next to Saruhiko. He was slightly annoyed Saruhiko really did tower over him, even with the slouch.

"I have to be heading to the train pretty much right now. . . Will you walk with me?" Saruhiko wanted to clear a few things before he left, and now seemed to be the only time he could since it was his first time out of Annex 4 custody in two months.

Misaki nodded, thankful he didn't have to ask but sad he didn't have very long left with Saruhiko. "Where are you bags?"

Saruhiko looked at him shocked that would be what went through his mind. "They are already being shipped out." Saruhiko held open the glass door for Misaki as they stepped into the fall breeze. "So are you dating anyone?"

Misaki snapped his head up to look at the blank expression of Saruhiko. "What? Uh no, um. You?" Misaki was surprised by such a question so randomly.

"I'm pretty sure I'm not anymore. . . than you are." Saruhiko rushed in the ending as though he forgot to say it. He had in fact been dating someone, but he realized he didn't really want Misaki to know about it.

"Um so I'm sorry I left Homra. It's not like I noticed it over the past few months. I actually noticed the week I left." Saruhiko said trying to clear up his past before he left, even if he didn't really have the time to fully mend it.

"About damn time you said sorry!" Misaki snorted forgetting what Saruhiko had just gone through at Scepter 4. "But I guess it's okay." He said as he did remember that Saruhiko wasn't in the best position to mess around with him.

He laughed nervously, just happy that his other part was next to him again. "You know, you should tell everyone I said hey and maybe get them to not look at me like I am a piece of trash sometime."

"Hmm maybe. I think the it's really up to them how you end up being perceived. You did sort of burn our symbol of pride though." Misaki laughed but immediately stopped when his hand brushed against Saruhiko's.

"True. One of the other things I regret. It doesn't want to even fully heal either." Saruhiko wanted to grab Misaki's hand in his own, but he wanted to make things better, not worse.

"Oh. . . Hey um Saruhiko?" Misaki looked up and realized he wasn't really ready to ask anything yet when his old clansmen instantly said, "Hmm?"

"Err nothing really!" Misaki got the raised eyebrow look but he didn't care. He saw the train station just up ahead a bit and felt his heart sink. "I don't think I did ever really stop thinking of you as a friend, but you did loose the title of best friend when you burnt yourself."

"You're still my best friend, but you're also still my only friend." Saruhiko wasn't kidding when he said it. He no longer had any friends at Scepter 4 and at Homra he hadn't made any besides maybe Tatsuka.

Misaki was a bit shocked he still had such a title after trying to bash Saruhiko's head in on more than one occasion. They were passing the pier which meant there was only a little bit of time before Saruhiko left. "I'll leave you?" Misaki said at exactly the same time Saruhiko said 'I love you', which went unheard by Misaki.

"I mean. . ." Saruhiko looked down at Misaki realizing he hadn't been heard. It hurt that he had worked up the nerve to say it to not be heard. "Can you walk me all the way to the entrance?"

"Of course!" Misaki smiled. He wasn't happy right then, but he wanted Saruhiko to remember his smiles instead of his glaring. "Are you allowed to play video games when you get there?"

Saruhiko gave a sly grin pulling out his PSP. "Not sure but I plan to use this as entertainment for the ride. I know I can't use the phone or computer. I can write letters though." Saruhiko didn't explain that he probably was band from all electronics since this was part of his punishment. "Can I write you? I don't really have anyone else."

"You didn't loose your gaming side, good." Misaki laughed at how Saruhiko really did always have some type of gaming item on him. "About the letters, just send them to the bar since um well I just moved again and don't know my address. The bar doesn't move and I go there daily anyways."

"Will do." Saruhiko's heart soared when Misaki said he should write him letters. He wasn't too ticked about having to send them to the bar since he knew that at least Misaki would get them. His heart dropped when he reached the gate, cueing the end of his happy moments with Misaki.

Misaki saw that they other had to go now but didn't really want it. Walking slow could only prolong it for so long. "Well um I guess goodbye." Misaki didn't know what else to do beside grab hold of Saruhiko and force him into letting him hug him. "If you fucking die I'll kill you in my afterlife!" Misaki screamed at Saruhiko unaware that the other had wanted, accepted the hug, and had wrapped his arms lightly around him.

"Okay." Saruhiko said quietly before Misaki pulled off him and started sprinting in the opposite direct, within seconds dropping the board and speeding away. "Goodbye Mi-sa-ki!" He shouted to receive a smile and an insulting finger. "I wouldn't dare to." He said to himself before turning on his heel and heading into the station.

Author's Note: Well I wrote this this morning while listening to a song I decided would be just too perfect for the couple. I will probably write letters between, and this was just the introduction on why they are and matching the lyrics to the song. If you can figure out the song this is than you just spoiled the ending, but don't worry the ride will be just as fun. Thank you for reading and please review ^.^ I really hope I managed to still keep the characters in character.