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Resnesmee's POV

I couldn't believe that I was mother. Even as I held, not one, but two perfect little angels in my arms. Even as they clung to me as if I were the most important person in the world to them. My body was weak and in searing pain, but I couldn't be bothered, not while I had the loves of my life surrounding me. After Grandpa had set up a morphine drip, he silently left the room, promising he'd be in ears range if I needed anything. My two angels were snuggled into the crook of my neck as they slept peacefully. I closed my eyes in relief, knowing that this was the hardest thing I'd gone through, and I'd made. I stayed alive, for my loves.

"How are you feeling Ness?" Jacobs asked, in a voice barely over a whisper. I opened my eyes and met his stare. His looked to be in complete bliss, but I knew him well enough to know that worry was lacing his tone.

"I'm on cloud nine, no wait, cloud ten sounds better." I smiled, trying my best to reassure him that I was more than fine. I was ecstatic.

"She looks so much like you Ness I can't even believe it." I followed his gaze as he stared down at out daughter. Her black and red toned curls spread across her forehead. I brushed them back, marveling over how warm and smooth her skin was. Her scent was like nothing I'd ever come across. Sweet and yet somehow spicy at the same time. I could feel her fluttering heartbeat against my chest and it warmed my very soul, knowing she was here, and she was safe.

"I could say the same about you and Mason. It's like looking at your baby pictures Jake." I laughed softly. He definitely didn't have much of me to him, even his skin was bronzed, in that russet toned way, just like his father. His face was much more mature than his Ameila's, and his temperature was running much hotter. His jet black hair wasn't as long as his sisters but it was just as silky.

"Do you think he'll be a wolf?" I questioned myself, not meaning to speak the words aloud. I felt Jake stiffen beside me, a sour look crossing his face.

"I really don't know. I don't think I want that for him, I want him to be happy and as normal as possible, I don't want him growing up to be what I am, to have to live with this." he sighed, hesitantly running his long fingers down Masons arm. I looked down at my son, and I too wanted nothing more for him to be happy, but the thought of father of son, running free in their wolf forms was oddly appealing to me. I wondered if Mason would be the same color as Jake, and just as big on all fours. A smile came to lips, my brain forwarding so far into the future. The day Mason would bring home his imprint, and start a family of his own. I laughed at myself and brought my mind back to reality. And the reality was my son was only an hour old and I was already thinking about having grandchildren.

"I know how you feel about it Jake, but, this is a blessing. If either of our children posses your genes, it'll be who they are Jacob, who they're meant to be. And we will be able to spend forever together. Never having to worry about old age creeping up and taking them away from us." I finished, my voice hitching on the words. Now I was really hope my babies had enough vampire in them to keep them around with me for eternity. At least with the wolf gene their lives would be a bit more normal. Well, normal for us.

"What if either of them are like you?" he asked, mimicking my thoughts. I smiled, imaging taking them hunting for the frist time. Maybe I'd bring Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmett, they'd love that. I wondered if they'd crave human blood as much as I had in the begging or would they take the trait of my mother and not feel it in the slightest.

"As long as our children are happy and healthy that's all I can ask for, all I'm ever going to need, besides you of course." I grinned, leaning towards him. Ignoring the sting in my belly. He flashed me a smile, the dull light glittering off his teeth as he closed the distance between us.

***** 1 Month Later *****

Things had pretty much gone back to normal. Jake and I were able to finally kick everyone out of our house and back to their own. As much as I loved having my family around, we had a small one of our own now. A week after giving birth Grandpa said I had made a full recovery. I was able to walk and do everything normally, Jake however, still hovered around me, afraid I'd collapse at any giving moment. It was endearing but also, extremely annoying at time. I knew he was doing it out of love, but when he over protected me more than my father, there was an issue.

Mason and Amelia were growing so fast. I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. It had only been just over a month since they were born, and they looked to be around 6 months old. And I thought I grew fast. The only explanation Grandpa and Daddy could come up with was that my vampire genes and Jakes wolf genes had somehow merged together, promoting a very steady growth in both of our children. I noticed right away that Amelia was a little behind her brother. Her limbs weren't as long, and she couldn't walk as long as Mason could. But she was a trooper, everywhere he went, she was butt scooting right behind him.

"You've got to let me buy them clothes Nessie, you can't be dressing them in yellow and green all the time!" Aunt Alice whined to me on the phone as I started dinner.

"They don't need any more clothes right now Auntie, they're fine." I groaned as I basted the small chicken before putting it into the oven.

"Melia needs some dresses Ness let's be serious here! You see how she looks at me while I'm over, she wants to be fabulous too!" her bell voice rang in my ears, she was such a persistent little thing.

"That's because you're insane Alice. But I'll see what I can do okay? Maybe we can plan a day soon." I sighed. As much as I didn't want my daughter to look like she just came off Toddlers and Tiaras, I did want to dress her up a bit.

"Oooooh thank you thank you thank you! You won't be disappointed! Rose found this site for some stuff for Masey, simple stuff that Jake won't get his panties in a twist about." she laughed, I could hear Emmett's booming laughter in the background aswell.

"Ha ha, funny, do whatever you want Alice, just don't expect Jacob to be very happy about it. And we will go shopping for Amelia when things are a bit more settled alright. I gotta go finish dinner kay, love you."

"Cya around Ness, love ya more of course!" she giggled as the line went dead. I shook my head and began slicing up some asparagus. The potatoes were roasting with the chicken and the warm aroma took over the entire house. I wasn't a big fan of human food, but damn it smelled so good.

"Ma, Maaaamaaaa!" Amelia shouted from her playpen. I wiped my hands off and walked toward her. She was on her feet in seconds bouncing up and down, her little arms reaching for me. I grabbed her and sat her on my hip as I went back to the kitchen, tossing the green stems in the boiling water. Amelias eyes fixated on the bubbles. So far her diet was pretty normal for a baby, she loved my milk, and would eat the fruit flavored baby food, but only because her brother would do the same. She was always curious about what Jake and I ate, but always crinkled her face in disgust when I tried to feed it to her. Mason loved just about everything and that only cemented the fact that he was literally a mini Jake. He would gobble down everything he could get his little hands on and then some. It was good that he had full rows of perfect little chompers.

"Mmmmmp." Amelia mumbled as she slapped her hands on her chest. Her eyes getting bigger and brighter as she stared at me

"What's wrong beautiful, are you hungry?" I asked rocking her up and down on my hip. Her fingers went to fists as she hit herself again, this time touching her throat, her lips turning down at the corners as a wetness leaked from her eyes.

"Baby, does it hurt, is that what you're trying to tell me?" She completely understood what I was saying and she looked frustrated that she couldn't form the words with her mouth. She squirmed in my arms holding her neck again. It was so obvious what was wrong that I stood there staring at her for a few moments, hearing the gears click together in my head.

"You're thirsty!" I sighed, my voice a little louder then to be expected. I had my phone in my head, dialing as she touched my throat again, a smile forming, she knew I understood.

"Hello?" Daddy answered right away, as always.

"Daddy, I need your help-" I started as he cut me off.

"Are you ill, do you need Carlisle I'm on my way now!" he spat out quickly, and I could already hearing the wind the background as he raced through the trees.

"I'm perfectly fine, I just uh, I need you to hunt for me, well not for me, for Amelia.." I laughed as I bounced her on my hip again, she was still holding her throat, but she was smiling.

"She's thirsty? Has this ever happened before?" he questioned. I could tell he was walking now.

"No, never. She's been drinking from her bottle or me since day one, and suddenly she just started grabbing at her throat and mumbled at me, she must be in pain."

"I'll be right there, just sit tight and keep her comfortable, leave a clean bottle on the porch and your mother and I will take care of the rest love."

I thanked him quickly and grabbed a few spare bottles from the cupboard, leaving them on the railing out back. Just then Jake came through the front door, his arms full. One holding Mason up on his forearm, the other full of groceries.

"They had everything but the mint chocolate chip ice-cream and no pineapple pear baby food for Melia babe, sorry." he muttered as laid the bags out on the counter.

"Oh don't be sorry. I don't think she'll be wanting that anymore." I laughed, touching my lips his softly. He kissed me back, trying to linger on me longer then I let him. When I pulled back he pouted.

"Why is that? Did you get her eat some of the food you've made for dinner. It smells effing delicious in here right now by the way." he chuckled softly.

"No no, I just, I mean she showed me something very important today."

"Showed you, like how, you show things, or she showed you?" he asked, his brows raising high on his smooth forehead. I laughed, knowing that sentence would confuse the hell outta anyone else.

"She's thirsty Jake. Dad's on his way over now to bring her something to drink."

He looked at me, then back at her, then back again.

"Well that settles it. She's you in baby form."

"I figured she would be, everything about her, screams little vampire, well, so far anyway." I laughed, moving her to my other hip.

As we waited from my parents to arrive, I set the kids down in their high chairs as I served dinner. Mason had a small plate of cut up chicken and potatoes in which his covered in gravy to copy his father. Amelia on the other hand sat there staring out the back door, waiting for her real dinner, her bottle of milk sat untouched on her little table. Almost as if on cue, right as I was about to take a bite of chicken, my parents came through door, their skin slightly damp from the rain outside.

"Mpaaaa!" Amelia shouted as she tried to pry her body from the constricts of her chair. My dad laughed as he freed her and she all but climbed up him,, clinging to his neck. She and my father had this bond, when he was here they were inseparable, it was endearing.

"Hello my beautiful little flower, I brought you a present." he grinned, touching his lips to her face over and over, causing her bell like laughter to chime.

"Sorry we are late Renesmee, I was thirsty myself." My mom laughed, shrugging her shoulders lightly, this would be a time I knew she'd blush, if she still could.

"We got along just fine, she knew you were coming with something to help to owie."

My mom brought out the bottle and I could smell the hot liquid before I saw it with my eyes. My own throat flared up in response but I quickly pushed it aside, it was easy as breathing now. Dad took the bottle from her hands and presented it to Amelia who stared up at him, looking like she was about to drool as I saw her nostrils flare. I smiled to myself, I couldn't wait to go hunting with her. To let her run free and bring out her inner strength.

"Does it smell good to you... yes I know it hurts but this will take it all away I promise sweetie." My dad cooed, as they had their one way conversation. He titled the bottle to her lips as she started drinking right away, her entire body relaxing. Her cheeks were dusted with a healthy pink glow almost instantly. I had never seen her finish a bottle so quickly.

"That's better now isn't it beautiful... you can sleep Gramma and I will have more for you when you wake." he smiled, his lips touched her forehead. As she drifted Dad placed her in her playpen, curling up on her side. A blissful little smile on her face even as she slept.

"Well it's good to know I only have two carnivores to feed now. When me and Amelia are done with the blood you two can have the meat!" I laughed, as I silently thanked my Dad for all his help. He smiled at me softly.

"No way are we eating your scrapes Ness. Us men, we can fend for ourselves." Jake boomed with laughter as he held a hand out from a fist bump from Mason. All he got was tap from his gravy coated spoon.

"Yeah I'll remember that the next time you burn a rack of ribs and beg me to fix it!" Everyone laughed then and sound warmed my heart. Knowing that things could only get better from here.

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