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Resnesmee's POV

I honestly didn't know what had come over me. Over the last month, sex was truly the last thing on my mind, but I had just missed being with Jacob in that way so much, being close to him. We hadn't had any alone time, everyone was always coming and going, checking up on me, making sure I was eating, sleeping, taking my vitiams, all of the abiove. While I knew it was in the good of their hearts it was getting under my skin. As bad as I felt for chomping on Jake everytime we had made love, he didn't seem to mind. I wasn't sure if heat of passion between us or that the vampire inside me , and baby 's thirst was so overwhelming I just had to have a taste. Or maybe it was a bit of both. I had always asked Jake to bite me, I wanted him to mark me, be he had always said he could never ca use me pain , blah blah blah, I would get my way someday.

When I woke up Jake was curled over on h is side, his arm limply around my waist, as it normally was. I touched my hand t o face, running my thumb over his cheek, it was nice to see him resting and not p his hair out worrying about me and our baby. Ahh, our baby, it still brought a smile to my face. I still coul dn't believe it was growing inside of me , so quickly. I kind of wished I could h ave a normal pregnancy, nine months of ups and downs instead of this short, barely two months, but that just meant I got to have my love that much sooner. As if he knew I was thinking about him he shifted inside me, I smiled and ran my hands across my big belly.

"Yes you're so loved my little guy. I love you so much and so does your daddy.. "

*nudge nudge*

"You like it when I talk to you don't yo u pretty baby. Mommy can't wait to meet you.."

*nudge nudge, crack crack*

My hands tightened around myself as I felt the spitting pain in my sides. I screamed, so loud it hurt my ears and stripped my throat.

*crack crack, rip rip*

Another blood curdling scream as I felt another bone snap, digging into my flesh . Jake was up, his hands on my shoulders , his eyes wide and scared as I screamed , holding my belly. I could barely see him through my tears, or hear his frantic voice as I shouted in pain. Grandpa , Grandma, Aunt Alice and Rosalie, Uncle Emmett and Jasper...Mom and dad, everyone was around me.

"Baby what's wrong, Ness please answer me!" he yelled over me. I tried to take a breath, the burning in my sides only increasing when I expanded my body.

"He moved, he's getting too big for me. He didn't mean to hurt me... I need you Grandpa.." I cried rubbing my hands acro ss my bruised skin. God how this must l o ok to him and the rest of my family. A repeat of my mothers pregnancy. Sadly I h ad see photos. Rose had insisted they document the pregnancy, I have no idea why , it was horrid.

"I need you to try and calm down Resnesmee, I need to do a ultrasound to make sure you're both alright." Grandpa murmured calmly as he rolled a big machine from the closet over to me. I nodded and tri ed to take small, shallow breaths, t he deeper ones hurt too much. He lifted my shirt and I hurt Jake's sharp intake of air at the sight of my stomach. It was spotted with black and blue. He poured the cool jelly on my skin and it felt good. He flicked on the machine and began running the wand over my tummy.

"Hmm, well that's interesting." he sighed, his eyes frustrated.

"What? What's wrong is he okay?" I nearly shouted, cringing when the movement sent a jolt of pain through me.

"I, I'm sorry honey but I can't see him. " he paused pointing at the screen. There, where my uterus was suppose to be was a big black blob. I could see nothing . Panic sunk in and my breathing became un even. "I don't have an answer for you Renesmee, I don't understand why the baby has suddenly sheltered itself like this . We couldn't see you from the start .." he trailed off, it wasn't often I saw my Grandpa frustrated, he was always calm.

"But...but.. is he okay? Did I..do something wrong, did I hurt him?" I wailed, the tears streaming down my face. Jakes hands were gently around me, holding my face to to his chest. I clung to him, so afraid for our baby. Daddy stepped forward touching one hand to bruised belly, closing his eyes. We all waited in silence. Only my sobs filled the room.

"He's okay, he loves you and he's sorry. ." he finally answered, a small smile o n his lips. I let out the breath I had beem holding and let out a small squeak at the pain it brought.

"What about Ness is she okay?" Jake finally spoke, as he wiped the streams of tears from my face. Grandpa touched his co ol hands to my sides as she sniffed at my skin.

"You've fractured two ribs, it seems to have cut into you a bit, but there's no bleeding. Thankfully you're healing is quite fast. You should be alright in a day or two." he smiled, kissing my wet cheek. I nodded, I didn't give a damn about myself right now. I needed my baby, m y little Mason to be okay.

Jacob's POV

I had never been so scared in my life. The pain I was feeling knowing Ness was hurting and there was nothing I could d o about it, was tearing my apart. How I wanted to soothe her, hold her in my ar ms and take away all the discomfort. She was asleep now, curled up on her side. Carlisle had given her some morphine, it wouldn't last long in her system, bu t it helped her rest. She needed her re st to heal. Looking over at her, dark circles under her eyes, the swollen, beaten belly , spotted with all shades of blue and purple. All I could see was Bella. And it was eating me alive.

"This isn't going to be like it was with Bella." Edward murmured to me, obviously hearing my thoughts. I shook my head.

"How do you know? This is exactly what happened when Bella was pregnant, and I' m sorry Edward but I can't stand to watch that again, I won't." I sighed clenching my hair in my hands. I wanted to believe that this was going to different, that she would be okay, that our baby would be okay but my brain wouldn't fall for it. All the signs pointed to this turning out bad.

"Renesmee is stronger than Bella was. At this point she could barely move without breaking something. Everything will be fine, you have to believe me and you have to hide the fact that you're suffering, it will only make this more unbear abl e for her." he finished and I nodded he was right.

"This is all my fault.. I should have kn own better.. how could I have been so stupid.." And it was my fault. I had bee n giving the safe sex speech multiple times in my life, yet I was so careless, and now the love of my life was a state.

"Don't be so melodramatic Jake, everything is going to work out fine. This child wasn't a mistake, it's a miracle, a blessing, just as Renesmee was. Yes it was hard, getting to her, but it was worth every minute, and I'd do it all over again if I had to." Bella smiled, her eyes darting from her daughter to Edward, and back to me. I had to admit, if they were this calm, why shouldn't I be? They were right, Ness was stronger than Bella was , she would heal quickly and everything would go back to normal for us, well as normal as our lives got.

*****6 Weeks Later****

"I'm fine Jake, I'm just really sore.." Ness sighed as she tried to un-do the tie on my shorts. She had literally been trying to get into my pants all night. As hard as it was to refuse her, she was just too big now, too close to her due date and it scared me to touch her that way. Afraid any movement would startle the baby and she'd re-break her ribs .

"Baby you need to rest, it's almost time ." I said softly as I ran my hand over her inflated tummy. The bruises from the day before were already fading. Edward had been 'talking' to the baby, and the baby understood that moving too much hurt Mommy, and he didn't wanna hurt Mommy because he loved her so much.

"Grandpa said it was fine as long as I felt up for it, and I'm up for.." Ness said angrily as she turned me to, " I need you Jacob.." she said her voice now s of t and full of emotion. I balled my hands into fists, feeling myself harden as she touched her cool hand to my thigh. I took in a shaking breath and I could see the smile appearing on the corner of her lips. "Please... I need this..I want it so badly..." she nearly moaned as she touched her hands to her swollen breasts. I leaned forward and touched my lips to hers, my body turning to flames instantly. She groaned into my mouth as she slid her tongue in, wrapping it around mine . Fuck she was so incredibly sexy, how could I ever possibly think I could resist this beautiful creature? I felt her hands entering my shorts and I stopped her. She looked up to me, her eyes dazed and sad.

"No no sweetheart, tonight is only for you.." I murmured kissing her lips again . I laid her down gently as she slipped her thin top off, she wasn't wearing a bra and her round ivory breasts were full and delicious, the pink buds hard and ready for me. I held my weight over her, careful not to touch her stomach and began kissing from her jawline, down her neck, licking and sucking at her throat, past her collarbone till I was at her chest. I ran my tongue over her nipple, taking it be tween my teeth gently. She took in a sharp breath and wrapper her hands around my neck.

"Yes yes.. more Jake, please more..." she whispered, as she squirmed under me. I smiled and ran my hand down the length of her body till I got to her heated core . I rubbed my fingers across her panites , they were soaked through. I groaned, wanting to be in her slick walls but I wouldn't, not tonight, this was for her re member that Jake.. I slipped her cotton panties off and she opened herself to me , as I continued to work on her breasts. I let two fingers fill her and she arched her back up off the bed, pushing me deeper into her. I kissed down her stomach till my tongue found her sensitive nub . I lapped at it, sucking and nibbling gently. She had her fist in her mouth to keep as quite as possible. Her other hand kneading at her breast, pulling at her swollen nipple. I almost came right there. Tasting her delicious juices, feeling her slick walls clamping down around me, and watching her play with herself? My god I was going to die.

"You're so beautiful Ness, I love you so much.." I muttered in between licks...

"Mmmm Jake I love you too.." she breathlessly said, as she wrapped her legs around my head pulling me in closer. I removed my fingers and replaced them with my tongue, and oh god, the taste..the heat. . I could feel the liquid leaking ou t of me. I would have to excuse myself to the shower after this and relieve myself. When I could feel her getting closer I slammed my fingers back inside of h er and quickened my pace with my tongue, she was shaking, her entire frame vibrating around me.

"Please Jake, please bite me baby, please make me yours!" she nearly screame felt the first waves of her orgasm coming on. Looking up at her, staring down at me like that, begging I couldn't say no. I fingered her harder and turned my face into her inner thigh, sinking my teeth in her porcelain flesh. Her sweet blood filled my mouth and I swallowed it, her eyes burning bright as she rode through her climax. Once her body stopped convulsing, her legs around my head relaxed and she laid there panting, sweat on her forehead. I looked down at the bite mark, it was already starting to heal. I hopped it would be gone by morning I really didn't want to explain that one.

"Better?" I asked, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She blushed and kissed my hand.

"Yes.. thank you.." she smiled, her eyes now getting heavy. I handed her back her clothes and she only took her top, I didn't argue and I tossed her panties into the hamper.

"Get some sleep baby, I'll be here when you wake up." she nodded and I kissed her forehead, pulling the sheets up over her naked half. She curled onto her side an d was out instantly. I grabbed some clean boxers and a towel and headed to shower , now it was my turn.

The shower had definitely helped. Not only did it get rid of my throbbing erection, it calmed the muscles in my back and shoulders, made my body feel less like a tensed rubber band. I brushed my teeth and dried my body off, slipping on my boxers. As I was about to leave the bathroom and scream erupted, filling the entire house with its presence, I all bu t ripped the door off it's hinges and ran to the bedroom. Ness was surrounded by a pool of blood on the bed, her eyes empty and black. This was a nightmare, this wasn't real I had dreamed this before. Carlisle was there the same moment, in fact everyone was. Ness screamed again, her whole body convulsing on the bed as an other burst of blood flowed from her limp body.

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