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I stood there, staring at Ness as the blood flowed from between her legs, tricking down the bed sheet, pooling into a crimson pile on the floor. All my muscles were locked, I was unable to move. So many thoughts swimming in my mind as each second passed, painfully slow.

"Esme, get me the morphine! Edward I need you!" Carlisle screamed, somehow louder than Renesmee was. It pulled me from my trace, unlocking my joints, my legs already pulling me forward. Edward and Esme were a blur in front of me as his Carlisles hands moved impossible fast over Nessies twitching body. Her eyes were dull, the light leaving them, even as she screamed, it could have shattered glass.

"Jacob I need you to hold her head up!" Edward shouted as he lifted his daughters limp legs, pushing them up as Esme settled between them, pulling on a pair of white gloves. I pushed myself faster and cupped my hands beneath her head. Her hazy eyes met mine and I could see the tears trying to push their way out.

"You have to make sure he's okay...no matter what.." she coughed, more blood leaving her lips. I felt my our eyes fill with tears, they fell as I shook my head quickly.

"You will be fine Ness, the baby will be fine, everything will be fine just stay with me." I cried, tucking her damp hair behind her ear.

"It's too hard...it's too much..you have to save him..my little Mason Anthony..." she whispered her eyes rolling to the back of her head as another scream belted out of her.

"She's at 10cm Carlisle, what should we do.. She's too weak to push.." Emse murmured, her voice thick with pain. Edward was standing beside Carlisle, his eyes full of sadness he already knew the answer. And by the look on his face, so did I..

"We have no choice but a C section. The baby has made it known it's time."He said sadly, stroking Renesmes arm.

"The morphine has spread but we won't have much time, her body will work it off quickly. Edward, I'll need your help. I'll make the incision and I'll need you to grab the baby." he finished, his hands reaching for the scalpel, the only one sharp enough to pierce her skin. I cringed looking back to Ness, who's eyes were looking around the room frantically. I placed my hand in hers and she gave a weak little squeeze. From the corner of my eye I saw them lift her shirt, the blade touching her bruised belly. I turned my attention back to Nessie, holding her hand tightly. She gave a scream as the blade tugged her flesh, more blood pooling around her, sinking into the mattress.

"I love you Jake, take care of him. You'll be a.. a great daddy." she cried weakly.

"You stop that, you're going to live! You're strong Renesmee!" I yelled maybe a bit too loudly. The thought of losing her was beyond me. Just thinking, going on without her tore me apart inside. Left me feeling lifeless and empty. Even with this miracle part of her that I'd have forever, it would never fill the void of my love for her.

"I see the head! Almost there Renesmee, hold on sweetheart!" Edward shouted, both of her hands inside of his daughters stomach. A few tugs and a few screams later and Edward held our baby out. "It's a girl!" Esme rejoiced, her golden eyes glistening, as if she were crying. Though she was covered in blood, I could still see her beauty. Her hair was black, but it had this strange red tint to it, the same way Bella's hair looked when she was in direct sunlight. Her skin was a perfect mix between ours, and it had this beautiful glow to it. Her features were so blatantly Renesme. From the lines of her jaw, the hairline, to the beautiful chocolate brown eyes I had loved all my life. She let out a scream, also letting us see her rows of teeth.

"Cut the cord Jacob." Carlisle smiled, I reached across, taking the scissors, separating mother from daughter, my heart sinking, I was a father.

Edward turned to give our baby to Esme, who was now starting to clean her off, wrapping her up into a fuzzy white blanket which only made her skin look more beautiful, like caramel.

"But, this can't be.." Carlisle whispered under his breath. If I didn't have super sensitive hearing I wouldn't have heard it. I looked back down at the bed to see Carlisle, pulling out another bloodied child from Nessie's stomach. I sucked in a breath, shaking my head, how was this even possible? Then again, how was any of this possible?

"My...my Mason.. I knew you were there..." Ness sighed, a slight smile coming to her lips as her arms limply reached for her child. Edward was already working on closing her up as Carlisle stood in shock staring down at Mason. Mason Anthony as she had called him. He definitely looked more like me than Ness. His hair was jet black and straight, the lines of his face not as baby like as his sisters, more hardened, even as a newborn. His eyes were deep golden brown, the color against his russet skin was amazing. He was perfect. When his scream filled my ears, he too had a full mouth of teeth.

"Is she going to be okay?" I asked Carlisle as I cut the cord for the second time. Edward had finished putting his daughter back together, more or less, and he was covering her with a clean sheet.

"She's lost a lot of blood Jacob, but we're going to try and pump some back into her, I'm hoping her body accepts it, or at least sustain her until she can create more. Until then alls we can do is wait." He forced a smile, but I could see the worry creasing his marble face as he looked down at his limp granddaughter.

"Let me.. I want to see them.." Ness moaned softly, reaching towards her father, who was holding Mason and his sister.

"Do you have a name for your daughter?" Edward asked, running his fingers through her soft black and bronze curls. I had never seen such an amazing color. She was painfully beautiful.

"I like Amelia.." Ness smiled looking at me now, her fingers touching mine. "Amelia Maire.. you know for Mom."

I smiled too, tightening my grip. I guess Ness wanted to keep what her parents had started, naming her children after her parents. At least she hadn't tried to merge their names together. I don't think I wanted a Bellward or Edella.

"Beautiful, they are so beautiful." she sighed as Edward gently laid them on her chest, they instantly curled into the crook of her neck, they were home and they knew it.

"They already love you, both of you." Edward grinned,rubbing his cool hand up and down her arm. Tears filled her eyes, some of the light coming back into them. She was going to be okay I could feel it. As I stood there, with my family, I knew things could only get better from here.

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