Some how I made this story up, out of boredom enjoy. CLUBDUST!

"Move back, archers fire!" SkythekidRS commanded over his troops, The Sky Army who were,at the moment fighting the Squid Army. Sky grimaced. His troops were at the moment defending the Sky Mansion,that was ironically in the sky. Sadly Flying Squids were invading their airspace and putting them between a Creeper and a Wither. The squids were lead by Squid_Lord,who had a grudge against Sky since they met back in 1.4.
The Flying Squid had learned how to drop Exploding Squids, which was what they were doing. All Nether broke loose. Several of the explosions had blown the barracks up,which were filled with all the artillery. The archers tried to shoot them down, but they were like a Hydra you shoot one, two more sprout. Redstone traps had been useless water from the hundred thousand squid wiped it all out. Sky had Dawnables immediately transported via the one-way portal to a random server,though Deadlox and KermitTheFrog had stayed to defend their friend Sky. Whilst noble Kermit was also nooby and had resorted to spamming potions of harming and ended up hurting himself more than the squid. Deadlox had luckily gotten his hands on a enchanted iron sword.
While his army fought greatly,Sky had known it was a losing battle. The squid were his mortal enemy,the very vain of his existence! Sky took out his normal weapon,a Budder sword,fire aspect II,knock back XIII. He tossed on his budder helm and shouted his battle cry,slashing at the vanilla squids that invaded the island, as well as the multiple flame squid which had been knocked off due to the hacked enchantment.

The irony off the situation was the squid on land were in suits of encased iron shooting water using a budder block as a power source. Deadlox had been knocked out as well as Kermit, Sky had dragged them to the vault which was made of obsidian and budder. He opened the vault by saying; squid rule shivering once he heard himself. The nether portal positioned there lead to Antvenom's "One Life Achiever" world. Sky then threw the two incapacitated heroes into the nether,breaking it upon their departure. No sooner did Squid_Lord break into the vault, tackling Sky to the floor,pinning him. "Get off me you greasy fish!" Sky shouted at the squid. "I'm...An...OCOLOPOD!" Squid_Lord shouted ramming his smooth hand into Sky's square head,leaving a purple imprint. "Sky when will you ever learn?" Squid cackled manically "We squid are superior to your Minecraftian bodies!"
"Sky you have lost,your army is dead,your base is in ruins,you have lost." Squid said while holding his Squid sword up to Sky's head. Squid pushed harder against Sky's neck,trickles of blood fell. Squid grinned "Any last words before I slice your neck leaving you to suffocate on the floor?"
Sky's coughed before saying "Just three" "I...have...friends" Sky barely got out exhausted. Almost as if on cue the wall busted down,revealing multiple youtubers, all wielding budder swords. "Sky!" CavemanFilms shouted seeing his friend bleeding on the floor. In a fit of rage he looked at Squid_Lord who had opened his eyes so wide his mouth was barely visible,and lunged punching the ugly squidman repetitively, each time making more brusies. Antvenom then shouted "Rule one: make sure you stand a chance!" "Rule two"yelled SetoSorcerer "Don't leave troops alone" "Rule three" HuskyMudkip started "Don't fuck with our friends!" Sky then propped himself up using his budder sword. "Minecrafters,together!" Squid had snuck off and while Dawnables and CavemanFilms tended to Sky's wounds,outside the base all nether broke loose again. Cowmen,Demon Birds, Withers, Enderlords, Dragons, HeroBrine, and of course squid were lined up all demonically glaring at the protagonists. "Attack!" ChimneySwift yelled as he battled multiple enderlords striking them down with the Swifter Blade his acclaimed sword. Antvenom was spawning Creepers onto the cowmen as they approached him. Tbone105 was fairing fine shooting dragons as they passed over head along with CaptainSparklez. HeroBrine was currently fighting ALL the Yogscast, CandymanGaming, and IhasCupQuake. The protagonists were, at the moment at a stalemate the majority fighting the mobs that had been spawned in repeatedly by the infamous HeroBrine. CavemanFilms had com to help in the battle but, was instantly swarmed by 'demon birds' pushing him off the island. "No Cave!" Ant yelled giving the cowmen enough time to knock him unconscious. "Damnit!" Chimney cursed as his sword broke, now running from an enderlord who knocked him into a blocking CaptainSparklez. "Chim move!" CaptainSparklez yelled as an incoming fireball knocked him out. "Oh cra- HOLY SHIT!" Chimney said running from the army of endermen after him. Chimney looked back,then down then jumped in a narrow river. Chimney survived and was going to celebrate but,he was pulled under water by a squidman,who had him in a headlock.
"Dawn,go warn others, be safe" he said pushing her out of the server before she could retaliate. Sky got up and walked over to his bookcase, breaking it revealed a button. "Never thought it would come to this, blowing this place up." Sky sighed heavily "Goodbye, sweet Minecraftia" Sky slowly reached for the button, suddenly his hand was stopped and Sky was tackled to his bed. "So Sky"

"How does it feel to know, you have lost,how does it feel to know everyone you love is dead!?" Squid_Lord cackled uncontrollably. "Your a monster, your nothing but a coward hiding behind your army!" Sky shouted. Squid just grinned "Do you think I care, do you think I care about you,no I don't"

"Please without me your nothing" Sky bragged. "To bad your about to be nothing!" Squid_Lord said as he swung his sword into Sky's neck. Slash!.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Sky screeched as he woke finding himself in his bed, with a device on his head. "What the fuck was that!?" Sky yelled. "Mine Pranks Three,bitch!" Dawnables yelled from his side.

Yeah after watching a lot of Sky's video I made this story,so enjoy.

Digital cookie to who ever can name a reference,and no they are not all Minecraft ones.